Don’t strain your eyes anymore: Here’s how to activate dark mode on different devices

Our mobile phone is the constant companion of any of us as it has become a necessary and essential need all the time, and it is almost impossible for it to be completely separated. Such as computers and even different gaming platforms. With the various measures that can be followed the use of dark mode remains the best solution.

If you do not know what it is, using the dark mode is the advantage of changing the screen colors to eye-friendly colors such as black and its gradations, which has a positive effect other than mitigating the eye harm, which is to maintain longer battery life.

But how do we do this? Is it on the devices that we use every day? I think most of us know that a lot of apps offer this feature like Twitter, Slack, Google Chrome, and more.

First of all, these methods are not official, so they may not be error-free and may cause compatibility issues with some applications.

Dark Mode on iPhone

Unfortunately, iOS 12 doesn’t officially support dark mode, but fortunately, there is a similar feature called Smart Color Inverter, which converts display colors from white to black and its gradients, except for media files such as photos, videos, and some apps that are originally used. Dark colors in its design.

Of course, this feature works best on Apple’s basic apps, such as those that officially support Dark Mode, such as YouTube, but unfortunately this conversion can be annoying for some apps that don’t support Dark Mode while browsing like Maps Apple Maps.

How to activate the feature:

First go to Settings Settings => General General => Display Options Display Accommodations => Invert color => Smart color Invert.

Apple said in a Bloomberg report that the new iPhone 13 iOS system will officially provide the dark situation.

Dark Mode on Android phones

Google has launched the dark mode in the third version of the developers of Android Q and is available for the beta version on Pixel devices, and is scheduled to launch officially in the coming months of this year.

It can be activated on Pixel phones easily by dragging the drop-down menu to access the quick setting options. You will find the Dark theme button and turn it on will turn your phone system to dark mode, and since it is still in beta versions may not turn some non-essential applications into the dark mode, but Google Committed to resolving this later.

As for Samsung phones with Android 9 Pie update Samsung’s One UI, this system offers Night mode feature – not dark mode – you can activate it in the following steps:

Settings => Display options => Turn on night mode.

But this feature has its problems – which we are not going to mention now – but for example, this feature disrupts the work of the Android system in the car Android Auto in-car.

Dark mode can be activated through the following steps:

Settings => Display Device theme => Activate Dark Mode.

If you want to stay the night mode all day long, this is possible but through the developer options, to activate the developer options by following these steps:

Settings => About phone Phone => Build Number Press it seven times, so the developer options will appear and appear in the settings menu and the night mode is activated all day through the settings = Advanced Settings Always activate night mode automatically or automatically and this is linked to the current time of the mobile day or night.

Another solution can be found through a Google-powered app like Nova Launcher that turns most user interfaces into night mode, but some major colors cannot be swapped like the drop-down menu.

Dark Mode on Mac computers

If you’re a Mac user with the latest version of Mojave, Dark Mode is available for the entire system. It automatically changes the colors of all user interfaces, just activating it even for third-party apps designed to support this mode, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which switches the interface colors. If the dark mode of the operating system is already enabled.

How to activate the feature:

From the Apple logo in the corner of the screen, go to System Preferences.

As for basic system applications such as Maps, Calendar, etc., it has its dark mode feature that can be activated on each application individually through the options View or Appearance, but unfortunately Apple’s Safari browser does not support the dark mode feature, but Safari Reader offers Ability to change the background color to black.

If you want to make the computer mode change between dark and luminous depending on the time of day you can use applications like NightOwl and f.lux.

Dark Mode on Windows 10 computers

Activating this mode on desktops or laptops running Windows 10 is easy and extends to most pre-installed apps, but unfortunately not all of them, the Microsoft Edge notebook and browser does not support the new model, as is the case for some third-party applications that do not support Dark situation.

How to activate the feature:

System Settings System Setting => Personalization menu => Colors menu in the side menu => At the end of the App Mode menu there are two options Dark and Light.

Dark mode on gaming platforms

Playstation 4 PS4

There is no dark mode for the PlayStation 4, but you can get what is close to this mode by customizing the theme used through the following:

Setting in the top navigation bar => Themes => Choose the default theme Default Here you can modify the background colors.

If the result of this solution does not satisfy you, you can simply download a new theme that suits your desires from the PlayStation Store through the same list of themes Themes, where you will see direct links to different and diverse themes free or paid where you can choose and download from.

Xbox One

Microsoft’s gaming platform offers powerful and fairly important options for Themes, and Dark Mode can be activated by:

Press the Xbox button => Settings Settings>> Personalization => Styles and Motion Theme and motion => Choose the dark mode, and you can control its options, it can be switched back to the default mode and can be switched between the two modes depending on the current time between day and night.

You can change the colors of the menus and surrounding frames that have not changed color through the personalization menu and choose colors and backgrounds My color & background and then choose colors My Colors to choose the color black.


The default theme color is white but switching to black is not difficult. This switch affects all interfaces except eShop and NES apps included with Nintendo Switch Online for free. Dark mode can be activated by following these steps:

System Settings From the main menu => Themes => Pressing the Basic Black option will activate the dark mode on the platform.