What is self-employment and online work? Why would you want to start with this area?

Although the terms of self-employment and online work have become notorious to some as a buzzword to attract some, the reality is that this field of work is quite real and even one of the fastest growing sectors of the world with millions of people moving to adopt it Every year around the world.

In this article we will explain to you what is the meaning of self-employment, and is there really a difference between the terms self-employment and online work? Of course, we will address the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment in general and why you might want to try it or perhaps follow it mainly in your career.

What does self-employment mean?

Entrepreneurship is defined as unlike traditional work giving much greater freedom to the worker. Instead of being an employee who is committed to specific working hours in a rigorous environment, self-employment offers you the option of being independent, self-managing and working at the time you set very freely in the distribution of tasks. . Rather than continuing to work on goals that may be too large to be explained to you, in self-employment you are doing separate and independent projects.

The main advantage that differentiates between self-employment and traditional work is the relationship of the worker to the employer. Instead of being a member of an organization or company for an extended period of time, you deal with customers directly while giving up the existence of a company or institution as an intermediary, and as a result you can actually accept Customers whenever you want and organize your time the way you want and even take vacations or holidays more freely.

In the self-employed you do not need to go to the company’s headquarters every morning and to sit at the desk for hours before returning to your home, but you can do the work as you like, and in many cases you can work from your entire home with almost absolute freedom to organize time.

In principle, most individual trades (which do not require more than one factor) can be said to be in fact self-employed as they usually depend on multiple and different customers and the amount of work performed rather than working time as a measure of material return, but in our guide we focus The greater use of the term self-employment by linking it to new and emerging types of business, not just traditional ones.

What is the difference between self-employment and online work?

One of the most widespread misconceptions is the confusion between the notions of self-employment and online work.Most people treat the terms as if they have the same meaning.Today, entrepreneurship today is strongly linked to the Internet in most of its sectors, but in reality there is a difference between the two terms, albeit something similar. More than what is different.

In principle, any work done using the Internet as an intermediary to be able to work remotely is “work over the Internet.” Here it is important to note that some types of work on the Internet are traditional work full-time or part-time in fact, but if you look at it will find that the proportion The bulk of the work available online is actually freelance.

At the moment you will find that a large proportion of the available freelance work is actually an online business, and in return you will find that most of the available online business is actually freelance. So in many cases work can be free and online as well, but not all free work on the Internet and not all online work is free.

Why would you want to move to self-employment?

Of course there are a lot of people who are very much rushing to self-employment today, but what if you want to calculate your options more evenly, why would you want to move to a less stable business model?

Flexible working hours

Do not listen to any words that deceive you by saying that self-employment means less working hours, the reality is the opposite and in many cases you will find yourself working longer hours than traditional work and even on holidays. But although you will not work less, it is possible to organize your work much better so that you get rid of the traditional difficulties.

If you suffer from waking up early, you are not forced to do this self-employment, and if you want to take a few short breaks and split the work throughout the day instead of just half of it, no one will stop you from doing so. Perhaps most important is that you can work so that your work does not conflict with your second plans.You can work in free time after returning from college or finishing traditional work, or you can even work when you do not need to take care of your children, you simply make your hours.

For time, self-employed wages are often greater

It may seem strange to some that a large proportion of those who start a self-employment abandon the idea because the material return is small, but the reality is that self-employment usually includes a greater financial return for the time spent on work Here is the point, if you work for a few hours a week you You won’t find a payback that covers the return of a traditional job that occupies 40 hours of every week you do.

The key to self-employment is the lack of a mediator. Instead of working for a company that deals with customers, you are dealing with customers directly, and the large share that usually goes to the company and brokers comes directly to you as a free agent. Of course, this extra money comes from additional responsibilities (such as dealing with and negotiating with customers), but it remains a lucrative business for many.

Ability to demonstrate and benefit from excellence

If you are very special and have better abilities than the rest, this is of course useful in traditional work, but a lot of times you will find yourself stuck in a list of tasks and a specific schedule, and here does not matter how fast or performance, even if you finish the work in half the half The other exists and you are forced to stay within the business, and the result is frustration in many cases.

On the other hand, it is much better in this respect. The relationship between your abilities and your output is better. The better you work, the faster and better you can get things done. Next or even take a longer break and just relax a bit.

Of course, self-employment is a double-edged sword here. The resulting imprisonment of employee capabilities in a small scale in companies.

Self-development opportunities and better skills are available more

One of the most important things in the field of self-employment and online work is the greater potential for self-development and more knowledge. Unlike traditional work, which often involves routine and constant tasks that do not change over years and years of work, the tasks are clearly different from one task to another in self-employment. Although the changes themselves are usually small, they are very important.

With each small change in the type of tasks required there is always an opportunity to learn, and over time it is possible for these small changes to accumulate together to make the entrepreneur more flexible in other areas or even able to work in another area entirely thanks to the small experiences he collected from the partial changes in Projects implemented.

Of course, this does not mean that you do not have opportunities to progress and learn in traditional work, but simply there are more opportunities available in self-employment where freedom is greater to show creativity and your ability to learn and adapt.