10 ways to fix the Google Play store stopped working problem

While you are using apps on your smartphone, it is common to suffer from some problems and it is normal for a program to stop working from time to time. Google Play has stopped.

While Google Play is the source from which you get your apps, you might think you’ve got a big problem, but there’s no need to worry. It’s much simpler than you think, and the solutions available are very easy, which you will see for yourself after you see them in this article.

Before you start tricks and tips, you should make sure that your server is working. It may be a temporary problem with the Internet, and you need a little patience and nothing more.

But if you wait too long and no longer work, you have to intervene, but most of the time the problem is very simple and can be solved by easy solutions such as count to three, but in the case of error messages, you can find it in a previous article to us, or follow the next steps and will solve things simply :

Force Stop Google Play Store

Sometimes all you need is to be imposed to stop the Google Play store, you can simply do it by your access to the settings , and then move to all applications and choose the Google Play Store written icon will show you inside the suspension imposed, and then wait for two minutes and restart it, and maybe This trick is enough to get him back to work.

Turn on Airplane mode or turn off / turn on WiFi

It is not a thought process, but there is widespread news among people. Try this advice. It may be useful. The good news is that it is not a complicated process.

The second method is just as common as airplane mode, just turn off Wi-Fi and restart it from your mobile phone, then try a signal transmitter (router) that may be a useful method.

The ultimate solution for everything “turn it off and restart”

Often you have to slap electronic devices back to work, and sometimes this method works! But the smack may be to disconnect the power from the electronic device and then restart it. So, try turning off and restarting your mobile phone takes two minutes, which often fixes the problem.

Clear cache for Google Play Store

A cache is a great feature of a mobile phone that stores data for some time, but the bad thing is that old data can accumulate and can disrupt the work of the store.

Therefore, it is a good idea to clear your cache every period, either by entering the settings and then applications and choosing Google Play Store, then choose to clear the cache or by loading a specialized program to clear the cache periodically.

Delete Google Play Store data

If the Google Play Store cache wipe is not enough, you need to use heavy weapons and clean everything you just need to enter the settings and choose the applications as you did in the delete cache, but here you choose to wipe data but you must make sure you keep your account and password Traffic, because you must sign in again and download apps again.

Check for broken applications

Keep in mind that apps need each other to work. Google Play Store may be interrupted by disabling a mobile app. So, you have to bring it back to work by entering the settings and then selecting Applications, and scrolling down the list here shows the disabled applications just return them to work.

Check the date and time settings

You may laugh when you see this suggestion, and you think it is a ridiculous proposal, but the work of the Google Play Store is linked to the date and time; because it synchronizes at a specific time. So, just check your date and time.

Remove google play updates

If all the previous tips and tricks fail you can bet on uninstalling and reinstalling Google Play, or uninstalling the updates and reverting them to an older version and then connecting it to the network, and when it works you can re-update it. So don’t worry that it is safe and maybe the best solution to this problem.

Re-enterer Google Account

Go to the settings, select the Accounts icon, choose a Google Account, remove it, add the account again, and try to get to the store.

Use VPN software

The problem can sometimes be caused by the source of the Internet as the servers may sometimes block access to the application and here the solution is simple and includes the operation of the VPN application and try again or you may need more steps where you ahave to run the application and then scan Google Play data and Google services data and try again.

Try these tricks and tips I think one of these tricks will certainly work, just give them a little importance and do not underestimate them, it may be the way to work Google Play on your mobile phone and the backbone of your applications to work.