All you need to know about the new Harry Potter game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

True, harsh and saturated with hope and love, this is the Harry Potter series in simple terms. We never forget Harry Potter and the first magical school we met for many years, seven years that could have created strong emotions and memories for this series, which was stuck in the minds of everyone – Harry, Ron, Hermione, Severus Snape, and the villains. We learned a lot of things during the Harry Potter series as a meaning of brotherhood, friendship, hope, loyalty, and love.

The magical world of Harry Potter is over and JK Rowling has closed the door on her tales forever, but today we see Harry Potter in a new and different way with a new game representing the magical world of Harry Potter.

It is complicated. Most of the fans of this series and accompanied them during childhood or adolescence and return it through a new game will expose it to the permanent comparison between the new style and timeless old tales, but who knows Pokemon Go developers have already proved their skill before and do not know exactly what they prepared for us In their innovation.

What is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

It is a new game based on AR technology that recently stormed the tech market, immersing you in the strange world of witches that you have wished throughout your life to be a magician or a witch who walks alongside the muddy ” blood- muddy” as the strange Harry Potter scientist calls them. About the secrecy of your magical world so that no one can discover it.

What has happened and magical elements spread in the real world and discover these elements will cause a real disaster is the discovery of your great secret for everyone, so your task is to collect these items and magical creatures before the mystery is revealed, as these items can be creatures or magic pieces and during your long journey you will need your talismans Magical to capture and catch.

The game will include a lot of things and tasks such as discovery, exploration, teamwork, and fighting, all in the real world using maps designed specifically for the game, that is, you can fight with a magical creature on your bed or in front of the university door, can you imagine that this happens?

How do we play the game?

It is very difficult to explain how to play in detail. The experience is another world but it’s like Pokemon Go, you have to wander around to discover the scattered magical elements and you will see points on your map as a trace to get to the desired place as soon as possible, you will interact with these magical items and you will fight sometimes The discovery side is considered the most fun aspect of the game.

When you get to the magic element you will experience a new and different experience thanks to the technology of augmented reality (similar experience to capture Pokemon in the game Pokemon Go), you may see a friend or an enemy monster and can be a group of monsters that require you to cooperate with your witches friends, and it is very necessary to determine your situation Inside the game because each character is suitable for one of the missions.

You will collect all your magical items and things you encounter in your bag, as well as a sticker book that will help you keep track of everything.

Choose your turn carefully

Aside from the discovery mission and the collection of magical elements, there is an opportunity to choose your task in the game and design your personality according to your desire. Magical creatures, or chased by thieves and responsible for placing them in the magical prisons of Azkaban and officially appointed by the Ministry of Magic.

You have to choose your role carefully.

What monsters can you see in the game?

There is a long list of monsters that have not been disclosed yet but we have seen some of them in the official game announcements, and most of the magical items you’ll see will be things collected or items that will give you information to complete your in-game missions.

You will also see the main characters in the film. For example, we will see Harry and Hermione guide him in different unexpected situations as usual in the film series, and we will see Ron and Luna and a lot of differences in terms of roles, the game is not designed according to the time frame of the film.

How do battles take place within the game?

When you encounter a magic monster or enemy, you have to use a spell to pick it up or fight a battle to defeat that magic beast. Or to strengthen your spell, of course, you have to throw the right spell, and in battle, there is a power bar and to win the battle your opponent must reach zero.

Technical details about the game

As for the technical aspect, there are many things to tell you, the game supports a very large number of foreign languages ​​but unfortunately we do not see Arabic among the existing languages, and certainly do not forget that the most attractive factor for digital games is interaction with friends and see it clearly in this game, where you can add 200 of your friends to the game with the icon you share with friends to join you.

As for the profit factor, this game is similar to many other games, where you can buy different things in the store gold you win in-game or you buy with your money, but of course, you can enjoy an amazing experience and use in-game progress without the need to buy anything in the game.

Consumption has been shown after a brief trial that the game is huge and consumes a lot of data, but of course we can control this by downloading the required things through our connection to the WiFi network and when we load these necessary elements of the game will consume less data, which is recommended to use this method If you are concerned about the cost of phone data.

When will we see Harry Potter?

The developer officially launched the game on June 20 in the UK and the USA only, and in the past few days the game has become available in more than 140 countries around the world, and you can install the game normally from the Google Store for Android phones or the store Apple’s iPhone and of course we will see it in the rest of the countries gradually but we have to wait for just a little.

The developer has said why it wants to remedy the technical problem that occurred to Pokemon Go when it was made available to all countries at once, and so far the performance is good, no technical problems, and we will see them in all countries in the coming days.