Best Translation app: All languages at your fingertips

While working or surfing the Internet or when traveling to another country, you need a translation program to help you understand the meanings of many words and different accents, which is made easy by mobile applications that are mostly working with voice pronunciation, and give you the correct meaning of the word.

You will no longer stop at a word you do not know its meaning with these distinctive translation applications, and all the languages ​​of the world will be available to you after you download one of these applications.

Choose a suitable translation app from this list

Google Translate

Available on Android and iOS.

Google Translate is one of the best translation applications, and is a favorite of many users because of the features and ease of dealing and the multitude of languages ​​it contains, this application allows you to translate between two languages, for example, from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English and offers you the advantage of capturing Images and text translation, as well as pronunciation and audio recording content in any language you choose.

It also includes within its simple-to-use interface handwriting option, in addition to the possibility of translation of sentences and single words, and the most distinctive in this application that you can use within any application to translate the words inside by selecting only the vocabulary that you want to translate, and with the possibility of translation with offline mode.

A new feature has been added to Google Translate, which is the ability to translate text messages to any language you choose. All translations are added to an archive that you can return to at any time you choose. You can copy the translation process or share it with your friends.

Dict Box

Available on Android and iOS.

Very distinctive and comprehensive in every sense of the word, it is a dictionary of ten different languages, and the presence of the Japanese language, Chinese, Korean and Romanian gave it a distinctive character, and what distinguishes this application is the possibility of working on the offline with full support, also provides voice pronunciation and a range of Photos and flashcards for a range of languages.

He added a nice feature: the possibility of filming the text that you want to translate through the camera to convert it to written text and translate it, and also of course also allows you to translate vocabulary and sentences, and synchronize all translation operations with other devices.

Not to mention the decent design and easy to use to provide distinctive services, but in the absence of some of them in the free version of the application, all features appear in the paid version worth $ 6.49.

Available on Android and iOS. is a multilingual dictionary software that contains 12 languages, including Portuguese, Latin, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, and more, with a full set of all languages ​​in a paid version of $ 8.99 with all ads removed.

The application operates a word-by-word translation system, meaning that it does not translate coherent sentences, and provides good services with work, browsing with offline, automatic word correction, and voice pronunciation.

Dictionary Linguee

Available on Android and iOS.

A free application that does not contain any purchase and does not contain ads, supports more than 30 languages ​​with a distinct user interface that enables any user to use, with the error correction feature and support for spoken popular languages, and the ability to translate words, sentences and voice pronunciation offline, which added convenience in dealing It ranks among the best and most widely used translators, and one of the most downloaded apps in the google play store, and the new update is expected to add to its list more languages.

BK translation apps

An important translation program that consists of a distinctive set of translation applications containing more than 10 languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic and many others, available on the Google play store and each language of its own application, but all applications work in the same simple way, and distinguished by this set of applications They all work by typing and phonetic pronunciation by pronouncing the word to be translated.

Or handwriting mode, where you slide your finger to write the word freely, as if you were writing with a pen and paper, and the translation in English and the language supported by the application you downloaded, this group also enables you to translate complete sentences, all with a simple user interface that everyone can use. Download it to your mobile phone for free.