The best Asian series you can ever watch

If you are a fan of Asian series we will give you a fatty meal of the most important and best Asian series ever produced, it combines comedy and romance with a grainy mix between oriental traditions and western openness with a lot of strongly influential situations.

Best Asian Series

Just You

A 2013 Taiwanese series of romantic comedy Asian series whose story about Chi Yi is played by Aaron Yan, he has an exaggerated horror of germs. The design is small and chooses a historic home for life in.

But he discovers that the house houses the beautiful and lively tenant Liang. Making great changes that could endure the peace of her life forever with a serious decision to ban any affair within the company .. How will she act?

Love O2O

Now available on Netflix , it is one of the best Asian series ever seen, where genius events overlap between the life of the heroine in reality and her career as a game designer.When her husband leaves her, she starts interacting with her toy hero to avenge her husband’s abandonment.

There are also a lot of stories supporting the main plot with distinctive romance and visual effects and a lot of excitement and suspense you will certainly not regret watching it never.


It is a Korean drama distinctive of two young people who are never interested in political and social differences and fall in love to start buried facts since time immemorial, while fighting against the reality they inherit from their parents and reject the differences that divide them, the energy of love that brought them together in the battle against Old differences. It is an Asian series produced in 2015.

Strong Girl Bong-soon

This series provides a strong dose of excitement with a lot of joy, and revolves around Bong Soon, who was born with a supernatural power available only to the female members of her family, and wants to get a life partner compatible with her supernatural abilities until she falls in love with the local police officer who is guarding the heiress A rich family, and here is the conflict between the desire of the heroine to capture her lover and at the same time keep the neighborhood safe, especially after a series of kidnappings that try to resolve the ambiguity surrounding them.

The series has a lot of action and fast action thrilling you will not feel bored at all, and with a wonderful romantic dose you will definitely love watching Strong Girl Bong-soon.

My Love From Another Star

It is one of the Korean series that received the highest ratings among the viewers. To finally find true love with actress Chun Song Yi, the events take place in an atmosphere of romance, fun and excitement.

Boys Over Flowers

It is one of the series of classic Asian series that you will find more than one copy in China, Taiwan or Korea, a series that must start all who loves the recent Asian drama, it is simply a classic story about a girl from a poor environment and able to save a boy from suicide To attract the attention of the F4 group, a group of wealthy teenagers attending Shinwa’s outstanding school, the girl Jean Dee receives a scholarship to attend school and her life changes completely after she enters the world of these wealthy teenagers and falls in love with one of them, while another member of the band wanders in love. In mounting with a lot One of the most exciting adventures, and the series was able to win a lot of prizes so you will never regret watching it.

 Descendants of the Sun

He deserves to be at the top of the best Asian series, Descendants of the Sun, and has won many awards with 16 seasons in which the audience’s enthusiasm has kept them on the lookout for what will happen shortly.

It revolves around a doctor who leads the war-rescue team, the series in the fictional state of Uruk, which is in a constant state of war, and the heroine deals with situations of life and death every day. The series is a unique case that combines romance, adventure, action, anticipation, sadness and laughter with dazzling soundtracks and undoubted chemistry among actors, so the grandchildren deserve to be seen immediately.

 The Heirs

It is a wonderful new handling of an old story about Kim Tan, the rich young man and the rightful heir of a huge financial empire, who comes to America to complete his education. With so many other surprises that keep you awaiting the events in a lasting eagerness without getting bored with a lot of laughter, romance and sadness as well.

 Back to 1989

It is one of the most dramatic Asian Taiwanese series about Chen Chi, who does not know who his father is. Chen then goes through a strange incident that takes him back to 1989, a year before his birth, and meets his mother’s best friend, who helps him get to know his mother in her youth.

In the end, he discovers why his mother refuses to talk about his father and is confused between protecting his mother’s future or defending his very existence, and the series is full of surprises that keep you on a constant watch for what will come.