How to check a phone before buying a second hand/used mobile phone?

For some reason, some of us are forced or prefer to buy a used phone. It brings together all the known and tried methods, both by me and by friends, which will show you how to check the phone used and the main objective is to buy the desired phone in the best condition and without regrets to the purchase process.


Before you buy a used phone, check that you want this phone and not others, ie, read about it and know the specifications well and the impressions he shared from the buyer, read the phone page on GSMArena and  see the review of the loudspeaker (review) and examine the defects and features well, see the reviews of the device and deliberately see reviews for more From the references until you know everything about the phone, the more effort you make, the more correct your decision, these steps will also help you even if you intend to buy a new phone for sure, you actually read about the new phone is not used, and of course there is no difference, especially if you buy a used phone Good condition, something we will try evil How it is done in the next paragraphs.

I advise those who intend to buy a used phone, for example a thousand pounds – or whatever currency – to look for new phones sold in the market at the same price, of course whatever the condition of the used phone will not be like the new phone, but if you remain insisting on your opinion, let us continue ..

How to buy a used phone?

Buying a used phone is not a physical equation. The subject is easy and simple. It will be erected on you! An idea like this will let you scrutinize well before completing a transaction.

Before the deal, tour the shops and make sure that the price at which you buy the phone is not exaggerated, and make sure that you will buy at the best price and negotiated in the price, the price putter will be aware that you will negotiate with him and try to engage him to increase it from the beginning. Never buy at the offered price, and now that you have confirmed all of the above, what are the steps to follow when you hold the device in your hand?

1. Check the phone body

The first step is to check the body of the phone full examination in good light, and in the process of checking for any cracks or fractures, whether in the frame of the phone or the screen, the back of the phone is not so important, the utmost importance lies in the frame of the phone and the screen of course, and there are also some phones So you should be fully aware of what the phone is going to buy and what it looks like. If the phone’s screen is covered with a glass protection sticker, remove it, sometimes vendors put it on top of the screen to hide some scratches. If you confirm that the phone is safe and not scratched and has no defects, go to the second stage.

2. Test phone and test sensors

Once you have checked the phone body, opened the lid and made sure everything is OK, go to try the phone itself. Calls, which turn off the phone’s light during a call, try a fingerprint sensor if available, but you can’t try all of the sensors.

For example, I will explain how to do it on Samsung devices. A system-specific application that allows you to experience colors, sensors, vibration, speaker, LED lighting if available and touch experience as well, you should try everything before buying the phone. Also, try the rear flash and try connecting the phone to the charger or laptop via cable.

For a little tech-savvy: Download the Antutu Benchmark app to check device performance.

3. Check the IMEI code of the phone

Each original phone has an IMEI code which is an identification code similar to the serial number only directed to adjust, then menu about the device which is at the end of the menus below and then choose the status of the device you’ll find some information IMEI number of the device, after accessing it go to the site and enter the number to show you the specifications of the device and its version, the fact that the device appeared when searching for his code This proves that the device is genuine and outside the factory of the company, ie Not grouped.

All of the above steps can be applied to iPhones as well, but instead of searching for their IMEI numbers we will search for Serial Number directly.

Now we have discussed all the ways to make sure the device is authentic and authentic, but there are also things you should pay attention to and we can call them tips:

1. The box of the device and its contents

Don’t buy a used phone without its original box, original charger, and headphones, if any. Selling without the box or box is very difficult, so be sure to buy the phone with all its original needs and box.

2. Make sure your phone has not been repaired before (not unlocked)

In the Egyptian market precisely because of my experience in it we hear about some used phones sold in shops as a “trap” where these phones have been maintained by (open), which in itself is losing the phone at least a quarter of its price, and to avoid something like Try to go over the phone to a guaranteed service shop and check it out. It is recommended that someone who checks it is a friend of yours or at least you know each other. Rarely do we find devices like this on the market, but care is a must.

Price and last steps

Now that we have finished, after you make sure that the device is working properly from all directions and experience the sensors, cameras, sound, and after examining the body of the phone completely and make sure of its authenticity through the methods suggested above, so be sure to negotiate with the seller at a point Price as much as possible, without losing one of the parties or oppression of course, after you have the phone make sure to make a factory settings and wipe everything before placing any files or contacts on the device, and cover the device with a glass case for the screen and back cover.