Facebook Messenger games that you can play right now

Facebook Messenger not only allows us to connect with our friends, anytime, anywhere, for free but thanks to the growing number of games added to the site, it also provides a new type of entertainment when you chat with your friends.

Are you bored while waiting for the person who spoke to respond to your text message? Or do you want to talk to your friends but do not find what you say? You can now challenge friends to get high scores in new Facebook Messenger games, such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Words With Friends. This feature is available directly as soon as you open the Messenger app, and loads in seconds because it is based on HTML5 for the web, rather than having to download it like other high-performance apps.

Facebook hopes that these friendly competitions will prompt you to spend more time texting on the site. You compete asynchronously through high scores instead of you and your friend being online at the same time, enabling you to experience your luck in games anytime you want without any restrictions. Just as you are not required to pay anything at all, all games are completely free.

Instant games have been launched in 30 countries, including the United States, with 17 games from classic developers like Bandai Namco, Konami, and Taito, as well as newer studios like Zynga and King. Instant games are available on iOS and Android devices and can be found by pressing the game controller icon in your Messenger app, located next to the photo and sticker buttons. You don’t need a phone to play, you can also play with your friends through a computer browser.

I played many of these games, and I was impressed by how quickly they loaded in three to ten seconds due to high-quality graphics and gameplay, as well as how Messenger automatically shared high scores and leaderboards to make it easier to challenge other players. If you want to know what games you should try first, follow us in this article to find out what are the most fun games on everyone’s first favorite communication site.


In the Galga-like shooting game, you play the role of the guardian fairies who use different types of bullets to shoot monsters that resemble evil bats compared to the wings of birds or butterflies of our heroes. You can also collect dragons with their different charming shapes just like Pokemon games.

Everything in the game is colorful. Bright backgrounds change with each round. Fairies, dragons, monsters are all colored in exhilarating rainbow colors. Music is also very beautiful, it’s the kind that makes you feel like you’re ready to go on an adventure. Many things in the game will make you come back many times.

Since the launch of Everwing last year, the game has gained millions of fans, the noise level of the game is the same as the level of “Flappy Bird” and “Color Switch”. The game is highly addictive because of its competitive support, as advancing to a higher level earns you multiple rewards and unlocks more items you can buy in the game.

There is nothing wrong with this game, except that there are only a limited number of fairies, dragons, and tasks that can be opened. But I hope this defect will be removed with the next additions to the game.

Nom Cat

The game is based on the idea of ​​controlling two cats who appear to be in a never-ending lunch. But they are not wild cats at all, on the contrary, you will find them sitting beautifully while food is thrown at them. Their diet consists of two types of fish, regular ones and goldfish. While its regular function only gets points, golden fish can be used to unlock more cats, so it’s good to collect as many golden fish as possible.

Although these cats can consume huge amounts of food, they need some urging to eat. Your task is to make them open their mouths to catch all the fish, and you can do so by tapping the screen and pressing them. But it’s not that easy. If you don’t feed the cats well, they’ll start crying and mourning, and you should also avoid bombs mixed with fish. It is a game that trains you in time and reaction control skills, when you press cats and when your hands are away from the screen.

Nom Cat is a very nice game and nice graphics. It also contains many cats that represent objects or characters – there is a cat in the form of Steve Jobs – you’ll enjoy learning what each of them stands for as you play to collect them.

Lumines Puzzle and Music Lite

Many players may associate the Lumines title with the Playstation Portable, as they were among the games launched with the PSP. This game is usually placed in comparison with Tetris, which is somewhat true, as it has many similarities between it and Tetris in design and gameplay, and even one review said it was “the greatest Tetris puzzle game after Tetris itself”.

This game revolves around pictures and music more than anything. It acts as an anesthetic for the senses. I felt like a DJ while playing the game. The way you rotate and throw blocks into the game while listening to music makes you feel like you’re standing on the DJ platform. If your definition of fun is listening to excellent music with some stunning graphics, this is the game for you.

GGMoji Tower Defense Force

You control the three heroes who defend their towers: girls who have hair in different colors, purple, blond and blue. Their enemies are ogres who come in different types and shapes. The player’s goal is to defeat as many ogres attacks as possible. This is achieved by clicking on the ogres, activating the arrows from our three girls. Each girl is given 3 hearts (life) at first, a heart is lost with a strike from the enemy shell. When all three girls run out, the game ends. There are things in the field that can be used to help girls succeed. Also, each girl has a unique special ability, which can be used when the cursor on the screen reaches 100%.

This game reminds me of the much-loved Zelda series, even the background music makes you think of the 1980 NES games.

Endless Lake

The design of this game reminds me of the award-winning Monument Valley, with its landscapes and castle towers topped with signage and stairs that lead anywhere. In the game, you control a little character with a white cube head called Ubik always smiling. The character will help you cross beautiful lakes filled with floating water lilies that bloom when he passes them. Over time, things get complicated, and you’ll get magical entries along your path, dividing your character into duplicate characters when you enter them.

You enter as one entity through a purple door, and exit through the pink doors as two copies of yourself. You may have difficulty controlling 5 characters at the same time, and you have to lead them all through the levels. Endless Lake will make you come back, again and again, to see how many Ubiks you can handle at any time. If you love quiet games like Journey and Monument Valley, I promise this game is worth trying.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tap is a fun game. But to enjoy it, you must play the old Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game which is a completely different game. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tap or FFBE Tap enables you to play with a storyline featuring a collection of characters from Final Fantasy, and walk your way to victory against a fantastic collection of monsters.

There are two gameplay systems in FFBE Tap; you can tap anywhere on the screen to use your basic attacks, then tap the character icons at the bottom to unlock their abilities. There are over 1000 stages and 25 different characters to unlock and play. This game will interest you a lot if you are a fan of Final Fantasy. It’s completely free and you won’t have to pay every period like FFXV.

Also in the coming weeks and months, we will have more epic games to be launched on Messenger:

  • Developed by SEGA HARDLIGHT, SEGA’s Sonic Jump will bring a new adventure to Messenger, featuring classic Sonic enemies and crossing trails and traps, where players challenge friends to see who can jump to the extreme. Sonic Jump is now launched in select regions and will be launched globally in the coming weeks.
  • Disney Tsum Tsum, released by LINE and released in 2018, will bring the beloved Disney characters to Messenger, where players collect, connect and launch Tsum Tsum based on the original famous Tsum Tsum game.
  • GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. will also launch Puzzle & Dragons, a new puzzle game for both existing Puzzle & Dragons fans and new players to enjoy.

Now all you have to do is access your favorite site – just like you do every day – and hone your skills to become the best among your group of friends, perhaps among players around the world.