Apple Watch has many features for better health and fitness

Today, Apple Watch is your personal and health companion that offers everything you can to keep you fit and healthy at the same time. Your workouts, health goals, heart health, sleep cycle, and many other services are within reach.

The Apple Watch has never been this straightforward, but you can consider it a journey of possibilities and continuous updates until we reached the fourth version of it, which was announced by the company in 2018, which includes a lot of advanced services, making it a strong competitor in the digital market and now promises Apple the new operating system WatchOS 6 has more services and features on its way.

Protect your ears with the new feature

Hearing loss is very sad and today we are more vulnerable to hearing loss than ever before for a number of reasons as the noise and hearing pollution around us have exceeded every possible extent. Construction areas, concerts, sound programs, and high conversations all contribute to our loss of hearing. Most of the time when we feel dangerous we move away but unfortunately, we don’t always feel that we have to go and leave the place directly.

Apple has developed a new feature for its watches, which we will see with the new update WatchOS 6 uses a microphone to monitor the ambient noise around us, and if the noise exceeds the normal stage and reach the extent that hurts your ears, the watch will automatically alert you, so that you can leave the place directly or use earphones, any You will have the opportunity to protect yourself.

Fall – sensing

We all have the risk of suddenly falling into the street or public places. As we get older, the side effects are more serious. Apple Watch today can contribute to solving this problem if you fall suddenly and you can not stand again. You can ask for help. It contains a sensor to fall.

So if you fall and you look for the sensor will alert you through an alarm. If you are fine, you will press the option “I’m OK” if you do not respond or move after a minute has fallen. The clock will issue another alarm and then the countdown will start for thirty seconds and then the clock will automatically call the emergency numbers.

Monitor your heart rate

Heart rate monitoring is intuitive for smartwatches and most watches have this feature and no difference for Apple watches. It monitors the heart rate through a sensor installed on the back of the watch. You can see the rate by running the Heart Rate app installed on the watch.

In addition, the watch records the heart rate during the day to give you more information about the average rate of movement and sleep and you can also know the rate during exercise.

Breathing monitoring

The Apple Watch has an app called Breathe app which helps you to heal yourself for a few minutes each day to take a deep breath and relax a bit of work pressure and daily routine and all you need to do is open the application and follow the drawing guide to learn the right way to take a deep breath in detail and it is beautiful and comfortable Tired and tired.

Exercise Monitor

If you are walking, jogging, running or doing yoga, you need a trainer that monitors your athletic performance and progress and displays this information in real-time. For most sports, you need the distance you walked, swimming, heart rate and, most importantly, the fat you have eliminated.

However, if you are running, there are additional features that the watch can provide, such as setting a speed, comparing your speed between the start and last mile, knowing how many steps you take per minute and many other services.

The watch mainly covers walking, running, yoga, swimming, climbing, cycling, kayaking and walking with a walkway. If your game is different, such as weightlifting, you can choose another mode instead of choosing a particular sport and follow the steps that the watch tells you with precision and precision.

Monitor your ECG regularly

Now you do not need to go to a specialist cardiologist to get a regular ECG to check on your health. All of this can be done through the Apple Watch. When using this feature, the watch will tell you if your condition is normal or there is strange behavior and you need to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Compete with your friends

Do you like sports without friends, do you remember the last time you intended to go to the gym and soon you get bored and end up in fast-food restaurants? Today you will not be able to escape this action with the presence of Apple Watch, unfortunately.

When you get motivated by your loved ones or you are challenged with friends, you will do what you can to achieve what you want and win the competition.

You won’t forget to run the timer anymore

When you feel that you have started your workout, you will hear an alarm asking if you want to record your activity. About you do not worry about it.