How to build a CV and Portfolio experience improves your chances of getting started

The first step in the search for a job or training is to write your resume, or portfolio depending on your specialization, it is a silent presentation of your skills, and the interface that you see any institution you want to join them. They want to meet you, but before you start building your resume here are several important tips to help you come up with a professional result that will make the HR officer interested in you.

What is a CV?

Means English curriculum vitae and includes your personal data, educational qualifications, skills, previous work experience, hobbies, volunteer work if any.

Top tips when writing a resume

  • Prefer not to exceed 3 pages in any way so as not to get bored reader, to include all your important information, in an orderly and concise as possible.
  • Write your personal data clearly while maintaining a phone number that works consistently to not miss a HR call, it is best to write more than one number to communicate.
  • Accuracy and honesty in written information, whether in past experience or any other item, because the interviewer may very well ask you for details written in your resume, and it is unfortunate to discover your lie during the interview.
  • It is best not to specify the previous or expected salary, but leave this item to the official in the work and negotiate with him to suit your tasks and the new workplace.
  • Starting from newest to oldest chronically ill at previous work experience, school certificates or courses.
  • The e-mail used in your correspondence should be more professional with no nicknames or nickname known to you among your friends.

Introductory letter or introductory letter

One of the important elements that many beginners may overlook is writing a simple letter that serves as an abbreviation for marketing your skills and your ability to work for the organization. His attention to complete the rest of the information.

CV types

  • Written autobiography is the most widespread.
  • Biography on video whether the person speaks for himself, or through Motion Graphic.
  • Biography in the form of infographic and has become a favorite of many parties, especially if you are applying for creative work or design-related.

The most important free sites to write a professional CV

  • Canva
  • visual cv

What is Portfolio?

It is a Latin word originally divided into portaoe in the sense of carrying, and the second section foglio means paper, but this literal meaning of the word, within the framework is the design of business models, skills and experiences, used as an alternative to biographies in creative works such as design, writing, and even traditional works, is desirable Portfolio’s work demonstrates the creativity of the job applicant. It is a constant and updated presentation of your work and developments.

How to Build a Portfolio

Portfolio construction differs from one job to another, because the nature of the presentation required by each profession is different.Architect’s profession differs in the ways of presenting her works from that of the writer, as well as the graphic designer.Every profession has a different nature and Portfolio is also different.

  • Add business from the newest to the oldest, and from the most creative and successful to the least.
  • Do not exclude any of your work even if you see it as weak, it may seem important to the client, or show how your skills have evolved over time, showing the employer that you are a fast learning person and want to develop your skills continuously.
  • Put a message or presentation in a way that expresses you, your skills, your passion for work, your tools and your strengths. It is important to start with this short message about you.
  • See many Portfolio models for people in your industry, write down weaknesses and strengths from your point of view and learn from the mistakes of others.You can see many models on pinterest .
  • Post your Portfolio in various platforms that are interested in your field, whether in social media platforms, or more professional platforms such as linkedin , the main goal of Portfolio work is to promote your business and marketing yourself in the labor market and search for a suitable job opportunity, so do not hesitate to publish it and ask for advice Of experts about its content or what can be modified.
  • Keeping Portfolio up to date makes your employer aware that you are kind-hearted and energetic.

The most famous sites that help you in building your Portfolio

  • contently : In case you are a content writer, or essay writer you can resort to one of the most famous sites for building portfolio online.
  • behance : One of the most famous sites in the field of graphic design and all his money related to design.
  • soundcloud : If you are a voice commentator, or want to work with dubbing, or even radio, you can publish all your work on your account on one of the most important audio platforms at the moment.
  • youtube : Useful if your work is a motion graphics or anything visual you want to document through a YouTube video.
  • flicker : For those interested in the field of photography and publish their work in it, Fu is a global platform for displaying images and communication between the world’s photographers and photography lovers.
  • pinterest : From your account you can view your business models for design, drawing, photography, cooking, and many other things.