Best hotel booking apps (2019)

If you are a fan of travel and tourism, this article will probably be useful for you. As temperatures rise and schools finish, summer arrives and the start of the travel season, holidays and excursions, opinions vary among family members on how to spend the holiday or where this year’s tourist destination will be. This is what the hotel booking apps around this article will help you.

Before you plan your travel, you should first consider the hotel you are staying in. The hotel is where you will stay for the whole holiday period and therefore must enjoy all the benefits of safety, comfort, and cleanliness, as well as the availability of services and facilities for a comfortable holiday.

So we have prepared this list of distinctive applications that make it easy for you to book hotels online, allowing you to know enough details about each hotel in the areas you want to visit, which gives you a wide choice and many.

Best hotel reservation apps for 2019

This application is one of the easiest and fastest ways to book you the best hotels, with a list of thousands of hotels with filtering options and search that enables you to find the right room for your request, can also search for special discounts on recent bookings through deals for tonight feature (Deals) While Your Secret Price enables you to save up to 50% of your costs, the app also includes many features that you can explore after downloading the app.


This application allows you to book in advance a week before or you can book 100 days in advance if you book for a stay of two weeks, which saves you the costs of late booking, especially if you mean a particular hotel, this application will save you some money, and of course the list of hotels that you can search longer In the thousands, you can also ask if there is a wifi network in the hotel or not. All this ensures that HotelTonight is among the best hotel booking apps.


The popular Hilton chain app covers over 5,000 hotels including several popular chains such as Conrad Hilton Garden Inn, Embassy Suites, DoubleTree, and Hilton. One of the unique features that you can use the application to determine the room you want specifically, the logon hotel in addition to opening the door electronically, as you know the rest of the application details via the load application for devices Android and devices of any OS.


You can also book flights and cars in addition to the possibility of booking in more than 300,000 hotels around the world, and people who love surprises and exotic adventures can use the feature of secret hotels (Top Secret Hotels) to book a hotel mysteriously and at a very discounted price, and of course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, the app is only available for iOS devices.


This application started in Asia Minor and this focus remained clear in the main page of the application, where the options of Malaysia, Thailand and East Asian countries appear at the beginning, but now the application services have expanded to cover the United States, with a comprehensive list covering a very wide choice of hotels suitable for all segments and tastes, and feature selection In addition to the most suitable price in that area, you can download the app via Google Play and Apple Store.


Hotel? Trivago, of course, you will not forget the most famous hotel booking applications Trivago. The app enables you to explore many of the best hotels at the best prices and offers in almost all countries of the world, with thousands of options available as the application allows you to search by price, user experience or hotel rating by number of stars, in addition to the availability of Trivago magazine, which includes more than 800 An article about the experiences of hotels around the world, of course, you can download the app for Android and iOS .


It is more worthy of Google searches, filtering and good results, where you can easily write in Google hotels in (city name), as this service works in integration with the map service, making it completely different from any similar application.

Google locates hotels on a map by placing their prices instead of their names or any other details, making Google search a custom search for the appropriate prices, and when you click on an option will appear a menu showing the name, characteristics and booking options for the hotel.

The location of the hotel is one of the main factors involved in the evaluation of hotels and it is no secret that one of Google’s positioning techniques are very advanced, which helps to provide the location with the utmost accuracy with the help of satellites and cameras in the streets of Google.

In conclusion, we can not include all the hotel booking applications due to its abundance and diversity, and of course remains the search of the official sites of known hotels is the most reliable and fast, and the traveler must search for what it takes accurately and investigate before booking and payment to make sure there is no suspicion of fraud and fraud, there are many sites Claiming ownership of a hotel or providing a service for a fee, making the uninformed an easy victim of fraud.