Bill Gates Predictions of Major Technology Discoveries to Change the World in 2019

MIT presents annually a list of Technology Review that lists the top 10 technological discoveries that are expected to have a significant impact on human life in the coming year. This year, however, the Institute decided to add some modifications related to the creation of this list and handed over its control to Mr. Bill Gates.

This contribution is valuable not only because of Bill Gates, the founder and former CEO of Microsoft but also because of his previous expectations regarding the spread of computers and access to all homes and the spread of graphics operating systems as well as the Internet.

This step taken by the Institute to host Gates was not the only one in the amendments added to the list this year, this time focused on solving the challenges in the areas of health and environment because they are very important in working to extend human life and improve the quality of life, and as we all expect the largest area From this list, AI applications are well placed. Let us review Bill Gates’ entire list.

Robot dexterity

The name may seem a little strange, but the reality of the industry is evolving and using artificial intelligence we can produce robots really ingenious, as we are always used to be the work environment of robots is inevitable and quite clear, the robot does not have the ingenuity of exploration that man possessed through his limbs and senses.

The last thing reached the technology to exploit AI is to develop robots Adept capable of exploring the surrounding environment through industrial arms mechanism granted the ability to capture, and this is not a simple matter but is a big step forward to enable the robot to work in various unfamiliar environments and cope with them effectively.

This is what Bill Gates considers to be a major technological breakthrough.

New-wave nuclear power

Technology is advancing in all fields and very much in the field of nuclear energy, and of course, it cannot be denied the importance of this energy, which can be used in various aspects of human life such as the production of clean electricity, for example.

When presenting this list, Mr. Gates anticipated the sophisticated technical designs of both fission and fusion reactors to have a very important impact on the environment and hence human health.

You may wonder how the development of these reactors contributes to reducing carbon emissions that cause pollution and are a major cause of the global warming problem that affects the entire population of the planet.

Predicting preemies

Preterm infants are prematurely born, which often puts them at high risk of death, and medical technology has not overlooked this.

With a simple blood test, doctors can use the latest techniques to predict the chances of premature birth and take precautions to avoid it, or at least premature birth.

Gut probe in a pill

The last thing scientists found was a small device the size of a pill and easily taken as the patient can swallow this device to enter the gut.

The benefit of this device is its ability to scan the patient’s digestive tract, making it easier for doctors to conduct a thorough internal examination and detection of diseases and diagnosis instead of the old disturbing endoscopy methods for both the patient and the doctor.

Not only that, but this device can take biopsies from the gut for later tests.

Custom cancer vaccines

Given that cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, scientists have been actively pursuing it and have finally been able to reach the first personal cancer vaccine and are still working to improve it.

This vaccine is a treatment that employs the body’s immune system to differentiate tumor cells from healthy cells and attack them. Gates describes this finding:

If this vaccine works as hoped, stimulating the body’s immune system to recognize the tumor with its unique mutations, we will see the end of many malignant cancers.

Gates adds that the vaccine will enable the attacking immune cells to be ready and alert when detecting any new cancer cells after the initial treatment.

A beef burger without meat: The cow-free burger

Target Reduce emissions from food industries through industrial laboratory meat substitutes. Are there any such alternatives?

Unfortunately, the carbon emissions from traditional meat filling plants are so large that the industry is contributing to global warming, so work has begun to find meat substitutes – in terms of taste and nutritional value – both plant and industrial alternatives in laboratories.

Significant advances have been made, and Mark Post was able to prepare the first beef burger at the Maastricht laboratories in 2013 for $ 300,000.

Of course, the industry may have a hard time accepting it, but Gates believes that the growing awareness of the importance of preserving and protecting the environment by all means in light of the large population will prompt them to accept it, giving it a real chance to change the world for the better.

Carbon dioxide catcher

The idea came as a result of the large quantities of CO2 emitted from various plants, such as fossil fuels such as oil, cars, and others.

Emissions control is not available shortly, but emissions are steadily increasing, exacerbating the pollution crisis, so the best solution would be to try to capture this gas before it spreads into the air and stores it safely in dedicated underground stores.

Gates and some experts see this technology as a great opportunity to affect the lives of all mankind by reducing global warming. They expect emissions from gas stations to drop by up to 90%.

Heart Rate Watch: An ECG on your wrist

Heart disease is a very common disease and is, of course, a serious disease that threatens the patient’s life.

To make it easier for the patient and doctors, this small, easy-to-use tool has been developed as a wristwatch. It enables 24-hour, continuous monitoring of heartbeats and alerting them to danger or potential problems. This gives patients a greater chance of avoiding risks.

Sanitation without sewers

Perhaps the strangest technology on this list is that it employs technology in sanitation, but it deserves to be among the 10 most influential technologies on human life.

This technique is a toilet that can detect and treat diseases, and is particularly important in developing countries, which suffer from difficult living conditions and unhealthy contaminated environments. Reduce pollution as well as treat people and improve their health.

Intelligent conversation aid Smooth-talking AI assistants

This aid, like Siri on iPhones, Cortana on Windows and others, is an important advance in natural language processing.

Gates believes that developing these digital aids using artificial intelligence will make them smarter and more capable of self-trial and learning, enabling them to talk more smoothly with users.

You may wonder what the importance of the ability to exchange conversations in influencing human life and why Gates put it on the list, and in fact there are many benefits, the most important of which is the impact of this assistance on the lives of people with special needs and the elderly in their normal daily activities such as a simple example of opening and closing doors in smart homes Ability to communicate with doctors in some emergency situations easily and other examples.

This was the list that Bill Gates chose in his predictions for this year. Do you have any other opinions?