The worst remake of Hollywood movies

It is common in the world of books and novels to be exposed to a new edition or edition of a single book every period of time, but if you try to say this to the fans of cinema, you will encounter a backlash, especially if you touch one of their favorite movies, and while we wait for a new version of the film Charlie’s Angeles this year but With Kristen Stewart in the lead role, which fans of the series denounce, we find ourselves facing an important question.

It is well known that the remake of a film is only for a good reason as a campaign to Disney to remake the most famous films of animation in the form of live effects, which we have seen a great success in films such as The Jungle Book and Beauty & the Beast and we have seen anger the fans of the original film such as Dumbo And Alaadin and The Lion King, which does not perform as required currently in the cinema, whether cash or mass.

Another reason for the remake may be to present the story from a directional perspective different from the original perspective, which was achieved last year in Bradley Cooper’s first film director A star is Born and we saw 14 years ago in Peter Jackson’s epic King Kong, two examples of what a new vision can add to the film Originally, but the history of Hollywood is full of failed remodeling, which was not added to its original source and was unnecessary in this article and in this article we list the worst remanufactured films in the history of Hollywood and discuss some of the reasons that may have caused that failure.

Psycho 1998

What’s worse than copying a classic epic with one of the most famous scenes in history and the most famous horror music in the cinema? The film is made by Alfred Hitchcock and rated as one of his best, if not the best.

Jas Vincent’s attempt to copy Phsyco in 1998 was utterly unsuccessful – despite the fact that the American filmmaker presented one of the best millennium films just a year earlier, Good Will Hunting – and proved almost categorically that the reproduced reproduction was a useless scene and was nothing but a copy. Soul from its original story.

Version , which saw the presence of Vince Vaughn in the role of Norman Bates and that which the role of Marion Crane and other stars such as Figo , Mortensen and Julianne Moore and Welam H Maisy killed without trial recorded 4.6 on IMDb and its failure to reap half its production budget , where most of the comments centered on the absence of the most important element which is The excitement is because you know what will happen in every minute detail and without the slightest new addition and Vaughn’s performance has been met with irony by comparing it to Anthony Perkins in Hitchcock.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010

The reasons why the 2010 edition of Wes Craven’s Nightmare Nightmare failed are many, but the most important one in the opinion of many fans of the series is the replacement of the original actor Robert England who played Freddie Krueger in more than 6 films with Jackie Earl Hayley.

In addition to this has lost a lot of glamor and the essence of the original film and even horror in it has become as described by some is only a mass grave of young people we know them and see them in a number of nice situations just to see them cut into slides by Freddie Kruger and the situation repeats boring over an hour And a half.

The film recorded 5.2 on IMDb and raised only 60 million in profits on a production budget of nearly 40 million.

Planet of the Apes 2001

Despite his continuous activity since the mid-eighties, the outstanding director Tim Burton swallowed the bitter failure for the first time with the beginning of the new millennium through the film Planet of the Apes, which could not even approach the original version of 1968 on all sides, proving that modern and complex techniques in filmmaking can not To match only the true art of classics.

Saliva many critics it driven with strong among his letters and his attempt that everything becomes it action film and comedy and has a social commentary and political projections and romantic relationships as well as superficial human figures and irrational some of the actions of the characters, Burton justified all of this that he was re – conceived the film while it was It is better to reinvent it, and this is highlighted in his choice to put the same twist of the plot in the end by changing only the archaeological landmark. Instead of the ruined sunken Statue of Liberty, we see the statue of Abraham Lincoln was replaced with a monkey!

Godzilla 1998

Godzilla, a giant creeping monster from early nuclear testing, has been represented in a huge amount of films since the 1950s, but the poor version of 1998 was agreed by almost everyone.

The IMDb 5.3 film, which barely compiled its production budget, provided nothing but all the repetitive stereotypes of monster and disaster films as well as some typical superficial characters who almost kept their words without having to hear them despite the glossy names such as Matthew Broderick and Jean Reno.

The absence of logic puzzled us so much during the course of the film and wonder questions about the abilities of this creature and why use it at times and not at another time, and what exactly size and shape? In spite of these reasons, it can be said that it is a fun movie if you cancel your mind for two hours and watch action only.

Oldboy 2013

Hollywood has made many attempts to remake non-American films since the 1960s and films such as A Fistfull of Dollars and The Magnificent Seven, which were originally films for Japanese Akira Kurasawa, but critics and the general public may share the view that the 2013 version of Oldboy is the worst ever.

Oldboy is a 2003 South Korean film based on a Japanese manga, telling the story of a man trying to find the person behind him for a long time in prison. An American version was made 10 years later starring Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen. This alleviates the failure of this version at both the monetary and public levels by arriving at an assessment of 5.8 and bringing it to less than one-tenth of its production budget.

Some justified this because the film employs violence and bloody scenes and out to shock viewers rather than add to the sequence of events as the original film did. Besides some exaggerated performances of the film’s heroes, headed by Charlto Copley.

 Total Recall 2012

Lovers of Arnold Schwarzenegger never imagined to see someone else the scene traveling mask flashing dull famous eyes . Despite the most advanced techniques due to the teams of the 22 – year – old between the two films but Colin Farrell in the role of Quaid / Hauser was not convincing or receptive Sarznniger, we agree that Farrell is the best actor But Schwarzenegger’s advantage was the suitability of the role. Kate Picancelli also did not live up to Sharon Stone in the role of Femme Fatale.

The first film, produced in 1990, contained many scenes on Mars, which was a distinctive feature in which the forms of aliens were perfected by the use of cosmetics only, while the film of the new millennium devoid of scenes of Mars in addition to its total reliance on visual effects CGI.

The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008

With so many classics remaining in the minds of film lovers, the 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still remains one of the pioneers in the quality of science fiction, and some even consider it the best science fiction film in history. The decision to recreate a copy of him in 2008 with Keanu Reeves in the role of Clato has raised some doubts about his success.

The failure of the film , as expected , rated 5.5 on IMDb and barely collect Mizaanh production. The slow and steady events of the film did not live up to what the original version achieved. the world.

Which makes us wonder what was the goal of the 2008 version?

Ghostbusters 2016

Another type of recycled copy recently introduced is the feminization of some films in the sense of remaking the film but replacing the male heroes with women which was applied to several films but the most shocking of them was Ghostbusters in 2016.

The replacement of Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd for Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wigg did not leave a pleasant impression at the broad audience of the 1980s film, especially with the negative views received since the first day of the film, Paul Vig and Saturday Night Live did not have sufficient attendance or The comedy is enough to put them in the historical quartet’s place to make the film full of funny jokes and a bad assessment and much regret for what this copy of childhood memories have destroyed.