10 car racing games every fan of speed and racing should try right now

All of us are going through deadly times of boredom and routine as a result of the many daily work and concerns that cause tension and lack of concentration in the work we do, so it is necessary to escape and enjoy some amusement and excitement from time to time, who does not like video games, especially driving games that take you spirit Boredom and laziness.

Perhaps the most important reasons to attract driving games and speed this wide audience base is the real atmosphere that puts you, from choosing your favorite car to control its speed and then drive in the place of your choice with a large number of racers. But choosing the best racing games is not an easy task as you think. Many elements contribute to their excellence, such as the accuracy of the graphics and sound design that creates enthusiasm during play, and this is what we will facilitate in this article.

Colin McRae Rally

What is the most enjoyable of driving Subarus and Mitsubishi in some of the most difficult dirt roads in the world? Colin McRae Rally (now known as Dirt) was first introduced in 1998 for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows, and included a variety of cars, tracks and customization options from the get-go, and produced 11 successful games, including the latest Dirt 4 for the new install, Launched early this year.

Victory: The Age of Racing

This game received a lot of negative reactions during the first period of its release, but soon developed by good racers, and it is a free game, and became the most powerful and famous games where the game is simcade style, with a little realism that inspires fun and enthusiasm As the name implies, the game offers a range of new and old-fashioned racing cars.

Track Mania: Nations Forever

Playing Track Mania instantly makes you feel that you are 10 years younger. Once you play it you will be placed in a breathtaking atmosphere where you can download additional cars, shoot while driving and jump in your race. Entertainment and entertainment in this game.

Rigs of Rods

Rigs of Rods has been closed after a long period of operation and use, but attempts continue to be returned and developed, as the download files and full support for this game have been revived by the concerned. Rigs of Rods earns you the experience of crashes and car crashes, with countless hours of exploration in this game, so you have to breathe a sigh of relief before you start discovering all the keys that give you the fun of unconventional gameplay.


Register to start the race for free on one of 36 tracks, in a dangerous game that puts you in a realistic atmosphere and a real race. Simraceway is surprisingly polished for the game is still in a preliminary beta stage, and licensed cars are available from more than 40 manufacturers, but good quality luxury cars will cost you a little.


Racer is not the most fun and engaging free game, but it is very useful for gamers interested in playing with the game design. You can customize the game through thousands of cars, tracks and roads ready to download, or you can try using your content with the help of the tools on the main game site, As the content and the system are updated at regular times, this makes Racer a unique game in the driving game category.

Stunt Rally

To entertain yourself with driving games you have to try Stunt Rally. The game has graphics closer to the cartoon, and although you will get used to the gameplay after a while, it gets harder and you feel more in control as you progress more than it will be more challenging, and the option to modify the track lets you create your unique challenges and keep the race going .

Gran Turismo 2

Gran Turismo 2 focused on the side that increases the success of the racing game, and was provided with more cars and stunning graphics, GTs later had distinctive graphics, but in the past you did not care about the shape of the car and how many cars you can choose, as well as the ability to customize the car, with Playback in those amazing angles and cameras.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Origin users can download NFS: Most Wanted for free for a limited time (although this promotion has been going on for a long time), if escaping policemen and competing in street racing is what you’re looking for in driving games, NFS will be your favorite game, Although this game is several years old.

F1 2017

F1 2017 feels like you are already watching the Formula 1 race, as players head to the Formula One driving scene and reclaim the 2017 Formula One season with over 20 tracks, 20 drivers and 10 teams competing throughout the season.

The in-game commentary from David Croft and Anthony Davidson adds an extra sense of realism to the game, as players choose one of the five teams of 12 classic cars, and can compete in 20 modern and classic tournaments with realistic routes and tracks, including Suzuka and Silverstone.