5 inventions and innovations that will change the world


Ponomusic promises us the best way to hear our favorite digital songs.

Digital devices to listen to music formed a real revolution as soon as they appeared, such as iPods and Mp3, and these devices have made fictional profits for their owners in the past. One might think that these devices are disappearing, especially with the proliferation of smartphones, which offer a service quite similar to what music listening devices do.

But this view is wrong and the biggest example is ponomusic device, it is a traditional device to listen to music, however, has achieved widespread fame with great, perhaps the biggest proof is the success of the project in the collection of more than six million dollars through the Kickstarter platform , and this is the highest project received funding from During this platform since 2014 until this moment.

His idea of this project is the Canadian musician Neil Young, and in addition to Young works on this project , a large group of musicians and technicians, one goal of creating an unprecedented music listening experience, through a single factor , which is precision, where Jung tries with his musical content industry Delivering the highest possible accuracy with a dedicated device.

Perhaps the best thing that can be deduced from the ponomusic success story is that we don’t need to invent something completely new from scratch, or even think outside the box. Once we improve something that already exists and gets it to its utmost perfection, we can put our legs on the road to success.


Arsenal promises us a way of taking pictures from the future.

The photographic profession evolves and becomes more important day by day. With this widespread of this profession, we note the evolution of images in terms of accuracy and quality, but high-resolution images do not come so easily but require a large focus of the photographer, and observe many technical and environmental factors to take a picture Complete or near perfect.

But what if every professional photographer gets a tool that saves him a lot of effort and fatigue, so that this tool is responsible for monitoring and controlling all the factors, and to do all those boring things, and leave the creative aspects of the photographer, well this tool became known as Arsenal.

It is said that when science and art meet, miracles occur, and this is exactly what happened with the engineer and photographer Ryan who invented this tool, where he relied on his knowledge to make a tool to help him in his art. Arsenal relies on artificial intelligence algorithms, monitors all technical and environmental factors and then predicts the perfect moment to take the picture, and the photographer only has to press the button.

It comes with a smartphone app, so the photographer can control the digital camera remotely and wirelessly for up to 100 feet. Arsenal made nearly $ 2 million across the Kickstarter platform, making it one of the fastest projects ever to reach this record, and in record time to confirm that a miracle can happen at any time.


Magpie promises that you can go after anything anytime anywhere in the world.

Losing things permanently is bothersome and wasting a lot of time, so this tool is a fortune for many people around the world, because it has one function: to tell us where we want anything, anytime we ask for it, and it just requires commenting on the thing we want Not to be lost again.

Magpie is used not only with objects but also with pets that disappear permanently. Magpie can be used to monitor the movements of your young children, moment by moment, for more comfort in their condition, especially when they go to school.

This tool is based on the Global Positioning System (GPS). Once it syncs with the smartphone, its location can be known every minute, and then it is enough to comment on anything and monitor its movements through an application on the smartphone. The principle of action is simple but the benefit is very high.


We prynt promised to change our perception of printed images.

Please take your attention only for a few minutes because I am about to tell you something you might hear for the first time. In short, prynt is never a normal tool, after being installed on a smartphone it can print any image in a matter of seconds, did you say a picture, sorry, I mean a video.

Just as I said, this great tool can print video, just as we used to print images on conventional printers. Once the video is printed and printed, it can be powered by augmented reality technology, by swiping the printed image in front of the smartphone screen and enjoying watching.

It remains to be noted that this project managed to raise more than a million and a half dollars in funding via the Kickstarter platform.

The above may be a bit ambiguous, but once you watch the next video, the picture will be clearer.


GoSun promises to grill our food without fuel.

If you’re a fan of trips that include barbecuing food, as well as clean energy advocates, this tool will be perfect for you. It is a full-service solar cooker, so you don’t need any fuel to run it.

GoSun can be considered an integrated cooking device. It allows you to grill, fry and even boils food. As it works on solar energy, it will save a lot of money spent on fuel. It is environmentally friendly and very practical because of its lightweight, elegant design, and the possibility to use it even in circumstances. Bad weather.

The core of this technology is a vacuum tube, which acts as a semi-complete insulator that retains the heat generated by the sun’s rays in the cooking chamber almost completely, which accelerates the cooking process to double, and the insulation material makes GoSun extremely safe from the outside, and can not cause burns to the user Or damage.

As we always say there are more wonderful projects that we will talk about, and please share with us any ideas for projects that you think deserve to be on the list. The door to creativity is still wide open, and in all areas, it achieves fame, success, and money for those who enter it. A great idea with good execution is the path of guaranteed success.