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What are decentralized applications? (DApps)

This shortcut often goes with us and we may have mentioned in previous articles what it means Decentralized Applications or decentralized applications, but many of us are not yet aware of what these applications and how they exist in real life and practice and what are the benefits. This shortcut has many meanings and things

The AIDA model is a way to attract more customers

It’s probably not the first time that AIDA’s name is fried. In this blog, we are going to discuss the AIDA model and its stages in detail. In the digital world today, the AIDA model allows businesses to determine their strategies based on their ability to target potential customers to the sales funnel and ultimately make them loyal to customers .

Artificial Intelligence Ethics: How will we access AI systems that respect our human values?

Artificial intelligence systems aim to make our lives better in every way possible. This intelligence is evolving day by day. Human-like mental states, capable of collecting and analyzing information and accumulating experiences from situations, such as self-driving vehicles. A robust AI system is capable of self-learning without human assistance as it generates its knowledge, so

Top 5 Best Photo Organizer Apps for Android 2019

Today, whenever we tend to quit or visit any special place or expertise any lovely event, then we tend to instantly cast off our smartphones and begin capturing those moments. this fashion we will perpetually preserve those lovely recollections of our life’s within the image gallery of our phone. We can watch our lovely moments

How to create your own digital currency trading application

Cryptocurrency trading is an important tool in today’s world of digital trading. Every new day we see exceptional innovations that have increased the popularity of cryptocurrencies that have become ubiquitous from football stadiums to retail markets. With the growth of this important digital sector we are beginning to see a wider spread of cryptocurrency trading applications, as most users