8 Tips to reduce Alexa Rank

The Alexa Alexa word is familiar to many webmasters and a large number of site administrators are always trying to rank Alex well. In this article, I explained what the Alexa ranking is and how it is measured. And today I’m going to introduce methods that are effective in reducing the Alexa Rank. Today, many Internet sites have been created in the context of Alexa Ranking, which is often caused by a large number of visitors to the site, so that Alexa Ranking will slow down in a very short time, and you are happy with this and you do not know that using these sites in You bet you betray your site and put yourself under the penalty of Google. Because you’re not logged in correctly and try to get Alexa’s rank from a few million to several thousand by fraud and within a short period of time, and naturally Google will notice this issue and the result will be penalizing your site and removing it from Search results.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa.com, a subsidiary of Amazon’s largest Amazon company, is in fact a statistics and data analysis company that ranks sites based on their inbound traffic. This rank is divided into two main parts:

Be careful that Alex does not count all traffic to your site, but only a number of users who have installed the Valbar for Alexa and who visit your site will count as a reference. So if you have 1,000 daily views and only 200 of them For this day, the same 200 hits of the Alexa team are counted for you. And based on the same statistics sent to users by users from all over the world, rankings are performed and displayed numerically. 
Reducing the Alexa Rank alone does not make a difference. There are only a few advantages to explain them.

Why is Alexa’s rating downgrade important?

If you have an online business or write about digital goods, then you will notice the importance of lowering Alex’s rank. Having a rank below 5000 will make the vendors of the products and services contact you for the order of the advertiser and ask you to introduce their product and the sites that have a low rating can earn a good income by getting ads on their site. 
Apart from the financial benefits of having a lower rank of Alex in other cases, having low rank will bring you the following benefits:

How to reduce the Alexa Rank?

1- Registration in Alexa: The first step in reducing the Alexa Ranking for any webmaster is to register at alexa.com free of charge and register your site address in the User Panel. This is a small step to improve the rank

2. Installing Alex’s Together: As I explained earlier, Alexa’s statistics are based on the users of your site who have installed Alexa’s special toolkit in their system.So this is a good thing for you because you run your site more than any other user on the site as an administrator, and if you install Alexa on your system, your daily visit is also a positive hit.

3. Alexa plugin: If you use content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla !, you can download and install the Alexa plugin, which will allow Alexa’s servers to better and more accurately check your site and more accurate statistics. To present.

4. Write useful and reproducible content: Be careful when writing your site and write useful and useful content for users because these content is shared by users and will make thousands of new users interested in your site, which means reducing the rating. Alexa for you.

5. Increase traffic from social networks: If you are active on social networks, try to join the groups and publish your articles in groups and with your friends. This is a way to increase free site visits and more, many people spend part of their time on social networks, and if you are active in these networks, you can take advantage of this potential.

6. Satisfy the users of the site: Try to be content with your site and your content, and your content will be helpful to you. A satisfied user will often return to your site to read new content and this will be a great help to reduce Alexa’s ranking of your site. Also, a happy user from your site will direct you to hundreds of other users as he believes that as much as your content It has been useful to her and useful to her friends, and for this reason she tries to introduce you to anyone who knows.

7. Add multimedia: Add interesting images and videos to your published content, because users love to see these stuff. And these content will be streamed quickly through social networks, resulting in thousands of hits for your site and Alexa Ranking.

8. Share your rating: Make an image and share on the social network from your global and national rank in Alexa. This will encourage users to see your site and this is your desire.

The methods listed above are very useful for reducing the Alexa Rank. You can reduce your bulk traffic by purchasing high bulk traffic at a short notice, but it’s risky and does not have the risk. If you are serious about earning money from your site, then try to get an even lower rating. Otherwise, just think of publishing useful and useful content on your site, and Google’s rank is important to you, not Alexa Rank. The study of the article is whether Alexa’s rank is really significant and can be helpful in understanding this position.