Firefox Preview: All you need to know about the new Mozilla browser for Android

Mozilla has announced the first preview of a completely redesigned version of Firefox for Android. There is now a trial version of the next generation Firefox Preview browser, which you can download from the Google Play Store to try it out for yourself.

Built from the ground up using Mozilla’s GeckoView engine, Firefox Preview will replace the current Firefox app for Android devices this fall. It has many Firefox Focus features as the best browser for a smoother online experience and is designed to protect your privacy with the best VPN.

“Building Firefox for Android on GekioView also leads to greater flexibility about the privacy and security features we can offer to mobile users,” Mozilla said in a press release.

Firefox Preview: Stylish and Simple

Focus Firefox Preview takes its simple design and offers a range of day and night interfaces that you can manually adjust from the settings, while there are some differences, the most important of which is the search bar / URL that appears at the bottom of the screen instead of the top, making focus on the readable content easier.

The tab at the top of the URL bar provides quick links to bookmark or share the current page and offers another feature, Groups, which allows you to save a group of related sites to a specific group for quick access, similar to bookmarks but more organized.

While this feature is similar to using subfolders to organize bookmarks, they are different because, in addition to saving pages in separate groups, you can also save pages that have operations in progress so you can complete them later (such as completing a shopping cart in a store or completing a specific search result) ). The browser also offers suggestions for adding pages to groups and lets you share your groups with others.

Firefox Preview Performance

The basic functionality of Firefox is the same as any other mobile browser, so you can open and choose between multiple tabs and a special mode. You can also perform quick searches in the URL bar and select your favorite search engine by adjusting and changing it in the settings menu.

Firefox users can also sign in and sync their bookmarks, browsing the history, and other settings depending on your sync settings, of course.

Browse faster and more securely

Firefox Privio gives you much faster-browsing experience. Mozilla claimed that Firefox Privio is twice as fast as the current version of Firefox on Android devices, and Mozilla Kraken’s speedometer has confirmed that it is faster and safer.

Users also have privacy and anti-tracking feature that you can set when you first launch the browser, and you can modify it at any time from the Settings menu. However, we recommend sticking to the default settings for Firefox Privio because the browser blocks websites and ads from tracking browser activity by default, which means more privacy.

Night mode

Another feature worth mentioning is the night mode, as this feature is available in many applications but was absent in the current Firefox browser for phones, so it is a welcome upgrade in Firefox Privio. You can use day or night mode, or even automatically adjust this feature to your phone’s screen settings. The purple color in Firefox night view night mode is a nice visual difference from the night modes of other apps.

Firefox Focus and Firefox for Android

You can still use both Firefox and Firefox versions for Android, although the first development has been suspended and the second days are numbered.

Mozilla said: “ We will direct our efforts to improve Firefox Privio on all Android devices during the rest of this year with a view to gaining a solid foundation for the next generation of Firefox browsers for mobile devices and we will put all our efforts and resources in GeckoView, while they work on Firefox Fox is currently suspended. ”

Mozilla has been asked to integrate Firefox and Firefox at least in terms of features. Although it has not been fully committed, it is moving in this direction. Apparently from the Firefox version of Preview as better for Android than Firefox and Firefox Fox, intended to replace Firefox for Android, but it is still in its early days.

Get Firefox Privio

Anyone with a compatible Android device can download the latest version of Firefox Preview from either the Google play store. While we like Firefox Preview so far, you are likely to encounter problems and features, settings and improvements may change as new versions appear.

Although errors may occur when testing beta applications, the trial version of Firefox Privio was error-free. If you have problems, report it to Mozilla on the GitHub panel, or email your issue describing your bug to

However, Mozilla will continue to improve and update Firefox Privio, and it is worth mentioning that the final version scheduled to be launched next fall and will contain more new features and upgrades compared to the first version of Firefox Privio.