6 Best Strategy Games for iOS & Android smartphones

Strategy games challenge the mind by offering players tactical and combat puzzles to solve and whether you’re interested in combat games or virtual fights, strategy games allow you to unleash your imagination. Tactics, puzzles and many different modes of play are offered by these games. Check out our options for the best strategy games for Android and IOS mobile phones.


Rebel is an excellent game where you can play whenever you want and pause the game and then return to it later. It is a real-time strategy experience that puts you in a newly appointed responsible position for a volatile region that has recently recovered from the war.

You have to spend your budget wisely on improvements and government initiatives to help the population rebuild their country and gain support. Your role does not end here. The defeated enemies of the last war have not disappeared and the rebel forces will soon begin to appear on the map in an attempt to seize power by force.

She then enters a completely different tactical game, in which she organizes local or coalition forces, driving the rebels out of key population centers and besieging them so as not to allow them to escape. Then they will seek peace in the end but the longer they rebel, the faster your reputation will fall and if you reach zero, you lose. Rebel is one of the best strategy games for phones you can try.

Iron Marines

Real-time strategy missions take a bit more commitment, but the rewards you’ll get are worth it. Veteran Ironhide developers, the creators of the highly successful Kingdom Rush, launched a mobile strategy game.

It is a confrontation by your navy against space creatures in a strange, unfamiliar but beautiful design. You will lead your troops and heroes during a campaign of 14 missions and battles against enemies, there are a variety of missions and enemies, and the game can become very difficult later in the campaign

Egypt: Old Kingdom

Clarus Victoria returned with her second series of strategy games based on different historical periods in Egypt. The first game focused on the prehistoric period in the region, while the new game focused on the “Old Kingdom” period which lasted about 400 years and ended around 2100 BC.

At that time the nation’s capital was Mephis and here the player must try to build great eras and develop civilizations. Its key is resource management and you should also try to absorb other Egyptian tribes through diplomacy or war. It is a unique and excellent strategy game for those looking for something special and slightly different.


Since there are many ways in which you can design a tactical game based on a turn-based strategy, real and important evolution is rare and requires the highest level of creativity.

The game “Verable” is based on the principle of beginning from the end. You are at the height of your strength and have emerged victorious from a long bloody struggle with monsters, and you have to discover the tale by turning back on time. With each level you complete, your strength becomes weaker as you return to the beginning of the war in individual battles with other players.

There are also some naughty teams that the hero can use to do some flexible tactical solutions. There are 13 scenarios as part of the main story, after which you can participate in daily challenges or build an army to participate in special situations, such as survival mode. You can try it out to live all scenarios. In terms of mobile gaming strategy, Farabel offers a unique and rich experience.

Battle of Polytopia

Battle of Polytopia is a 4X system that means exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination. Players in Battle of Polytopia lead a tribe to get the highest score possible in 30 rounds, starting with exploring the map, building the tribe’s civilization and dealing with the tribes. Neighboring with a large scale and time frame.

The tribes in Politopia were separated by a single technique with some exceptions, and the map was connected to a grid of 256 square. There is no diplomatic system and victory is determined by points earned and not by invasions and occupation.

The game features an attractive interface and easy to use, has been recently supported the addition of asynchronous players online and you can add players and play without the Internet, and this is what makes it an excellent mobile strategy game as well as a free game with the possibility of buying other features within the application and open new tribes To drive it.

Rome: Total War

Rome is a classic game about building an empire on the port of Rome, your role as master of one of Rome’s great noble families and managing provinces and armies to redirect the eternal city of darkness to the days of the Republic and the Empire.

You must manage the growth of your line and your empire, and you must make diplomatic, political and economic decisions, as well as engage in real battles against real-time rival empires with online players.

This leads to hours of enjoying one of the most beautiful smartphone strategy games. The game was previously available exclusively for iPads, and then the game received an update to support iPhone devices with a modified interface and control system, and finally became available for Android devices as well.