Do you own an iPhone? Here are the best free iPhone games to try

As the App Store continues to be filled with new games every day, it will be difficult to find a good game amid this huge amount. Most of these games are built from the ground up to fit mobile phones and touchscreens and are one of the most addictive games you can spend hours on without feeling it. Whether you’re looking for a deep and engaging experience, a game of short leisure on the bus or at work, you’ll find something right here. We have selected a free iPhone gaming collection that will push you to interact with the digital world and give you fun and vitality.

Best free iPhone games online

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is the most popular game of our time and one of the best free iPhone games. The game lets you experience an exciting adventure by falling into a jizzy with 99 other players to see who will eventually survive. But what distinguishes this mobile version from the one available for computers is that it works best on smartphones.

Just like the original game, you will parachute, loot buildings and do your best to survive to the end. You can go on your own or create a team of players if you want to try teamwork.

Be careful, everyone who plays this game is incredibly addictive.


Fortnite is an incredibly popular game, especially as its designers are Blizzard who designed the PUBG game themselves with all-new and beautiful updates as well as weekly updates revealing weapons, challenges, and modern styles.

Of course, the new update from Fortnite will be even more fun among free iPhone games.

Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go is similar to the famous Tomb Raider game and is characterized by the same distinctive style of Hitman Go. It is a strategy game you have to take out the enemies in the back and sides and you also have to move between the collapsed rubble and solve the mazes. So the experience of this game will be more complex than its predecessors.

Fortunately, in its new update, Lara Croft Go has removed the movement counter so you can spend your time freely, and its levels are so short that you don’t waste much time on them. It is a new way to commemorate the famous old game Tomb Raider. It also doesn’t require an internet connection and this makes it a great choice to play.


The Clash of Thrones series may have ended, but GAME OF THRONES won’t end. In the game of Clash of Thrones available for iPhone, you will play different characters and make decisions that will determine your fate at the end of the game to sit on the same iron throne. So you should be very careful because each option has its consequences and you should be careful in your best interest.

If you want to experience the feeling of victory and the ascension of the Iron Throne after the conflict, feel free to download Game of Thrones on your iPhone.


With Fallout Shelter, you will have to protect others from the dangers resulting from a nuclear explosion. The decision will be for you to control the ideal basement built to keep your residents happy and keep the community to follow its work with dynasty.

Players build and manage a cellar by guiding its citizens and securing their energy, food, and water needs to keep them happy. They must rescue the inhabitants of arid lands and move them to different buildings to generate resources in the basement. The population can settle down over time, increasing their health and enabling them to perform various tasks.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Although there are plenty of free games in the app store, you won’t find better than Marvel Contest of Champions. It is a very great game. Within seconds of starting the game, you will feel like a superhero or a wicked hero depending on your choice of character.

New content is always added, and it features simple gameplay that almost anyone can learn and allow them to play and win in just a few minutes. If you’re looking for a simple game for your phone, Marvel Contest of Champions is your best choice and you should try it out.

New Star Soccer Manager

The original New Star Soccer game is based on the principle of leading an emerging player through his first steps in his career to the big stage. The newer version allows you to become a manager of the New Star Alliance to lead them to glory.

As a manager, you have the decision to choose the players and the wages to be given to them, and when you want to add more capacity to your stadium and assign the official accompanying you. You have hours of entertainment to enjoy with this game, all you have to do is select some options and do some missions through which you can control your team from time to time. Then fill your day with fun.

Horizon Chase: World Tour

Sometimes you don’t want a normal street race, but you want to drive a luxury sports car and the blue sky stretches in front of you. That’s exactly what Horizon Chase offers. Very pleasant experience and a perfect combination of modern and old styles. Of course, you have to try it out to seek its beauty and enjoy the race from a new perspective.

These were the top free iPhone games. If you are a fan of games, tell us in the comments which of these games are closest to you.