Book reading apps for a better reading experience for iPhone

Reading a few e-books on the train or during your lunch break is a great way to spend time. You may learn something new every day, from the title of the book to the last page. If you want to buy an iPhone or iPad and are a fan of reading, you can still read electronically through books apps available today on the App Store.

Here we have compiled a list of the most important e-book reading apps on your iPhone, choose what suits you best, own a book and drift into your world.

Top Books Apps for iPhone


Kindle is one of the leading and most advanced book reading apps on the App Store. You will not only read books but also read newspapers and magazines you subscribe to through the Kindle Store.

The application supports enhanced features for reading books with Kindle supported by audio and video, and the application provides the most required features by the possibility of sending the desired e-books to your email registered on the Kindle application. Every time you send a file attached, it will appear in the Kindle app right away, so there’s no need to download it from your library.

Amazon also offers the Whispersync smart feature for those who own the Amazon Kindle. It offers mobility between the Kindle and the Kindle app installed on the iPhone. Whispersync saves where you are by reading the book so you can read half of it on the bus and the other half when you get home.

Google Play Books

Kindle is missing one feature found in the Google Play Books app. If your native language is English, you may not understand the importance of translation.

You can access your translation in just two steps, select the word or syllable and a pop-up window will appear, simply click on translate and set up the translation from one language to another (you will have to do it once).

Google has released an update to its application that includes several new features, the most important of which is the ability to annotate or bookmark, and you can also check the definition of a word while reading it, or search for difficult terms using Wikipedia or Google. Google has also made some changes to the way books are displayed, and added a button to share what you read on Google+.

If you need a quick search for word meanings in the language dictionary, Google Play Books is the best option.


It is a beautiful-looking online library that focuses on new and best-selling books, supports its interface with book images and offers up to 65% discounts on existing titles, while a new book can be downloaded weekly for free. Making this app a great choice for a reader looking for a regular and inexpensive literary portal.

Along with easy customization options, Kobo offers an experience that stimulates social reading in the digital age, a set of social features called Reading Life. There you can not only read a book but you can join a conversation to discuss this book at any time.

You can also measure how fast you read and see how many pages you have read per hour or how many hours it takes to read a complete book. You will also win moral prizes while using the Kobo app such as becoming a Scout leader or a deep thinker, depending on how and how you read.

If you’re interested in social reading and sharing with your colleagues, download the Kobo app and enjoy Reading Life features.


Wattpad is a popular app with nearly 4 million downloads to date. Wattpad distinguishes from similar applications as user-generated content, as the application system provides a publishing platform, which means that novels, short stories, poetry, and available articles are likely to be written by writers and amateurs. If you’re a writing enthusiast and can’t post, you’ll probably want to try Wattpad.

You can be a fan of reading in offline mode, the app syncs your library with your phone so you can enjoy reading anytime with or without an Internet connection.

Wattpad also has a quote feature, providing you with a quick way to create a quote inspired by a story you like and share it with your friends.


Marvin is one of the most advanced apps available for iPad and iPhone and its list of features is very long and amazing, and simply combines all the features you are looking for in other apps. Marvin gives you the most advanced custom panel ever, you will not only change the font type and size but also want to set up a different title type and a different theme type.

You can also select your theme list (day or night), and better yet, you can set up your animations. For example, you can control the brightness by swiping and turning the page or navigating to bookmarks.

Marvin only supports DRM-free epub files, but it allows adding new books directly to the app through a browser or Dropbox. Marvin also offers the ability to search for characters and places in the book you are reading to see biographies, articles, or perhaps photos, and is done through Wikipedia and without leaving the application.