7 alternative app store for Android phones

The ability to download applications from outside the Google Play App Store is one of the most important features of the Android system on its main competitor iOS , however, the Google Play Store is still the most popular and used despite the availability of many alternatives to it, due to the large and diverse applications that It contains as the largest application store in the world with about two million applications, in addition to the factor of security and privacy thanks to Google’s constant efforts in trying to clean the store from harmful applications of various kinds.

However, in return for those advantages enjoyed by the famous store, it is of course not without some of the drawbacks that force many users to resort to alternative stores, including the non-availability of the store in some countries or the availability of certain applications even, and the inability to download old versions of applications in addition to not the presence of certain applications because of the violation of Google’s many policies such as applications download from YouTube.

When thinking about using an alternative to Google Play Store you should be a little cautious and choose a famous store that does not have a bad reputation for containing malicious apps or annoying ads, in this article, we will show you the best and safest alternative stores and sites for Google Play Store.

Amazon App Store

Amazon is one of the biggest competitors of Google in many areas and services, the company launched its application store almost 9 years ago and is now the largest competitor to Google Play Store and the second-largest application store for Android, the store contains about 450 thousand applications and games and is available in more than 200 countries around the world.

The store features a lot of daily offers and discounts on paid applications, in addition to applications, it contains a lot of e-books, movies, and songs at a price usually lower than the Google Play Store.


Uptodown is one of the most famous and oldest application download sites for various operating systems. It contains about 200 thousand Android applications. It was launched in 2002 and then started focusing on Android applications since 2013. It has an official Android store through which you can download many applications and games. One of the best features of this site is the presence of its applications with older versions where it is possible to download an earlier version of an application with ease.

The store has the characteristics of its website in terms of simplicity and ease of handling, where it is possible to download applications without the need to create an account in addition to the option of downloading directly to the memory card.


Aptoide features many apps that are not on Google Play. This is because there is no need to pay money to upload your apps on the store unlike Google Play, which forces you to pay $ 25 to create a developer account, as well as the lack of many laws and conditions on The developer achieved to enable the application to be upgraded to the store, the facilities provided by the store to developers, made it a favorite place for them to publish their new applications.

The store allows the possibility of adding other stores to it and browse and download applications in addition to the possibility of commenting and evaluation of applications, the facilities provided by the store to developers to raise their applications some concern about the safety of those applications, of course can not be assured of the safety of the store completely, but at least checks all applications that are uploaded to it .


Launched in 2014, ApkPure is one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store. Although it is new in comparison to other stores, it has gained wide popularity and popularity in a short time. The site offers many applications with the possibility of downloading in previous versions and high download speeds.

The store allows you to download free apps on Google Play only and does not contain any kind of paid applications, with the ability to evaluate applications and a simple interface and few ads in addition to the need not to create an account in order to download, this store is one of the best options to download free applications.


Launched in 2010 using the Aptoide source code, the F-Droid store focuses on open source apps that can be edited and republished.F-Droid has a lot of free apps categorized in a way that makes it easier for developers and even students to find Many apps they can benefit from, the store is completely dependent on volunteers and donations from some.

Because the store focuses on open source apps that are mainly of interest to developers, many store apps are usually unstable or are still under development, so this is not a good option if you’re a regular user who just wants to download apps.


AppsZoom has many Android and iOS enabled apps, and although it requires a login to download apps, the app allows developers to upload their apps to it for free as the same account is used to download and upload apps without having to do extra complicated steps.

The store offers financial rewards to developers whose applications meet the quality standards they require. Although the store is no different from the other side in terms of security and the number of applications on it, it is a good option for developers who want to promote their applications without going into the terms and regulations of Google in terms of lifting applications On her shop.


If you are looking for a legitimate way to download paid apps for free, AppBrain is the first choice for this purpose. Other stores.

The store’s website was launched in 2009 by former Google employees. Unlike other stores, AppBrain is available for download through the Google Play Store. Applications of it.

Of course, no store can meet the needs of all users or developers.

Do you use one of these stores or does Google Play meet all your needs? Share your experience in the comments.