How to get started in blogging as a freelancer?

With the spread of digital journalism in the world and the rapid shift from traditional newspapers and magazines to websites, it is clear that there is plenty of room for newcomers rather than the traditional names that dominated print media.

In this article we will talk about self-employment in the field of blogging, whether it is a real field that can bring you a stable income or is it, as many treat it as a hobby or something that is practiced on the side by students or those who are busy doing basic work beside him.

What do you need to get started in blogging as a freelancer?

For some, blogging may seem very simple and everyone can start without any knowledge or training of any kind. Communicates the idea to the reader as simple as possible rather than baffling them.

In general, if you want to be a successful blogger and be able to make a name for you in the field you must have some ingredients in the beginning and must also have some experiences that include:

  • Excellent knowledge of the language in which you want to write, whether as grammar or spelling. Some errors are expected, but their abundance makes blogging more confusing than it is enjoyable for the reader.
  • Good knowledge of at least the area you want to write about, it is not permissible to talk about things you know nothing about or to delve into the details of a field that you barely know anything about.
  • Recognize the responsibility of writing and ensure credibility and research the details and information to ascertain as true as possible before releasing them as facts or relying on them in conclusions.
  • The ability to divide ideas and put them in a logical sequence with the division of headings and paragraphs that facilitate their delivery to the reader as much as possible.
  • Press honesty and the clear distinction between opinion and truth, opinion belongs to the same person and can be disagreed with the persons, while the facts are consistent and objective impersonal.
  • Some creativity has the ability to present information as interestingly as possible.

In fact, as is the case with many other areas, blogging has some elasticity in its own standards. It’s like evaluating designs: very personal and follows the public’s view of the outcome.

How long will you need to prove yourself in blogging and writing articles online?

Unlike the vast majority of other domains, bloggers can usually prove themselves within their domains at record speed, as having a good editor helps them and points out their mistakes is the key to helping them reach high quality. Although experience is undoubtedly useful in the field, it is possible for a new blogger who began writing only weeks ago to show the disadvantages of bad bloggers, even if they have decades of experience.

In fact, as in many areas, blogging has a part of talent and another is skills. To read or even modify drafting and writing methods are necessary to improve overall quality.

What features does online blogging and writing give you?

  • Blogging is usually a good way of expressing oneself, spreading ideas or even complaining about problems.
  • If you are writing in a field that you love and have a strong passion for, blogging is a very satisfying experience, especially if there is a passionate audience for what you write.
  • With the constant need to research and ascertain information and ideas, blogging is an excellent way to increase public culture and discover and learn new things.
  • It includes a great scope to move forward and develop self-improvement, especially for those looking for the best.

What are the disadvantages of blogging and writing?

Although writing may be one of the most satisfactory experiences of some where many people cling to it, it is at the same time able to be one of the worst and most problematic experiences, and the largest proportion of problems in the matter is more than unfortunately global. In general, you should know that domain negatives include:

  • Low wages are generally the result of the fact that sites are low-profit due to the dearth of electronic advertisers in the world.
  • Some sites have certain trends and tendencies that may limit what is available to write on, which may constitute barriers and restrictions for the author.
  • While a large proportion of content is just translations of foreign articles as they are without the slightest interest in content, there are many “writers” who are actually translators who do not offer any original content.
  • Most sites offer a fixed fee for the number of articles written or the number of words without distinguishing the quality of the content, which is a source of frustration for good writers usually.
  • For good bloggers who rely on their writing talent there is a constant threat of exhaustion and “burning” where the task of writing becomes extremely difficult for a while before returning to activity.
  • Many publishing platforms are really volatile and unstable, which means that separating the book from work for no reason is common and that many sites start and then fail and stop working in just months.

Things to pay attention to in the field of blogging and writing on the Internet

While many people make it easy to write and write and think it’s probably the simplest thing to do, there are actually many “blind spots” that should be covered and paid attention to by anyone wishing to start working in the field.

Although people today do not really speak classical in their daily lives, that is, they do not abide by the rules and spelling, it is different when reading, and while some can deal with written texts without interest, poor spelling or ignorance of the rules means that a large percentage of readers will not like the article regardless Their content.

  • Attention to formulation and presentation approach is close to the importance of the information itself, as the appearance and style is the means of communicating information, and no matter how important information is in vain if not reach the reader at all.
  • While today’s slangs are the most widely used, some tend to write just as they speak, replacing some plain-spoken terminology, but this is a very bad idea, with no widespread dialect enough to be understood by everyone. Readable.
  • Of course, if you are dealing with anything that contains important information you will find yourself in need of sources from which the information is quoted and often in English, and although the citation or even writing about the same subject matter of the original article is not a problem, trying to translate results poorly because the wording differs between languages ​​and what is understandable and appropriate in English It seems very strange.
  • If you take your work seriously, research and investigation are the things that you should give priority.
  • Don’t hesitate that your first articles take a long time to complete.
  • Do not write in a field that you do not understand or do not have access to.

In summary, when should you work in the field of blogging and writing on the Internet?

If you have the ability and patience to research and investigate information in its most accurate form, and you are fluent in English with an attractive formulation enough, perhaps blogging is the best way to do self-employment. But always remember to write in what you know and make sure that you know your information, even those that seem intuitive, mistakes and bad wording will make your journey difficult and prevent you from progressing, while the high quality of the articles opens up new opportunities for you in the future.