Best Android and iOS apps for meditation and concentration

Revealed a recent study conducted by the American Psychological magazine that 60% of Americans are exposed to tension because of the money and work, the study identified also multiple stress negative effects including anxiety, fatigue, lack of sleep and depression, and we do not suffer from stress due to work and the pressures of life? We need some reflection and concentration to drain the negative energies involved, and this is what meditation and concentration applications will help us to reach.

If you are a busy person with nearly 5 million ideas going around in your head often, you need a moment to meditate. You can find in one of these apps what helps you focus and relieve stress, and most importantly keeps you more conscious throughout the day.


Apple’s Year Award in 2017, the best mind and body app that teaches you how to take care of yourself, meditate, concentrate and sleep peacefully. Application on a unique and extensive library of sleep stories that will soothe and help you sleep Pacific contains, and tells the stories of these famous voices such as Stephen Fry and Bob Ross. It also contains 10-minute videos focusing on meditation and gentle stretching.

The app provided sessions of 3 to 25 minutes. Dedicated to relieve anxiety and enhance mindfulness at work, as well as sleep sounds, sounds of nature and breathing exercises. You can test the app and choose what suits you best.

Insight Timer

It is a highly-rated meditation app with over 5 million downloads in a short time, making it one of the most stress-focused meditation apps. Insight Timer includes a meditation timer, soothing sounds, and bells dedicated to improving meditation sessions.

Insight Timer users become part of a community that discusses important topics such as empathy and spirituality in general. The app records events and statistics to help keep track of your progress, and what’s most important is the possibility of uploading completely new meditation sessions each morning.


The YOGAGLO app contains a large variety of meditation sessions that you can choose from, as well as the possibility of customizing exercises as you wish to choose the duration, teacher, and level you want, and provides a variety of topics that will help you focus on specific meditation goals. It is an excellent choice for both new and experienced meditators, and you can access Yoga classes led by a specific teacher within the app.

10% Happier

Named after the book of the same name, the 10% Happier app is ideal for undecided people who are not sure about their desire to meditate. The latest version contains meditation sessions designed to help users who are anxious to sleep, and provides new content every week.

It features a simple interface with a relaxed nature and includes short video lessons that teach users more about meditation, and the application reminds you of how many times you meditate? And why do you want to meditate? Do you want to be happier or want to reduce stress? You can also set alarms to remind you not to miss a session. It is a great application if you want to seize the benefits of meditation and concentration without being affected by your daily routine.


Headspace is one of the best-known meditation and concentration apps on the market. After its launch in 2010, it has brought together 36 million members from 190 countries. The duration of the sessions ranges from three to five or ten minutes with a focus on breathing and stress relief.

It has more relaxing sessions than other apps available including a one-minute breathing exercise, and you can do customized sessions by adding more meditation and concentration to your day. You can also save your favorites and use them when you’re offline. It offers hundreds of more specialized meditation sessions, from stress relief to sleep.


Buddhify is the only meditation app designed to fit a complex modern lifestyle, uniquely designed with a tablet that divides the day into slices from waking to sleep. This colored disc is designed to help you find meditation and concentration exercises according to a certain time of day, as well as short audio sessions for use on the go. The most important feature is the workout exercises that help you relax while you are in your office.

Sessions range from four minutes to about half an hour, and there are also exercises if you can’t sleep or if you feel very stressed. It is one of the most focused and focused meditation apps that can help relieve anxiety and stress, and can be tailored to your needs by providing short meditation sessions that you can easily do during a busy schedule.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Unlike many other apps on the market, Stop, Breathe & Think asks you for a thorough examination before you start meditating, using a range of qualities to describe how you feel physically and mentally, a great way to get a better mood after a busy day at work.

The app uses this information to recommend meaningful short meditations or yoga classes, such as 5-minute sessions or longer practices to help you relax and overcome anxiety and stress. Stop, Breathe & Think is convenient and effective for all ages and has all the standard features allowing you to set reminders and track your progress. There is also a separate app for kids that provides a useful guide for meditation if further guidance is needed.

This was our list of the most important meditation and concentration apps we recommend you try.