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How to become a Graphic Design freelancer?

With a world of graphics more and more and with the dominance of the Internet where everyone is competing for attention, graphic design has become one of the professions and important areas, where business owners realized the great importance of the visual identity of their projects because the good logo and distinctive designs are able

How to get started in blogging as a freelancer?

With the spread of digital journalism in the world and the rapid shift from traditional newspapers and magazines to websites, it is clear that there is plenty of room for newcomers rather than the traditional names that dominated print media. In this article we will talk about self-employment in the field of blogging, whether it

How to become a freelancer translator?

Among the different types of self-employment today, this specialization is perhaps the most common since some people can excel in it without prior planning. As a result, there is in fact a more competitive market than ever for those who want to work with translation. Although there is a huge demand for translation services, the supply

How to set a suitable pricing for your business?

As everyone knows, the main purpose of work is usually to achieve financial return, and although other factors can be essential for some to move towards their business, the largest proportion of people work to get a fee for their efforts. But while there is a clear and simple relationship between work and entitlements in traditional

10 skills that all students need to succeed

How do we prepare our students to be successful in their future? To determine the answer to this question, we need to involve students, trainers, teachers, parents, businesses and community members to equip students with the skills they need. In other words, we need everyone to participate! In order to address this problem from the attitude

How do you decide which client is best for you and who should you avoid?

In the vast majority of business today, the employee’s relationship with the customer is usually quite indirect. Although some employees are fully engaged in customer service, working within the corporate environment always creates barriers between those who demand work and those who do it. But when you move into self-employment, it is quite different. Instead of

What are the best free self-employment platforms to start with and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Self-employment platforms are one of the most important ways to help freelancers to enter the world of self-employment through the Internet and get opportunities to work with people from all over the world in various fields, some of which have advantages that may make them suitable for one category of independents and not others. Entrepreneurship