20 horror games that will haunt you long after you’re done playing

It may seem odd that someone buys a game and installs it on their device or gaming platform, and passes its stages in order to get moments of horror, but the reality and the numbers say that there are millions of fans of horror games around the world and also obsessed with them, and reap companies and studios developed It has millions of dollars a year, which is why we found it necessary to provide a list of 20 of the most popular horror games available for you to play right now.

Note: If you have no previous experience in horror games, or if you have a weak heart, do not continue reading, and take no responsibility for your use and the way you interact with these games, knowing that all these games are classified for those over 18 years!

20 scary horror games on various platforms

20. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill series is one of the most terrifying games ever, because of the horror of myself and the atmosphere of a very bleak atmosphere, and what affects the player directly, and talk about the special part of this game called “Shattered Memories”, which was released in 2009 on many old devices Like (ps2, WII), the game is characterized by a great change in the atmosphere of the game, as well as complex puzzles that induce the experiment more than once to be able to overcome obstacles, and the game did not achieve the required success on the device WII due to the difficulty of controlling the game because of the limited control of the game.

19. Layers of Fear

A horror game that revolves around an artist who wants to finish a unique painting and enter the atmosphere of the palace he lives in. By right? The game was released in 2016 on the new generation console and also the PC and is certainly one of the most terrifying games available.

18. Lone Survivor

A horror game of a slightly different nature, the game is designed with a retro-like system, and the quality of 2d graphics to find it from the perspective of the camera side like old games, but this does not make it a game for children, it provides a very terrifying atmosphere reminiscent of the old parts of Silent Hill in terms of mystery, It has a very awesome soundtrack and needs to take care of the character you play through it in order not to die and has achieved a great success then released in 2013 on many modern and old console devices as well as the PC, as it is a distinctive horror game and a different character and its own.

17. Alan Wake

How do you feel when you know that your main weapon in the game is just a lamp, where you wander through the dark forest in search of your disappeared wife, to find that you are inside the story you wrote before! Alan Wake relies on an atmosphere of horror and mystery as you roam to find ghosts that kill it by highlighting it, and then shoot with very cool sound effects making it a unique horror game.It was released in 2010 on the console and then the PC.

16. FEAR

FEAR is the name of the game and of course the name is named as FEAR offers a different sense of horror, a fear of what awaits you and you do not know what and how it will appear, as you search for the mysterious child Alma who has enormous abilities, and also scary form you will find yourself in a world full of blood and Dead body parts scattered everywhere do not know where you are and why this happens to you. This game offers a kind of horror based on a little girl, but it is not like the children you meet down the house was released in 2005.

15. Dead Space

One of the best horror games topped recently, which is based on space monsters who attack you from every direction to kill you, and contains many of the situations you face make you jump from your seat without any exaggeration, and the story revolves around a spacecraft lost contact with its crew to be sent An exploration team that you are one of its members, to find that the crew turned into monsters attacking you and trying to kill you in any way, and the game was released in 2008 on the console and PC.

14. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

A horror game exclusively released on GameCube. The story goes on in the Middle Ages. I don’t know the exact time and place in reality. Contains a gloomy and mysterious atmosphere and sad and terrifying soundtrack, and leave a strange psychological impact during the game, and add to this sense is the atmosphere of the game surrounding was released in 2002, but remain of the terrifying games immortal.

13. Until Dawn

The game is mainly based on the choices you make while playing, and with each choice the story is diverted, which means that you can re-play again to make different choices, and the story revolves around a group of young people A house in an isolated mountain area to discover the presence of a murderer who attacks them in different ways and kills them. The game is based on the element of surprise and a very gloomy atmosphere with simple but scary sound effects and the game was released in 2015

12. Condemned: Criminal Origins

A horror game based on violence, the game is very violent and contains very bloody murder scenes.The story revolves around an interrogator involved in killing colleagues, but in fact, someone else killed them, and your task while playing is to prove your innocence of this crime. Game tools from the surrounding environment of wood panels, handles and pipes that beat your enemies, which is one of the bloodiest ways released the game in 2005 on computers as well as XBOX 360.

