Best apps for writing on photos for Android and iOS

Writing on images is not new at all. Even in the run-up to digital photographs, people were writing on pictures and turning them into postcards sent on occasions.

Now that technologies and smartphones are accessible to everyone, it is much easier. All it takes is an application on your smartphone. Though it’s so common, millions of people around the world have written on photos last year. A large number of users are still experiencing difficulties and thinks it is still difficult.

Here in this article, we will guide you to several applications that will help you with this easy and it will give you many other options such as decorating photos with stickers, and the addition of a frame and other features where the price of choosing the best applications from hundreds of available applications. These apps that we have chosen for you run on one of the iOS or Android systems or both. Some of these apps are completely free, others have a free version and some are paid, while others are not free, but you can get it for some dollars.

Word Swag

This application basically allows to put text on images, but additional can be cut off part of the image and create a new image, and then add effects on them, and the interface of the application is easy to use, it contains three icons to control: the first to choose the style and shape of the line, and the other to choose Colors, the third controls the transparency and brightness of the background.

The application has a separate workspace that allows the user to write the message that he wants to add to his image, and for those who do not have his own words, he can choose one of the many quotes provided by the application, which is a nice touch makes the application more desirable, and certainly the user can finally add effects And different trimmings to make writing much nicer.

This app is not free, but you can get it for $ 2.99 for iOS.


Good news for those who love simple and free apps because Phonto is one of them. This application gives us the possibility to decorate our images with texts, with a wide variety of decorative lines, or the application helps us to add text inside thinking bubbles, or banners and signs. Not only that, but Phonto also offers a wide variety of labels as well: stars and hearts that can be controlled with their colors and angles.

Phonto is one of the simplest apps to write on photos, but it is nevertheless a great app. It can be downloaded for iOS or Android.


Typic has three versions: free, plus and kids. The free version is fantastic and can greatly satisfy the user. Like other photo-writing apps, Typic adds text to the image and then controls its size and position (center, left, or right), with other effects such as the shadow.

The free version has some disadvantages. The second drawback is the limited amount of colors to choose from.

Despite the above flaws, the application is simple and elegant.


The navigation method in this application is very beautiful and also offers many fonts. Using Over is very simple, it is enough to choose an image, and then choose where the text is located. After typing text and choosing a color, a circular wheel appears with several editing options on the image, including changing the intensity and size. You will then need to choose one of the many available fonts, several stickers can be added.

Anytime you want to change an item in the image, simply press the yellow arrow to bring up the navigation wheel.

Font Candy

Writing on images is not a very complicated process, but it takes several steps if we want to use a program such as Photoshop, but this application made the subject very simple. This is done by selecting a color image, and then choosing a place in the image to position the text while remaining on the default font. Each slider in the control panel adjusts a specific effect. Finally, we press a button in the shape of a small square, switching colors between the background and the text, keeping the image inside the letters.


This photo writing app not only allows you to add text to an image but also allows you to create sophisticated layouts for any text that follows a specific path. For example, we write text and make it into a semi-circle.

From the name of this application, it can be concluded that it is based on forms similar to soap bubbles, the application comes by default with a variety of bubbles that can be adjusted and transferred with a little manual dexterity, and after the selection of a bubble can place a picture or video inside, also can control the lighting intensity And the way shadows are shown.

When you add letters to a bubble, we can change the position of these letters, rotate them and make them look the way we want. BubbleFrame has a large number of controls, which cannot be fully explained, but luckily, this app is easy to detect by experimenting.


This application is not intended for writing on images but is an application for editing images in general. Nonetheless, it provides us with an image writing service thanks to a range of easy-to-use elements, diverse fonts, attractive patterns, as well as filters for image filtering. It can also perform traditional operations such as resizing, rotating text, and adjusting the intensity.

This app lets you add text within multiple layers, giving a nice aesthetic effect. For example, after adding text on the first layer, we can use the pencil tool to draw other lines with your finger. There is a free version for this app, but anyone who wants to remove the watermark has to pay 99 cents. The application can be downloaded for iOS and Android systems.


Once you start using this app, it will instantly show how easy it is to use, especially with a range of pre-set designs. However, our designs can be created by coordinating text, background color, brightness level and contrast intensity.

The app comes with some basic words and phrases, but can easily add our own words.


This app is ideal for those who want to write on photos in the shortest possible time, without any side distractions. Stickr lets you choose from 300 different layouts and place them anywhere above the image for a clip-like effect. This does not mean that the result will lack a personal touch because there is still the ability to change the color, text, image filtering effects, and much more. The application can be downloaded for IOS systems.

These nine applications are just the tip of the iceberg, and although they are easy to use and simple, they are also very practical, so that they all share their ability to write on images, and differ from each other with certain characteristics that gain a special glamor that distinguishes each other. 

Now it is your turn to complete our list with a tenth application that you have already used, or give us your opinion of one of the applications mentioned in case you have any previous experiences with one of them.