How do I sell an old iPhone at the highest price?

Apple’s devices, especially its popular iPhones, are among the most valuable and most expensive technology products in all stores. iPhone users always boast that even if they resell their phones, they will always get the highest price without any discussion. So in case you want to sell an old iPhone, make sure you get an excellent price.

But if you do not want to deal with brokers and want to get the best deal yourself, here is how to prepare an old iPhone for sale in terms of how to choose the price and procedures of sale and a lot of useful points that you find in this article.

Before saying goodbye to your old iPhone, make a backup

If you want to sell an old iPhone and replace it with a new one (instead of switching to an Android phone ), the first thing you should do is create a backup. This allows you to transfer the backup to your new phone, along with all personal data, apps, and other information.

The best way to back up your iPhone is to use iTunes on your Mac or PC. You can also create backups using iCloud, but these actions can take a long time to complete, and the restore process also takes longer. Icloud backups depend on your Internet speed, so it can take hours or even days to back up and restore.

Windows users can download the iTunes app from the Apple website via this link. Then follow these steps:

  • Launch the iTunes app and connect your old iPhone to your Mac or PC with a Lightning cable.
  • Wait for the phone icon to appear in the upper-right corner (screenshot below), then click it and choose your iPhone.
  • On the Summary Summary tab, click Back Up Now and wait for the backup to complete.

Verify that your backup is encrypted Encrypt iPhone Backup to save sensitive data, such as passwords, Wi-Fi credentials, health data, and HomeKit data and you’ll need to create a password to do so. You’ll also need this password to restore the backup to your new iPhone later. We recommend using the Password Manager app to save it for you.

When you’re ready to restore this backup to your new iPhone:

  • Turn on your new iPhone and follow the setup procedure to activate your phone.
  • When prompted for the backup, choose Restore from iTunes Backup, and connect your iPhone to the same Mac or PC you used to back up your old iPhone.
  • Click the phone icon in the upper-right corner, then select your new iPhone.
  • On the Summary Summary tab, click Restore Backup, choose the backup you created earlier, type your password if you choose to encrypt the backup, and then wait for the process to complete.

Create a backup on iCloud

If you’re backing up your iPhone to the cloud, you can always restore it from iCloud instead of the previous method. Restoring from iCloud takes much longer than restoring from your Mac or PC, so we recommend doing this on your computer.

If you still want to backup using iCloud:

  • Start Settings, and then click your name at the top of the list.
  • Scroll down, find your phone that will be marked as This iPhone, and then tap it.
  • Tap iCloud Backup, switch and then click Back Up Now.

Wait for the backup to complete, which may take a long time (and possibly days) depending on your Internet connection. You may also need to purchase additional iCloud storage, as you get only 5 GB for free. You can restore this backup by selecting Restore from iCloud when setting up your new phone.

Do you want to switch to Android?

If you want to switch to Android, you won’t be able to restore a backup of iTunes to your new phone. iTunes is used only with Apple devices. Fortunately, you can still transfer a lot of your data to your new phone.

First, download the application Google Drive on the phone, and then run the application and log in using a Google account, and then click the menu icon menu> Settings Settings> Backup Backup and then see your settings, and then click Start Backup to start the process. Make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, and that your phone is connected to a power source.

Sign in to your Google Account on your new Android phone, and your data should be downloaded automatically, remember not all devices behave the same way. Third-party data, such as notes stored in Evernote or Spotify Music Library, are stored in the cloud and should be downloaded automatically once you sign in to the service.

Before you say goodbye to your old iPhone, make a note of which apps and services you use and the quickest way to do this is to capture multiple home screenshots and app folders. You can then use this as a reference for what to download when you get your new phone.

Preparing an old iPhone for sale

You certainly don’t want to sell or replace your old phone with your data and information, so if you’re showing the phone to a potential buyer, you want it to be in a new state so that if someone tested the phone before buying (and you should be willing to let it do that) ), It must be in the same new condition as when you bought it.