11. Bloodborne

Another exclusive to the PS4 console is an extension of the Dark Souls series, but a little differently, here the horror factor is clearly visible, and depends on the idea of ​​developing the main character and fighting through swords, and also magic and many giant monsters that you must kill, Of course, you will try again because of the difficulty of the game. The graphics and sounds are very good and offer a truly unique experience especially the mysterious soundtrack and the game was released in 2015.

10. SOMA

A true horror game where the game relies mainly on hiding from enemies, and the story of the game revolves around an isolated area of ​​research that makes machines think and behave just like humans, the situation develops attacking machines for you, and all you have to do is escape and hide from the inevitable death with the presence of many Puzzles to unlock certain doors and areas. The game relies mainly on the killer surprise and calm factor that precedes the storm with mysterious sounds and music, and the game was released in 2015 on the PC and console.

9. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

A horror game that relies primarily on ghosts to terrify you, and your main weapon within the game is a camera where you can see the ghosts that are chasing you, and also kill them through the camera, which makes you revolve around yourself for fear of a ghost behind you, or speeding in front of you. You will jump a lot from your seat with this truly terrifying game, the story of a girl looking for her missing sister in a ghost-filled village, and the sounds and soundtrack are terrifying. The game was released in 2003 exclusively for the old generation console.

8. Outlast

One of the most famous horror games that have been released in succession, the story of the game is about a journalist entering a psychiatric clinic to uncover a mysterious murder case. To find inside many bloody scenes of killing, burning and torture, and successive events and be your primary weapon is a camera to watch in the dark and recording only This is your only weapon, of course, you can run and hide. Outlast game is one of the best horror games in terms of mystery and psychological horror, and it is possible to stop the game because of the terrible psychological pressure The game was released on all devices in 2014.

7. Resident Evil 4

Many believe that this part of the game is one of the best parts of the world; because of the gameplay from a third-person perspective with difficulty not only shooting this, but also very little resources and you will think a lot before using any of them, and the story revolves around an American client sent to the village He rescues a kidnapped girl to discover that most of the villagers are dead, with many genetically modified monsters. This game is one of the best horror experiences, and I recommend to try it released in 2005 on all devices.

6. Resident Evil 2

A classic horror game that is one of the best horror experiences ever made for the old generation of computers and console, and already offers a real horror experience with the old control system that gamers loved before being changed in later parts. Fighting the living dead Kill them or escape them and desperately try to manage the limited resources; to survive is one of the best and most terrifying parts in terms of horror, and also the control of the sounds is absolutely wonderful, and the sense of terror surrounding you in a place that always makes you motivated. The game was released in 1998 on the old generation console.

5. Resident Evil 7

If you are a fan of the series and especially the first parts, this part is a successful return to what distinguishes those parts of exploration, puzzles and hard fighting, but the game is a whole new part in terms of characters and idea in general, and the story revolves around the hero received a mysterious recording from his wife to track the video Combining the puzzles into a deserted house for a family who then faces puzzles and terrifying events with all the members of the house. Raising Games, Without a doubt, the game was issued in 2017 on the center console and PC hardware.

4. Alien: Isolation

The idea of ​​the game is mainly to escape from a terrifying Alien object, which appears to you from anywhere and kills you instantly. Alien: Isolation is a unique psychological horror game that you will notice long periods of quiet and silence, then in a moment you are surprised by Alien object directly in front of you cause the game panic and horror released in 2014 on all devices.

3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

You are trapped inside a castle filled with ghosts and monsters and you have to untangle the talismans to pass the doors and cross to the next area. This game is one of the strongest and best horror games ever, especially the psychological atmosphere charged with constant tension, and you rely on a flashlight to move forward in the game will jump a lot during the game, and it is possible not to complete this game, and this is what many did and will not blame you anyway 2010 exclusively on the computer and then on the PS4.

2. PT

A 2014 experimental horror game developed by giant Hideo Kojima, the nucleus of Silent Hill. Different every time he enters from door to door with an atmosphere of mystery and horror, we wish that the game development would be completed to become one of the best gaming experiences ever.

1. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill is the undisputed icon of horror. This is the most successful and best-selling part, unlike other parts. Solved by a strong and present memory, the story revolves around a person who went to the city of Silent Hill in search of his murdered wife, who received a letter from her after her death telling him that she is in this place. The game was released in 2001 on many old and modern console and PC.

In the end, tell us about your experiences with these games or your list of the best horror games from your point of view.