How to bypass blocked websites and surf the Internet safely using NordVPN

When you browse the Internet, you must have once reached a site that you cannot access because it is blocked by your ISP, or you may be unable to use one of the free services such as voice or video calls provided by the communication applications. Freebies are due to a ban in some countries.

When we are exposed to these situations, the usual behavior would be to use a VPN service, which helps to overcome the ban, but here we may find ourselves asking… which service should we use? Should I use a free or paid service?

Do you choose free or paid VPN services?

At first, we should know that there are plenty of free VPN services available, but their freebies certainly don’t come at a price and don’t make them a better option. Some of them rely on the display of a lot of ads in an annoying way, while others may restrict usage such as limiting the speed of communication or limit the amount of data exchange during a session, which may stop the download of large files or even prevent you from browsing.

There are major concerns about free VPN services. It offers a service that costs money without clear payments, so don’t be surprised by the repeated scandals that it sells users information or spy on them, and in some cases, hackers exploited the desire for free VPN service to trick users and steal their accounts.

Of course, a free VPN service can be used once if you need it for a simple task (no guarantee of login or financial transactions), but for a permanent user who does important things online or purchases online, it is better to use a paid VPN service such as NordVPN.Get perfect protection and access to blocked websites for just $ 2.99 per month from NordVPN

Why is NordVPN the best choice among VPN services currently available?

With a quick online search, it will be clear that NordVPN is one of the most popular and preferred options, chosen as the best service from several global technology sites such as PCMag, and it has high ratings in terms of user satisfaction (including us) about the service.

But of course, you don’t just need to trust our preference.

Maintain privacy

Not only does NordVPN prevent intruders from accessing your data and browsing information, it strongly confirms that it does not keep any records of users’ browsing information, and the company’s presence in Panama makes it an added advantage of being able to deny any request from service providers to display user information. , Where no world government has the power to enforce it.

Double Security with Double Data Protection

NORDVPN will provide you with more security, as using it will mean that your information is transmitted through one server instead of one before it reaches the desired location. Interestingly, the second server will not be aware of your original IP, ensuring you maximum security.

One month of trial use without the financial commitment

When you subscribe to NordVPN, you will have a full month to undo this decision if you are not satisfied with the service, as the price of the subscription will return to you immediately and therefore you do not risk your money when you sign up, but you have an excellent option to retreat if what was offered does not satisfy you .

Bypass geolocation from Netflix and others

Netflix and many broadcasters and digital content providers identify the series and shows that subscribers can view based on their geographic location, and ask them to stop the VPN service when they try to bypass this, but using NordVPN will enable you to bypass geographic limitation and take advantage of series listings in most countries where Companies are unable to detect your use of the Service.

Download via torrent without worrying about irregularities with P2P support

Although torrent downloads are more effective than direct uploads and because of their negative reputation, torrent downloads are illegal in many countries, and the fine resulting from its use may amount to fictional figures.

Your use of NordVPN will enable you to enjoy secure torrenting with P2P connectivity support as your identity will be hidden. You can also use Double Data Protection to ensure your information is more secure and avoid irregularities.

Enjoy NordVPN’s features and maintain speed

It is commonly known that the use of VPN services reduces the speed, but when you use NordVPN you get much faster connection speed than other services to ensure security and speedy connection at the same time. NordVPN has more than 5,000 servers from over 60 countries to ensure you get the best and fastest connection.

Get rid of malware and annoying ads

When you activate CyberSec, NordVPN will automatically block suspicious sites that can be a place to download malware, protect your computer from DDoS hackers, even if your computer is infected with malware. The video that is displayed automatically.

Use the service even when blocked

Some governments may block VPN services in their countries, and to deliver the service to subscribers in all countries, NordVPN offers the Obfuscated servers feature which helps you bypass the ban and enjoy VPN services without the government’s knowledge and despite attempts to block.

How to subscribe to NordVPN?

There are many packages available for subscription ranging from a subscription for one month until the subscription for 3 years, where the price varies depending on the subscription period. Of course, you can buy a monthly subscription for $ 11.95, but subscribing to larger packages gives you increased savings as the month costs $ 6.99 in the annual subscription, $ 3.99 for the two-year subscription and finally only 2.99 in the 3-year subscription. With the fact that you can undo the subscription during the first month and get your money back, the best option is, of course, the longer subscription.