Alternative social networks and platforms for Facebook

Facebook has become the most popular and successful online social networking platform around the world, especially in recent years, where it is rare to find someone who does not have an account on this platform, Facebook has all the ingredients to be the most important social networking platform.

Facebook’s success is due to the many different services it offers, such as getting to know people, posting photos, knowing news quickly, as well as advertising and marketing within this platform, but recently there have been many problems with this application and the way it works and the privacy policy related to this platform.

It has been shown many times that Facebook collects and stores different user data, such as photos, conversations, phone numbers, and various activities, and then sells this data to a third party to be used to know the users’ trends and preferences and use them in marketing and advertising.

Hence, users are looking for alternative social media platforms for Facebook, so that these services are parallel to those of Facebook but with greater privacy and security of users’ information, greater freedom and without tracking their activities.

In fact, there are many of these networks and platforms that provide services that may outperform Facebook with more security and freedom, these networks may be in the shadows due to the lack of fame and support compared to Facebook and many people may not know their existence, and we will show below the best networks and platforms Which is a good alternative to Facebook.

This platform was established as an alternative to the Facebook platform but with a greater appreciation of the privacy and information of users. This program is based on the program of mixing and decentralization in the process of storing user information.

This platform has many features such as posting on a personal page, downloading photos, messaging between users and voice messages, as well as the ability to organize your profile and personal events similar to Facebook.


Founded in 2014, the network has identified itself as the Facebook killer (Facebook Killer) and it seems that it didn’t work perfectly.

The goal of this platform is to allow users to communicate and post photos in a safe and fun virtual social environment away from ads and intrusion on Facebook.

This network is a remarkably creative field and attracts artists very much, where you can publish photos, paintings, videos, movies and other things that users want within the platform, in a distinctive and striking and easy to use, and free from boring publications and disturbing standards that may exist Within Facebook.


An open-source social media platform launched in 2015.

This platform has all the features and features of Facebook from the presence of a profile and the ability to share images and the application of messages and in addition to other features such as browsing and sharing videos and other things that make the platform is highly integrated and has a good number of users.

The platform ensures the security of user information and data from leakage and manipulation, in addition to the existence of paid services in it and an award system based on user participation and contribution to the platform, as well as open-source, which allows some programmers who wish to develop a platform that relies on the source of this platform.


A social networking platform dedicated to phones only, established in 2015 and currently has more than 3 million users. This platform has developed a slogan since its inception (fewer media, more social), that is, it encourages real social activities more than just browsing the platform and the Internet, where the user can publish their activities and different images, in addition, to get to know the people who share their interests and organize real activities.

The platform has many features, especially in the field of images, and the database of users is relatively safe with large control options, and the platform has the feature of time control within the application, where the application shows the number of hours that the user excludes and whether to reduce them and provide more time for activities Other.


One of the oldest networks that are an alternative to Facebook.

It has a unique and simple design and allows users to communicate with each other easily, and is distinguished from other networks as it allows any user to establish a private server in it, and this allows the user who registers on the site to choose on any server preferably his account and personal information.

The diversity and multiplicity of servers where users’ data is stored make the information decentralized and distributed. This makes user information safe and difficult to track and collect. Also, the network allows the connection of accounts from other social platforms with the account on the network and therefore can be linked to the Facebook account with this network.


Launched in 2017, the network has achieved notable success, and has presented itself as an alternative and competitor to social networking platforms with business objectives such as Twitter and Facebook.

The network offers similar services to Facebook such as publications, photos, and others while ensuring the safety and integrity of users’ data and activities, as well as the site is completely free of commercials and marketing, so it is a successful alternative.


This platform is not only similar to Facebook but also Reddit. The platform is based on voting on publications, where the user publishes articles, news or videos, and then the other users vote them positively or negatively.

The user should not publish in the platform but can only watch, vote, know the news and communicate with others on the platform while ensuring the integrity of his data and personal information.


This network was launched in 2017 and called itself (civilized social network).

The principle of this network and platform is to focus primarily on conversations and stories shared by users, and to confine these stories to the user’s environment, that is, to gather users who reside in the same area and who have common interests and make them communicate and conduct joint activities among themselves, such as recreational activities, shopping, and others.

The network has most of the features of Facebook news, pictures, networking, and others, in addition to the high security of user data.

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