Difference b/w Blog & Website Definition of Web concepts, website, blog and portal

Difference Blog & Website Definition of Web concepts, website, blog and portal and their differences. Surely you have some questions like this: What is the difference between a website and a blog? What is the difference between web and website? What is the difference between a website and a portal?

Of course, you have some questions like this: website differences and so on What is a blog ? What is the difference between web and website? What is the difference between a website and a portal? In this article, we want to fully explain the concepts of the Web, website, and more Blog , Portal and the differences between them.

What is a website?

Sites or the same websites are made up of various files such as text, image, video, and so on that are hosted on a server. A website with a domain name that is specifically registered for it is called. So in order to have a website, you need to design a website , domain hosting, and hosting.

Web sites are provided as a collection of information by an individual, group or organization, and the public can access it through the Internet.

Any visitor to the website will access the site’s home page by entering the domain name in the web browser and will be redirected through this page to its other pages.

One of the most important goals of website design: Web Features: What is the Web?

To better understand web and website differences, you first need to know what the web is. The web is referred to as the online space of billions of websites. In fact, the web is referred to as the collection of various internet sites that are organized around the world in a variety of languages ​​and for different topics and services. In other words, the Web is a way to integrate various computer networks into content sharing.

Web and website differences:

In response to the question of what is the difference between the Web and the website, the site is one of the small units that make up the World Wide Web. In fact, the web is referred to the context or media that web sites are located on.

For example, Internet sites, such as television networks, while the Web is like the sound and the satellite or satellites that broadcast and distribute a large number of networks simultaneously.

What is a blog?

Blog or blog is a free page on the Internet to post content. The content posted by the author in the blog, in the order of its placement, is displayed. So that the latest post is presented at the beginning.

The blog consists of two web words and logs. Log in computer science means files that record events. It also means a daily report.

Blog content can include personalized memories, articles, news and events that are presented in text, image and audio. All content is on a page with archive capability. This makes blogging easier than website.

Today, blogs contain a variety of content, including personal, scientific, artistic, religious, political, cultural, and others.

The Most Important Goals of Blogging: The Most Important Features of Blog: What is the Difference Between Website and Blog Portal?

The word portal in Persian means meaning “gate” and “portal”. But in the technology world, the webpage is an interface that provides easy access to anything the user needs, regardless of the physical location.

In fact, the portal is the gateway to the virtual world where the user can meet all his needs. Needs such as purchasing, accessing a bank account, searching or updating information.

Another feature of the portal is user-centric. This means that all portal facilities are predicted to meet the needs of users with different tastes and interests and ages and working classes. Features such as email, chat and community forums and …

It can also be said that the portal is actually a website that, under certain protocols, can collect information and content from other web systems or even desktops and present them together. This information and content can only be textual data or even electronic services.

For example, a portal can be connected to the payroll system, and will display your legal key solely to you or to anyone else who allows him access to the information given.

As shown in this example, the portal only displays this information and in no way interfere with the processing of its information. In this example, the portal does not compute your salary, but simply displays it from another system. In this case, the portal is integrated with the payroll system.

Website and portal differences

Note that all portals are websites, but not all websites are portals.

For example, Yahoo has a portal in which there is weather, news, e-mail services, messenger, forums, and search services, which in fact these resources are provided by connecting the portal to external sources. . In front of CNN has one The design of a professional site is only searchable in the content produced by CNN.

The most important difference between a website and a portal is the online support on the portal so that all user requests in the support unit are immediately addressed and the process needs to be communicated to the user. This requires investing in human resources and should have operators assigned to it.

Another difference between the website and the portal is the comprehensive provision of service portals. Because, in spite of the portal, users will go to search sites and ask me to graduate, and only by visiting the relevant domain portal can they access the total amount of information they need.

One of the most commonly used portals is corporate portals. Organizational portals are usually used for the purpose of centralized management of organizational data and information on time and facilitating administrative affairs.