10 famous drama movies that you must watch now

The magic of cinema… We have often heard this sentence and thought it only lies in those breathtaking scenes of cinema films, which tell about the myths and fairy tales of the heroes of good who triumphed over evil, but over time we realized that the true magic of cinema comes from its reality, especially when watching drama films We touch a lot of things inside, which some cannot express.

Films with meanings and stories to their owners remain immortal, whether it is for real people we know well, or for other people and if they are the imagination of the author, but they represent us in fact, and therefore no matter how you watch such films remain left in that same effect, which penetrates your feelings and found you directly For a moment, you keep pondering the events of your life, but they teach you a lot about this life in every detail.

You see them sink into those dark and closed rooms of our souls, which no one knows about, so you will find the most cinema films you have ever seen, and left in your soul a trace that is well remembered by drama films because they are closer to reality and make you see the world in a different way.

In this article we will dive together in this world very realistic and fiction at the same time, and review together the 10 most famous drama movies we recommend you watch them because you will learn a lot from them.

Forrest Jump

Forrest Jump is an American drama, produced in 1994, based on a novel of the same name by Winston Grom in 1986, directed by Robert Zemix, and starring Tom Hanks , Robin Wright and Gary Sines. And Sally Field.

The story tells the story of several years of Forrest Jump, a slow-to-understand but physically strong man who can run at full speed, making him go through a lot of situations and take on many adventures in his life, influenced by some of the events of the latter half of the twentieth century in the states United States of America, specifically from its inception from 1944 to 1982.

Forrest Gump was a huge success, winning many awards, most notably winning six Oscars.

The Green Mile

A 1999 American drama film directed by Frank Darabont , about Steven King ‘s Green Mile , starring Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke and Bonnie Hunt, and was nominated for 4 awards. Oscar.

(Green Mile) is one of the forms of the embodiment of humanity in cinema, as it is one of the most important and most powerful drama films, in his case deals with the death penalty, and tells about (Paul) the commander of the Guard for the most famous prisons to carry out the death sentence, which begins to tell his strange story with one of the death row. John) for raping and killing two young girls.

The pursuit of happiness

The Pursuit of Happyness is an American drama biography based on a true story, the story of the famous businessman and human development trainer Christopher Gardner, who tries in many ways to provide life and comfort to his young family. If his wife leaves him out of poverty, he decides to learn a new profession, to earn enough money to secure a decent life for his family.

Directed by Gabriel Mokino, starring Will Smith , and his son Giden, produced in 2006, an invitation to optimism, hope and determination to achieve happiness, and discover the meaning of true happiness despite the troubles of life.

The film won the admiration of the audience and critics. Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for his role in this film.


An American drama film, written, directed and co-produced by Paul Thomas Anderson, a 2007 production, starring Daniel De Lewis, Paul Dano, and Dillon Fraser.

The film tells the story of a silver miner who switches his work to become an oil man in pursuit of wealth at the time of the oil discoveries in Southern California.

Stars on Earth

Stars on Earth (Tare Zameen Bar), the film that carried many of the meanings and values ​​of humanity in its finest form, through the story of the child (Ishan) who suffers from dyslexia or dyslexia, and his family and teachers treated him wrongly, until it appears His own mentor (Ram Shankar), who enters colors into his dark life, helps him cope with his fears and problems, and find himself, by discovering the true talent within him.

The film not only addresses the issues of children with dyslexia and the interaction of parents and society with them, but also sheds light on an important category in the community, people with special needs, and the need to accept and deal with them as part of society and not as ostracists, especially children.

(Stars on Earth) An Indian drama film, produced in 2007, is one of the works of the wonderful “Aamir Khan” who directed and produced the film, and also starred in it, as well as “Darchell Safari”, and the author of “Amol Gupti”.

beautiful Mind

American drama, produced in 2001, tells the life story of John Forbes Nash, a Nobel laureate in economics, directed by Ron Howard, and written by Akiva Goldsman. 1998 and the same name of the writer “Sylvia Nassar”.

Russell Crowe , Ed Harris and Jennifer Conley starred in the public and critics’ success, winning four Oscars.

My name is Khan

The most famous and most important film, and one of the finest roles of the star “Shahrukh Khan” (My Name is Khan), the Indian film produced in 2010, and is written by “Shibani Bathija”, directed by “Karan Johar”, and Shahrukh Khan starred “Kajol” And Jennifer Echols.

It tells the story of Rizwan or Rizwan Khan, an Indian Muslim with autism, specifically Asperger syndrome, after the death of his mother, moving to live with his brother (Zakir) in the United States, where he meets (Mandira) Indian Hindu woman who is divorced and has a son of A former husband falls in love with them and marries, but events are complicated by the collapse of the World Trade Towers in America and turn their lives upside down.

Children of Heaven

Iranian drama film, achieved a wide view after his nomination for the Academy Award, and the Festival of Cannes as the best foreign film, the film written and directed by “Majid Majidi” and production in 1997, and starring: “Reza Naji”, “Mohammad Haj Hosseini”, and “Frecht Sarabandi” .

“ Children of Heaven ” is one of the most important drama movies you can watch.Despite the simplicity of the story, it is characterized by extreme realism. Anger), when (Ali) loses the shoes of his sister (Zahra) during his return after repair, in front of the vegetable shop, and the young begin plans to search for the lost shoe without the knowledge of their father.

slumdog milionaire

A 120-minute drama film, (The Millionaire Vagrant) is one of the most important and successful drama films, because of its many and many events, conflicts and values ​​important to life, has won the admiration of the public and critics as well, and won many important awards, the most important of which won eight Oscars.

The film was produced in 2008 and directed by Danny Boyle, written by Simon Buffoy.

The vagrant millionaire revolves around a boy named Jamal Malik. Indian version to change the course of his life.

Tomb of Fireflies

A ​​1988 Japanese anime drama directed by Izao Takahata.

“The Tomb of Fireflies” is one of the most tragic drama films. Master in her death.

The story of the film takes place in the mid-1940s in Japan during the Second World War, when United States aircraft bombs cause the death of a mother who leaves a son and daughter.

The brothers, a 15-year-old teenager and his four-year-old sister, are forced to live with the new conditions of life that are completely transformed and try to find shelter.