To make it in this semi-new condition, you need to return the phone to factory settings. Before you do this, disable Find My iPhone because although it is enabled, Activation Lock also associates your phone’s activation lock with your Apple ID, which means that anyone who uses this phone will not be able to activate it. Use it without entering your Apple ID password.

Once you disable phone lock, you can reset your phone to factory settings. This will delete everything on your iPhone and restore it to a new state. Do this only when you are sure there is nothing else you need to recover from your phone.

How much is your old iPhone?

Before you can sell an old iPhone, you should know the value it deserves. The value depends on whether you sell or barter your iPhone directly. To get some numbers, you can use some services.

One of the best tools for this comparison is eBay and by searching for items sold, you can get a realistic idea of ​​how much people are willing to spend based on the final auction price.

To do this, head to the eBay Advanced Search Tool using descriptive keywords, such as “iPhone X 64 GB”, in the main search field. Under the Search Includes box, make sure the List Sold Listings list is selected, and for indirect sale, select a used user under Condition and you may want to check the Geographical Area box located in to select your region as well.

Now, when you run your search, you’ll see a list of completed auctions where phones were sold. These are the prices that other eBay users configure to pay for the item. If you find some auctions that match your phone model, capacity and condition, you will get an idea of ​​the price you can expect.

There are other services where you can sell second-hand goods, but they are often in the form of swaps, some sites you may want to try to include Gazelle, Swappa, and Decluttr. These websites are ideal if you are going to sell your phone immediately at a predetermined price. Because these services do a lot of work for you, you may lose part of the resale value.

For example, Gazelle allows you to sell your phone at a specific price once you provide some details, such as model and condition. Then you charge your phone to Gazelle, and then they check it and pay you.

Selling or bartering whichever is better for an old iPhone

You will get more money when you sell an old iPhone instead of bartering it. You can sell it on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon or any of the above services. By selling directly to the buyer, you will get the market price, minus any fees.

For best results, make sure your item displays well. Fully describe any scratches or other defects in the item description. Let any potential vendors know how long you own the phone and why you are selling it. Don’t forget to list any accessories you have, such as a charger, earphones or even the original box, as all of these items can enhance the sale. And don’t forget to take as many well-lit photos as possible. Also, include details of any applicable warranty or AppleCare coverage as well.

Swap sites offer you a lower price, but you get the money almost instantly. Apple manages its barter service under the name Apple Trade-In, which pays you credit at the Apple Store, which you can spend on your iPhone, a new Mac, or anything sold in the company’s online retail stores. But Apple’s evaluation of resale phones compared to finding a direct buyer is still very low.

If your phone suffers a lot of damage, swapping may be the best option. If the screen is broken, the charging port has been removed, or the speakers are not working properly, the resale value of the phone drops. In this case, consider swapping your phone for store credit, or selling directly to phone recycling companies such as ecoATM or Wirefly.

Don’t forget to put these considerations into your next new phone

If you are going to sell an old iPhone to fund another upgrade, consider buying a protective phone and screen protector right away.

If you’re still an iPhone user, you should transfer your data, provided that your new phone has enough free space. If you have a particularly large photo library or lots of music files, make sure your new phone has at least the same capacity as your old phone. If you get tired of seeing the pop-up window low, consider getting more capacity this time.

One way to solve this problem is to invest in iCloud storage and enable the iCloud Photo Library service that allows you to store smaller, compressed photos on your phone, while your photos are full sized in the cloud. So you can download full-size photos whenever you need them, provided you have an internet connection.

You may also need new accessories for your new iPhone if the design is completely different from the latest model. New iPhones don’t have a headphone port, so you might want to invest in some wireless AirPods. The old charger may not be compatible with the new iPhone, so the wireless charging pad might be a good idea because all phones beyond the iPhone 8 now support Qi wireless charging.

Finally, you may want to take out some money to sign up for AppleCare on your new iPhone.