Experience AR on Android with ARCore

Recently augmented reality technologies have spread dramatically in our world and have had many uses in many fields such as games, simulation, and training, education, surgery, space science, and others. But what do I need to be able to take advantage of this technology, or enjoy the games and applications that need this technology, in fact Google has a list of devices that support this technology, but some devices, especially older versions do not come with the support of AR reality because of the need To powerful hardware resources capable of supporting augmented reality to work effectively.

How to enable ARCore on Android

In the beginning you will need to do a security crack for Android (ROOT), then you will download magisk , then after opening the application from the menu go to downloads and search for ARcore to find the appropriate extension and then download and install, the application may ask for access permissions, then do Reboot and wait for the device to reboot itself.

After that you will need to download the ARcore platform from the Google Store, so you can use the augmented reality features with all applications from the Google Store in addition to updating them directly from the store.

Now your device can run different augmented reality applications and learn more about the technology of augmented reality we will provide some applications that depend on its work on this technology.

Augmented Reality Ruler

One of the most tangible applications on the ground, as it uses the AR to calculate the lengths and dimensions of objects, which can be used to know the measurements of a room or to confirm certain areas or used in different engineering applications.

Translation of texts from Google

The translation program provided by Google, where this application provides a translation experience quickly and effortlessly, where this application can be used in real-time while ensuring an immediate result can be employed in public life, and of course the application.


If you are thinking of creating a new tattoo, but are hesitant about how it appears on your body, this application is the ideal solution, as it depicts tattoo on your body very realistically, so you can decide whether to do this tattoo or not.

Playground AR Stickers

This app for spending time and entertainment, 3D stickers with augmented reality technology is no longer a monopoly in Pixar phones, where using the camera of your phone can add stickers to the augmented reality that you shoot and move them, but it may not support all devices so you have to make sure your device that it supports this feature.

MoleCatch AR

Of course, augmented reality games share this list, where these games are very realistic because they play in the environment of filming the phone itself, and the game MoleCatch AR express that, the game is a group of moles, each of which shows his head from the holes in the ground.

Sky Map

This application is intended for fans of astronomy, as this application helps in drawing an astronomical dome from the mobile camera in the direction you are shooting, may require some settings at the beginning and then you can find out the locations of stars, planets, constellations and other interesting astronomical and space information.


Months of fire aware, the game that has occupied the throne of the games for a short time and is still a highly-rated games, where you search in your area and neighboring areas for Pokémon you can catch and collect and then exchange and development and other tasks that can be done, and of course this game works with technology Augmented Reality Since Pokémon has been integrated into the device’s environment, which the camera is shooting.

Of course there are a lot of other applications and technologies that rely on ARcore, which is the desired future for the world of digital, which can not be explored or predict what stage can reach human in the integration of real reality with virtualization, and who knows perhaps it may reach to integrate the entire human senses or To move his brain into a completely virtual world.