11 The mistake leading to failure in the bonding link

It’s virtually meaningless to enter a digital marketing world without having digital assets like a valid and optimized website for search engines. Making fundamentally bonding links is one of the key steps in optimizing search engines (SEOs) .

In previous articles, we discussed in detail the concept of bonding links and linking methods . A simple bindings link is a process to get a link from a website to your website. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the mistakes that may be made in the linking link.

Earlier, gaining a high ranking in Google’s search results for bloggers has become a competitive and very important issue. As a result, website owners have come up with other cheap websites to buy abnormal low-cost links. This could temporarily affect the ranking of the website, but one reason why Google quickly changed its ranking algorithm and severely hit the spam links. Google is now struggling to deal with websites that sell or sell spam bugs or toxic links, and will remove them from search results.

Most spam or toxic links have the following:

  • Spam sites and sites that are only created for buying and selling links.
  • Sites not indexed by Google.
  • Sites that have a virus or malware.
  • Link networks

If you use spam bugs, it’s best to remove them as soon as possible to prevent your website from being deleted by Google.

Second mistake: making a blockin

As you know, the links can be converted into two types of Dofollow and Nofollow. Contrary to the imagination of some people, making a kind of backlinks (for example, just Dofollow links) is one of the big mistakes in the linking link and it hurts SEO. Although Nofollow’s links to Google’s page rankings and search results are effective, they are effective in optimizing search engines. As a result, it’s best to balance the use of the Dofollow links and Nofollow links. For example, Blog comments are a good place to locate Nofollow links.

Third Mistake: Using Over-Optimized Duplicate Link Text

Contrary to the imagination of many people, too much use of keywords in the link text is not only useful in Google’s ranking, but is also known as one of the methods of black hat SEO. Normal text text, short text and content. Also, the use of duplicate link text is one of the other mistakes, and Google will quickly ignore it and will not index it, instead of optimizing it.

Fourth mistake: Get the link back from the pages with the number below

Google algorithms give higher priority to pages where their articles and posts are being recharged into more social networks on the social network , which will have a far greater impact on the number of people. Therefore, getting blockins from pages that are very poor in terms of number of replicators does not have much value in optimizing search engines.

Fifth mistake: Getting a lot of links to a page

If all bclinks are linked to a page from the website (often home page or homepage), then Google does not count them as natural links and ignore them. So make a difference between linking between different pages of your website.

Sixth Mistake: Unbound bonding link

Getting Blockin out of websites or pages whose content does not have any relation to your generated content is a mistake and is worthless in Google’s perspective, even if these websites have a high domain capability (DA).

Seventh Mistake: Making links from un indexed pages

Getting blockin from domains, websites or pages that are not indexed in Google is a mistake and will make Google ignore your page.

Eighth mistake: Get a lot of Boklinka from low-power websites

Getting a lot of blocking from websites or domain strengths or low-level DAs is far from worthy of Google. However, getting a few links from reputable websites with high DAs will have a huge impact on search engine optimization.

Ninth mistake: hyperlink hyperlinks

Link exchange or reciprocal linking is one of the quick and easy ways in external linking linking that is popular among bloggers. But it’s better to know that this has not been far more valuable to Google than in recent years, unless this link exchange is balanced between valid websites and related content.

Tenth mistake: Get backlinks from websites with lots of outbound links

In the comments section of a blog on a website, there may be a large number of links to different websites. It’s better to not link your link here too many links.

Eleventh mistake: Get Site-Wide Link

Previously, Site-Wide backlinks (links to sections such as Font or Sidebar of other websites that are repeated on all pages), as well as linking to other websites in the Feed. At the moment, these links are not considered to be natural links to Google, and it’s best to convert Nofollow links.

Finally, you can check all internal and external links with tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs and Link Explorer to quickly optimize them and remove spam links. 

By following the tips and trying to avoid mistakes in the linking link, you can see many improvements in search engine optimization. The professional design and web development agency Makan digital marketing , your business in SEO will help.