What areas you should avoid at all costs in the self-employment sector?

After all the previous chapters in which we discussed everything you need to know about self-employment from what it is to the choice of the field and dealing with customers and collecting dues, it remains to provide what is in fact a warning to any person who is going to self-employment from entering into known areas Being blocked in the future or sometimes even scams.

Pay-to-work locations

These sites may not necessarily be fraudulent, and for some they seem to be working real and providing their subscribers with a steady stream of jobs. But for the vast majority of aspiring entrepreneurs, especially novices, these are the worst things that can actually be done. It does not offer any guarantees about the number of customers or how much money will come from the tasks it will carry out, and at the same time it costs a lot with some even costing $ 100 per month.

It is better for any newly independent freelancer to look for opportunities on their own or through regular self-employment sites. Of course, these sites take money from the freelancer when they cut a percentage of the revenue. Pay to work.

Fill out questionnaires or write fake product reviews

A few years ago, a huge wave of alleged jobs began to appear everywhere on the Internet. The promoters claim to be a magical solution that provides you with work from home and easily. The answer is usually to fill out questionnaires with fake names, or to make positive (and in rare cases negative) evaluations of certain products to improve their sales or damage.

If you think this is illegal, you are right. This kind of behavior is known to be illegal and immoral, but governments often fail to pursue it as it does not usually constitute domestic harm. In general, the first problem with this type of work (if it is true to call it originally) is that it is a big waste of time for very little money, as many of those who have tried it spend many hours each day filling out questionnaires or setting up products to raise less than $ 50 at the end of the month.

However, regardless of the very meager returns, the basic problem with this type of work is simply that it has a limited ceiling, as you will not learn any new skill or develop from your existing skill and there is no way to upgrade or move forward. This work simply kills creativity and vitality and any other work of any kind (as long as it is a project of course) is better than stages.

Hierarchical Marketing

If you know hierarchical marketing and how to deceive ambitious young people you probably know exactly what we are talking about here, but if you do not know hierarchical marketing is simply a fraudulent trick in which someone sells a product for a lot more than its real value to other people promising them that this is an opportunity and they in turn Selling the product to others for a cumulative commission. With the promise of quick wealth and huge profits without effort, it is no wonder that pyramid marketing tricks appear again and again every period.

The “new delegates” for pyramid marketing are often attracted from acquaintances, especially old ones with whom the relationship has been cut off for a long time.As a result, the Internet and social media platforms are often used to entice new people to join the fraudulent company with unfulfilled promises.

If you find a job ad that does not specify the nature of the work and promises money with minimal effort and without any experience, it is likely that what you see is an attempt to hunt for pyramid marketing or perhaps to fill questionnaires, but in all cases you should avoid these false opportunities and if you hear the name of a company known marketing The pyramid companies such as Herba Life, It Works and the famous Q Net are certain that what you see is not a business opportunity but an attempt to steal everything you have by exploiting your ambition.

Shorten links and upload files

On the Internet if the site is not a store or a non-profit organization or government is usually a profitable site, where the sites make profits in many ways, the most important of course ads, but although many sites use ads appropriately to the user so as not to offend the experience and do not force him to press For example, some sites have a lot of twisted methods to force users to click on ads or at least see them and in some cases install malware, and here of course we talk about two basic types (out of several others) types of sites: download platforms and sites shortened links.

There are, of course, many good platforms to upload and upload files or to shorten links, but in return there are sites that are overwhelmed by malicious ads and sometimes pornography and shortening sites not only shortened links but adds a mandatory waiting period in which the user is forced to view ads and perhaps AdFly site is the months here. In general between these sites there are some that allow users to shorten the links or upload files and then share the link, and the fact that the sites make money from the visits are given the user a percentage of revenue to encourage him.

Theoretically it may sound like a good idea, especially if you think about it and you have access to many groups or you manage big social media pages. But the reality here is very disappointing, as the popularity of payment sites for default or upload has led to the flooding of their use to a large extent and misleading most of the time, as a result of these sites are banned from sharing links on social media platforms.

Of course there are services that appear all the time and offer the same attractive offers to expect many victims to share their links for a period of time before they are banned as the sites that preceded them, and of course these sites usually include minimum payment limits which means that most users will not get any money even before That these sites stop and close their doors.