A comparison of ROG Phone, Razer 2 and Blackshark gaming phones

Competition is intensifying among smartphone companies to reach the largest number of users to enhance their power and influence in a market teeming with strong competitors. While these companies are primarily aimed at spreading and increasing sales, other companies are hovering outside the squadron to take on a more specialized and difficult area in an effort to satisfy selective customers who know exactly what they are looking for. We talk about gamers who spend hours searching, scrutinizing and checking the simplest details of performance, screen, design and colors that satisfy their addiction.

Best gaming phone

Some companies like Razer and Asus have a long mind in the world of gaming mobile devices and know exactly what pleases their customers, while others like Xiaomi are still at the beginning but are showing strong competition. Each has a slightly different perception of gaming smartphones than its competitors.

In this article we will highlight three gaming smartphones launched this fall, Asus ROG phone , Razer 2 and Xiaomi Black Shark . These are not the only devices on the market dedicated to gaming, but if you want to buy one, we suggest you put them on top of your list.

We will take these three devices from the players’ point of view to see the points of excellence and weaknesses, and which phone is worth buying. If it is right to spend that money on gaming consoles, or if you need a regular smartphone.

the screen

The three devices differ almost everything except the processing chip, all running on the latest Snapdragon 845 chip for 2018. The devices have a large screen and heavy weight as well, and the price is not a little, and the cheapest device here is the Black Shark at a price of approximately $ 550.

In this case, the primary criterion of excellence that distinguishes one device from the other is the screen. The Razer 2 supports a 120Hz refresh rate, and you’ll notice the smoothness of use and display instantly.It’s a little better than the 90 -Hz ROG phone, but not all games support the high refresh rate.Many popular games are committed to 60 to 30Hz .

Although the Razer 2’s screen has improved and increased its brightness compared to the previous Razer 1, Asus ROG is still the brightest, noticeably brighter than the Razer 2. The Black Shark screen is normal at 60 Hertz refresh rate, but still good.

the design

Each device has its own fingerprint, but Asus ROG is the most innovative and striking, especially the way the company in digging those lines in the glass, and adding that copper touch to the background is a cute addition.

Razer 2 has a rigid box design, the rear glass gives it a luxurious look and feel compared to the previous version, yet it is more like a rectangular black marble.

Xiaomi also added a special touch to the Black Shark, but despite the company has made it less inspiring design, and requires some time from the company to mature more.

Although the three devices are dedicated to gaming, ROG phone is the only one with a headphone port.To be honest, all gaming devices must have a separate headphone port, especially phones, but for some reason the two companies decided to follow the trend of 2018 to do without Headphones and replace it with an adapter between the USB-C and 3.5mm headphones.

Best gaming phone


Let us talk about the ergonomics and comfort in using these devices, and to be realistic, the three devices are not very comfortable when it comes to their use of games for a long time, especially the Razer 2, it is the least comfortable in use, as its sharp corners leave their effects on the palm of your hands after a while.

The other two do not offer a more comfortable experience compared to the Nintendo Switch for gaming. In the end, the three devices are ordinary smartphones and the company should also take this aspect into account to ensure a good experience for users while using the phone for normal everyday things such as web browsing or chat. This does not mean that you will have a bad experience uncomfortable, or that you will not enjoy spending time playing several PUBG rounds on it, we are talking about long-term use.

Lighting background

The three devices have illuminated logos on the back of the device, and you can control the nature and style of colors through an application that already exists on the device. You may not find it exciting or new. Special gameplay dims quickly.

However, for some reason, you’ll love lighting these devices more than you expect, and perhaps knowing that your device is different from its peers drives you to feel distinct and unique.

Razer and ROG lighting are the best, and the ROG logo surface is larger and therefore more light. Black Shark has lights on both sides too, but the company seems to have been slightly over-illuminated.

Best gaming phone


The three devices have front speakers and this is an important aspect, not only to give you a sense of surround sound, but also to avoid closing the speaker slot in the palm of your hand while playing, a problem that most phones with speakers have on the bottom. In terms of sound quality we can say that Rog is doing better than his peers, followed by Razer and then the Black Shark a great distance. It is worth mentioning that the TwinView base of ROG has 4 additional speakers for a better experience.

the performance

All devices run on the most powerful and latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip . ROG has one of the best chipsets available, which are supposed to work faster than others, so you’ll get 2.96 GHz instead of 2.8 GHz.

Performance tests on the 3D Mark Sling shot Extreme platform show a significant convergence in the performance of the three devices with the majority of ROG scoring 4,722 points, outperforming Razer which scored 4,611 points by a slight margin.

Black Shark was not too late, scoring 4,597 points. In practice, you will not feel any difference between the performance of the devices during the game, the three of them really strong performance. They also have the same battery capacity, but Black Shark is the fastest to consume while playing games.


The three companies have not focused too much on the camera, and none of them has a camera that can be described as great. We can say that the Razer camera is the best among the group, it is sharper among them, and can handle images in low light environments better than ROG, but compared to Pixel devices and iPhone, the camera is not even close to them.

Asus is the most daring company in the gaming world, and Asus has always returned to its many unique features, so we will talk about some of the unique features of the phone ROG that earns more points of excellence.

Pneumatic trigger

For those who have never heard of the air trigger before, it is one of the most unique features of the ROG phone, sensors placed inside the metal frame of the phone are sensitive to the pressure of the fingers. It’s like the l2, r2, l1, r1 buttons on the grips of the console, where the air trigger performs almost the same without being a physical button.

In paper, the idea is really wonderful, useful and innovative, but when subjected to practical experience shows that there is some delay between the moment of pressure on the sensor and the moment of response, even in the case of extreme sensitivity there are a few milliseconds of delay.

This delay may not matter if you are dealing with normal orders that do not require speed, but if you use them in games to shoot, these parts of the second will be crucial for you and you will lose your injury. We hope this issue will be resolved with a later software update to make it more responsive.

Best gaming phone

ROG has a really powerful concussion engine, in fact it is one of the most powerful concussion engines in a smartphone, so if you are a fan of sensory reactions you should consider this feature.

An additional tool is like an external cooling fan that can be mounted on the back to keep the device heated to a minimum. In the normal case, the external fan will not make any difference in performance, even after testing on several platforms and at different loads did not make any significant change in performance. We are not saying that it is completely useless, but perhaps if you spend hours in continuous play you may notice some teams, but in the normal case it is like an extra piece.

Best gaming phone

Other accessories include the TwinView base that provides you with an additional display, 4 speakers and an additional 6000 mAh battery . Also, a docking station allows you to connect the phone to an external monitor, mouse and keyboard with many other expansion ports.

Best gaming phone

Xiaomi made a nice move, attaching an additional external joystick that can be attached to the phone and communicates with the device via Bluetooth and thus for a more comfortable and professional gaming experience. You can get an extra piece like this for almost all smart devices, but attaching one to the Black Shark box is a nice move.

Best gaming phone


More features mean a higher price.This is the case with the ROG, a phone specifically geared to gaming addicts eager for all those features and peripherals and willing to pay $ 900 for it.

Even away from gaming, the Razer 2 is very convenient to buy as a regular smartphone, with most of the leading smartphone features currently on the market. So it is reasonable to be priced at $ 800.

Xiaomi is back on devices with high specs and cheap price, so Black Shark is expected to be the lowest. It can be considered that the $ 600 is an acceptable price for a phone dedicated to games with these specifications, in addition to that it is a competitive card in the hands of the company.