How to maximize your productivity in self-employment and avoid its usual problems?

Self-employment is currently a convenient way to profit, and the term self-employment is a bit loose. Entrepreneurship in general means work that is not linked to an office or requires you to leave your home and deal with annoying human entities in order to complete it safely.

But today we will talk about a specific form of self-employment: “Self-employment via the Internet”. This image includes a lot of works such as blogging, design, editing, voice performance, live technical support, etc.

Set fixed pricing for the one service you provide in self-employment but with categories

Pricing is really the most important thing in self-employment. We assume that you are writing articles, here you must set the pricing for the article according to the number of words for it. An article ranging from 500 to 700 words is at a certain price, but from 700 to 1400 at another price, of course, and so on to the extent you see fit. Or you can divide the price into the smallest possible units, such as pricing on each word alone so that you have an article to write its own pricing.

Selecting the price category makes the customer look at specific categories and relieves you from procrastinating in pricing and words. Of course there are some customers who can discuss you personally in pricing and word count if the project includes more than one article, here it is up to your own assessment of the item you offer.

Of course, there are some cases where setting a fixed pricing is appropriate, for example creative works such as designing or making logos are more complicated for pricing. But if you are doing similar operations in terms of their need for time and effort, the establishment of fixed pricing adopted will facilitate your life.

Your mental health first, and your personal life first

Suppose you haven’t been working for a long time and need to work by any means. But when you get this job and see the salary well, you find that your employer is burdened with dozens of daily work, which in turn will take a lot of your life time, and make you as a mill working relentlessly day and night for the same purpose.

This problem is not exclusive to traditional or freelance work and may even be the cause of it. Some suffer because it carries itself a job that it cannot carry, but in most cases it comes from highly demanding and difficult to pick employers.

In most cases, good financial returns are the reason why many people remain in poor working environments that deprive them of their freedom, but if it makes you work more than you endure and affect your personal life and psychological stability, it is always better to give up work or try to find a certain agreement reduces the pressure that You are exposed to it (though such a thing rarely works).

Simply put, no matter how much you try to cope with it, great pressure will sooner or later burn, and you will be unable to perform tasks effectively. So find a solution to this problem as soon as you notice it to avoid the consequences of forgetting too bad.

Preconditions relieve you from the hell of procrastination

Freelancers are conditions, principles, and rules that must exist, since you will never find “freelance” work in the full sense. You will always need to clearly define things to avoid the many conflicts that occur when you do tasks due to the lack of full understanding between the independent and the customer.

It is important to be very clear about the money you expect to receive for the task and the things that may even increase the amount. Of course, you should always look for ways to guarantee your rights so that you do not lose your work for free.

You are a resident of your service, and amateurs do not set a standard for you, even if the free market does

Yes, the labor market is very unfair.

Suppose you are now a professional Photoshop designer, and unlike most designers, you actually bought the software version, specialized in the field for very long years, and made countless projects.

A customer came to you saying, “I want a slogan for my company, what is your price?” As a specialist you will ask the company idea and the customer’s perception of the logo, etc. This is to produce an exact work at the engineering and technical level. All of this is expensive, of course, and as a result you will require a relatively high amount of money for your services and experience. In many cases, especially in the Arab region, the customer will not necessarily appreciate your effort, and will often abandon you in return for an amateur designer who might make a very bad logo, but at ten times the price.

Of course you can try to lower your prices to try to keep up with those who provide services at low prices, but you have to be cautious about the fact that you may oppress yourself and get out of the loser even if you underestimate your right too much, too crowded areas such as design or translation suffer from it heavily, and if you try to compete for Price You’ll find yourself penniless and do a tremendous amount of tasks without a really rewarding financial return.

Do not let market prices break your spirits. Though they must be taken into account, it is wrong to evaluate the work without looking at its quality. In case you are good enough, looking for customers who don’t mind paying for a good result, even if they are few, is still better at times than spending time and effort to get very small and insufficient returns.

Do not stop! Free work is replaced by reason, and inaction makes it rust fast

Yes, self-employment depends on continuity. It is simply like math, you need continuity in dealing with different issues, so as not to forget the way to solve from the ground up.

If it is compulsory to leave your self-employment for something, for example, to travel away to accomplish something for three months and then return again, or to serve in your country, then try not to stop working. Here you are not in a position to produce a work for which you deserve money, of course, by virtue of concern, so the quality of work is not high. But try to do anything for yourself as a training only, so as not to forget how to deal with the mechanisms of self-employment in which you specialize.

Time management comes with the organization of work, which ensures efficiency and comfort

Freelance without organization, is a large network of files and papers whose head is not known from its tail.

Suppose you are like me now, an electronic editor. The editor asked you two articles about a recent film that will be released in the cinema soon. The material you are writing about is entirely online, but you are asked to submit all of the articles tomorrow!

Do not panic, everything has a solution. If your manager puts that trust, he knows you are eligible. The first thing to calculate is how many hours you have left a day, deducting rest time, food and toilet access. Suppose you just woke up, and you have 6 hours of net after deducting all the time taken.

Each article is allocated 3 hours only one third. Type one, then rest for 20 minutes, and then type the next. The work will then be completed on the same day, with great rest at work. On the other hand, if you are not an organizer, the same task can take you days before you finish, especially if you are too distracted or too busy.

Don’t work where you sleep, bed is your first and last enemy!

What do you think is the worst enemy of the concept of self-employment? It’s the bed of course!

Since we are talking about online entrepreneurship, you will deal with it through a computer. Most freelancers require a laptop (although I prefer a large desktop computer), and since it is “portable,” the best place to sit is with a bed.

Bed is a place to sleep, dear, once you sit in it, you will feel lethargic and want to sleep, even if the computer in front of you screaming with lighting and colors. You should work on a desk, table, or anything that is not soft enough to make you dive into it and feel sleepy quickly.

The ideal situation is to go to a place that allows you to work quietly like reading rooms, shared work environments or, in some cases, cheap cafes, but if this is not possible you should at least try to work in a different room or anywhere you are not allowed to surrender To sleepy or entertain easily.

Co-working places may drive you to productivity, but with certain conditions

Have you heard of Co-working Spaces?

These are places with open rooms or small offices ready to rent, so you and your friends can rent them for half a day, for example, to finish work. There you all sit at one big table, and you do the work together. This creates more ideas, helps to double productivity and kill a sense of boredom and loneliness. Especially if the project is large and needs more than one hand working at the same time.

In some cases, workspaces can be annoying, especially if their working times are not flexible enough, or your work needs complete silence without any noise of any kind. In general, in most cases, these places are ideal for you as a free agent and can actually double your productivity without causing extra effort.