Google Family Link: Protecting Children from Internet Risks

In the age of the Internet you can not prevent your child from using it and use all new applications and updates and get to know the world, so you should not overlook the experts and software makers of the negatives of putting modern technologies in the hands of children as well as the abuse of some of them, exposing children to problems and risks can not be expected results.

That ‘s what I tried company Google solved, any insurance protection for the child during the use of the Internet and smartphone as well as maintaining the ability to enjoy the possibility of leaving the child alone with the phone without parental control of his troublesome solution was Google’s Family Link.

What is Google Family Link?

FamilyLink is a free service provided for Android and iOS devices that helps parents control content on their child’s devices, while children can still use images, maps, browser, and email. By improving the service and introducing new features that benefit parents and children.

How to use Google Family service

First of all, it should be noted that the Google Family Link service is a modern service from Google and is available in many countries and not all, so not everyone can use it now but will soon be available to all countries and free of charge, and if available, you will find it easy to use requires simple steps are:

Determination of interoperability

In a child’s phone the operating system must be Nougat 7.0 or higher in order to run FamilyLink well, while in the parents’ phone it is enough to use KitKat 4.0 or higher, or use iOS 9 or higher to use the app to manage the child’s activities on his own phone, according to the official service website, phones that use versions 5 and 6 of Android can also run the application.

You can tell the operating system in the phone by going to Settings and then to the system version information and the number will indicate the version.

Activate the Family Link Parents version

To activate Family Link on your parents’ device, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Downloading the app is the first step, as this is done from the parents device through the store, we write in the search box Family Link and click on the application and then install it by clicking install or install, and the image of the application in the form of a kite colored green, yellow and blue within a white box, and may appear in Old copies as a white bag with a colored triangle
  2. We open the application and in the beginning will appear several pages talking about the work of the application when finished press the button Get Started.
  3. Some pages also appear to make sure you have everything the app needs from your child’s email and more, and when you’re done click on Next.
  4. Log in to the application by entering your email and password and when you are done we click on Next.

Create a FamilyLink account for a child

Creating a child account dedicated to using Family Link requires:

  1. From the parents’ phone, enter the child’s name, date of birth and gender and create their e-mail. With anyone no matter what.
  2. Pay thirty cents ie $ 0.3 as proof that the user is the parent and not the child, which is non-refundable.
  3. Read the permissions you see and make sure you understand the content you agree to.
  4. Turn on the child’s phone now and sign in via the child’s email.
  5. When you sign in with your phone, it will recognize that the email is a child’s email, and will ask to install the app if you haven’t installed it yet.
  6. The app can be installed the same way via the app store, search the Family Link search box, click on it, and install it.
  7. You will now have activated the Google Family service.

Features you get using Google Family

After activating the service, parents receive the following features :

  • Manage apps that your child can use, where you can block any app and allow other apps as parents want.
  • Accept or decline to download a new app from the store and see what’s going on.
  • Get reports showing how long the child was using the apps and their last use.
  • Parents can specify a certain period for the use of the phone by the child.
  • The possibility of adjusting the sleep timer on the device.
  • Ability to know the child’s location or location.
  • Parents can remotely lock the child’s device.
  • Internet browsing can also be monitored if your Google Family account is linked to your browser.

However, Google Family Link does not delete inappropriate content, so it is preferable to use child-friendly applications such as YouTube Kids and use filters provided by some applications to filter content, and we hope that this service is available in all countries of the world as soon as possible to protect children from the dangers of the Internet Different.