How do you develop your expertise in your preferred field, and when do you move from training to self-employment?

Be independent of successful requires a solid plan and mentality appropriate .. Whether you are currently working full – time or you’re stuck in a job you want to get out of them, and whether you’re designer or a developer or a student or media of social communication or consultant sales, you do not need a bachelor ‘s degree, Or even graduate from college to enter the world of self-employment, and Freelancer becomes independent. But you need a set of skills to provide as a service to your customers, and a good plan and method to manage your business.

Whether it’s programming, writing, digital marketing, or even data entry, you need to learn how to do the job before you start your services. And, of course, you need to know the means that will help you develop your expertise in the field where you prefer to work as an independent.

Self-employment is a process of continuous learning. If you always want to know what it takes to ensure your long success as an independent before it takes years to know. Take some wisdom from the most successful people in the field, so as to avoid too much struggle.

This guide is about helping you develop the right skill set that you can monetize independently:

Do not miss reading all that is under your hand regarding the field of self-employment

Reading about the field of self-employment and the experiences of freelancers, will bring you a picture of it, and will make you have a toll of information on the most important challenges, attitudes, skills and methods of work to be mastered as an independent working in the corridors of self-employment.

In fact, I love e-books. If you have a question about self-employment and your future life as an independent, you are likely to find the answer in an e-book.

Timothy Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek is a conversion guide for an employee who wants to become independent either through online entrepreneurship or by setting up a business.

The basic idea of ​​the book is that working online can not be an individual show. You can gain a competitive edge by outsourcing some tasks at a low cost to you, and you end up working only hours a week.

If you are just starting out or want to get more organized as a freelance team, Sara Horowitz ‘s The Freelancer’s Bible is perfectly suited for you. Aspects of the field.

It is also read a book Getting Things Done to author David Allen is important for each independent, where the book provides a description of how to prioritize the obligations of your business and address them accordingly, and provides a strategy to accomplish most of the business in the shortest possible time, all through the analysis, screening and good organization.

And don’t forget the treasures of Amazon, where one of the largest sources of e-books can be found in the Amazon Kindle Store . If you don’t already, download the free Kindle Reading app and start tracking books. Key members of the paid version can “borrow” the title of one participant per month completely free.

For non-paid members who are not enrolled in the paid version, consider joining the Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-day free trial, and during a 30-day free trial, you can read enough e-books to answer all your questions about self-employment. Tons of Kindle Unlimited titles for browsing, no matter what you’re looking for.

Attend events, conferences and training courses held on the ground

Attending such events allows direct contact with independent testers, learning about and benefiting from their experiences. It is also a great resource for finding information about the nature of independent jobs, communicating for self-employment, and for sharing its wealth of knowledge and experience with those who are willing to start a self-employed life.

Many entities hold important events in the field of introducing self-employment mechanisms and methods, ranging from large international companies, to universities and then freelance celebrities, to qualify those wishing to work online with the skills and knowledge necessary to start their career.

One of the most important of these events is the caravans prepared by Microsoft in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program, under the title of FreelanceMe IT Tech Tour. .

Participate in remote courses and courses

Yes, there are a lot of paid courses on e-learning platforms. But did you know that a lot of them are also free? You can search for courses by skill, and you’ll find dozens of courses directly at your fingertips. To find it just select the Paid> Free box option from any platform, and start learning.

But, you should be willing to do invest some of your money to learn the skills. Because most of the best online courses are not free. Keep in mind that this is an investment you make for your career.

Within this context, the training course Seth ‘s Freelancer’s Godin ‘s Course is , which is broadcast on udemy platform, one of the most rare training courses and the most existing value on the Internet. I think it is a course that every independent should watch at least once.

Being the presenter is the world-renowned entrepreneur Seth Godin, the legend of self-employment, the best-selling author of the world, the lecturer who knows what it takes to succeed in business, and has decades of experience, sharing it with both beginners and independents.

In this course, by focusing on everything, you will learn some valuable tips on how to convince your customers of your skills, learn how to make your business unique, and deal with difficult clients, Seth will show you what it takes to be a “warrior without a king” as he likes to Called Independent.

This course begins with an introduction to the meaning of being independent, no matter what kind of self-employment you do, and gradually moves you into more in-depth topics, from everything needed to create a famous and trusted personal brand for you, build your reputation and promote your business, and learn ways to find On clients and their management, increased demand for your business and ways of pricing your services. The $ 199.99, 3-hour course, which includes 87 videos, each short, intense and sometimes funny lecture will help you craft a path that you can easily follow towards a more profitable and self-fulfilling career.

Now, unless you are already an expert at Microsoft, you will definitely benefit from the free training offered at the Microsoft Virtual Academy . As a self-employed, you can learn everything from the basics for beginners to the development of highly advanced games and databases.

Also, each individual, independent or not, must have little knowledge about programming languages and coding. The platform Codecademy place to go when you want to learn the code. It’s a great place to take advantage of basic skills, but it also offers enough classes from which you can teach yourself the knowledge needed to start an independent freelance career.

Finally, one of the most important considerations of self-employment is to determine the services you will sell, and how well you are. And while you might be good at something, how do you know if you’ll actually enjoy it as an independent? You don’t know that – unless you try it first. Fortunately, you can experiment before jumping into the world of self-employment.

No matter what you decide to do as a freelancer, once you decide to move to self-employment, you’ll need to create a standalone website. This not only gives you a superior online presence, but also gives you the opportunity to show your knowledge, build your own reputation and voice, and showcase your experiences to visitors.