How to control the latest news section on Facebook

Sometimes we have very few minutes to browse the latest news on Facebook and want to see just what matters to us, but of course, we will have a lot of news and publications that we don’t want to see. In this article, we will review the most possible ways to control your Facebook news page and prioritize your news appearance as you wish so that it first shows what matters to you only to see it, and thus browse without boredom, without wasting your time.

See First

When you select a page or person to see first, it means that their posts will automatically appear at the top of the latest news section, and that person or page will not know. With this feature, you can prioritize seeing publications for you.

With this feature, you can select up to 30 people or pages to view first, but they will not be arranged to appear in the latest news section.

To select people or pages to watch first just enter that page and click on the options menu as in the picture below and select the (Continue) button and then select (Watch First), so its publications will appear at the top of your latest news section.

Cancel Follow Unfollow

When you send a friend request or like a page, you will follow it automatically if that person allows everyone to follow it, but if you don’t want that person or page to appear in the News section, you can change the follow-up options to (Don’t Follow).

To do this follow the same steps as selecting a witness first, but this time choose not to proceed, so his posts will be hidden in your latest news section, and he or she will not be able to see if you are unfollowed.

Most Recent

By default, your News section displays the highlights first, but if you want to temporarily watch the news by the latest, you can select from the list of options by selecting the latest, so you’ll be able to see the latest news first. This option is useful when you hear the breaking news and want to see more complete information immediately from the pages you like.

Hide a Hide post

In this case, only one post will be hidden and automatically the option to see fewer posts from the liked page will be activated without liking it or from someone friend without canceling the friendship. To do this click on the publication options at the top and left of the publication and choose Hide Publication.

From the same menu, you can also hide posts from a page or friend for 30 days, so they will never appear in your latest news section until the end of that period.

News Feed preferences

Here you will also find most of the things that help you set up the latest news section of Facebook, which will enable you to prioritize posts you want to see similar to the First View feature we talked about earlier, as well as unfollow people you don’t want to see in your latest news section. