7 investors that spent millions on cryptocurrencies

Going into any business area requires courage and boldness. We often resort to hearing the stories of our predecessors to consider their experiences, avoiding what led to failure and imitating what helped to succeed. Today, the world of cryptocurrency investment is the most controversial, despite the impressive successes and huge profits for some investors, but it destroyed others completely.

We have talked about the stories of many investors in this world, whether they are stories of failure, success or perhaps fraud, but today we will talk about people who may be the source of inspiration for you.

When we say spend millions of dollars, of course, they are not only gullible or impulsive wealthy, but they are investors with long experience in the world of investment and fully aware of what they are doing, so the confidence of these may be the motivation for others to dare and adventure.

Follow us to know more and hear their advice after these bold adventurers.

Investors have spent millions investing in cryptocurrencies

Marc van der Schij

Mark talks to Medium on his experience that he lived in China and tudou.com, a Chinese YouTube one of his investments, later after retiring in his 40 years moved to Canada and began the banking crisis in Cyprus, where he had a bank account and Freeze it.

This incident motivated him to look for alternatives to the complexities and problems of banks. This was at the beginning of 2013, where he started his first investment in Bitcoin and began to read, search and travel to attend their conferences to understand more and can integrate with this world.

Thus he developed and entered the world of investing cryptocurrencies from its widest doors, where he later founded several blockchain companies.

Here are some of these Alasttmart companies and start from the management of encryption company ‘s assets Crypto asset management and investment company ‘s first encryption is fully organized in Canada First Block Capital Investment Bank, ICO under the name of FirstCoin and the largest mining company in North America Hut 8 Mining.

Asked what he thinks about Bitcoin and whether he thinks it is still a good investment, he replied:

I am still one of the most faithful in Bitcoin simply because it is the best blockchain in the world. I think it will reach $ 150,000 over the next three years, so it’s still the best investment.

Ari Paul

CEO and co-founder of BlockTower Capital, a Bitcoin investment company. Ari has a background in investment that began since he was the director of the $ 8 billion grant file at the University of Chicago, and then a trader owned by the Susquehanna International Group (SIG).

He has an MBA from Chicago with a concentration in Economics, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Econometrics, and Statistics and holds a CFA Charter that is professionally qualified in financial analysis and awarded by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA).

Asked what he thought of Bitcoin as a bubble or a buying opportunity in an interview on Forbes, he replied:

I would like to say with a strong conviction that this is a long-term buying opportunity… I think we are in a phase of disappointment and that we have eliminated too much optimism in this system.

Michael Novogratz

Michael has not only talked about his intention to improve his condition but has already begun to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Michael has been attacked by many and described as many bad qualities, but according to TechCrunch, which is popular and loved by friends, he is the most prominent as an adventurer and risk-taking, despite all the many victories and losses in his life starting from Goldman. He was removed because of his lifestyle and then at Fortress Investments.

Michael decided to start rebuilding his fortune again with his commercial bank Galaxy Digital, which he describes as a bridge between the crypto world and the corporate world.

The move is an overwhelming success, but the bank has suffered at least $ 136 million in business losses since November 2018, although it was not officially launched until January 2018. This did not deter Michael and will continue to invest. What Sam Englebardt said in an interview with TechCrunch, the chief financial officer of the Novogratz family office.

Winklevoss Twins

These two brothers, Cameron and Tyler, are widely known for accusing Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea of ​​the social network and are now running a cryptocurrency trading platform, Gemini.

In April 2013, when Bitcoin was equivalent to $ 120, they bought Bitcoin coins for $ 11 million, or about 1% of all cryptocurrencies in circulation at the time.

The move simply made them one of the first people to have billions of bitcoins in the world.

Barry Silbert

The US Marshall Office sold 50,000 Bitcoins in December 2014, seized from Silk Road, an illicit merchandise store, where Barry Silbert bought all but 2,000 of them at $ 350 per coin, equivalent to 16.8. In three years the value of these currencies is equivalent to $ 670 million.

Silbert is one of the most active believers in cryptocurrency investing and still offers advice on investing in cryptocurrencies.

Tim Draper

We are still in the same story of the 50 thousand currencies as 2000 remained Bitcoins not bought by Barry Silbert, these currencies bought by Mr. Tim Darber American and became a leading investor and founded Darper University Darper network speculation Draper venture network and others.

Tim is one of the most optimistic Darber the future of Bitcoin he clings to this optimism even in the most incidents of the collapse of the market, it can be seen this through Ngredath on Twitter, and is described as an evangelist with all Maitalq Balpetkoan and encryption.

Juthica Chou

Ms. Cho had a previous investment background and started as a trader at Goldman Saches and then founded LedgerX with her husband who was a colleague at Goldman. With her experience on Wall Street, she is making great strides towards making Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies more popular and popular in the world.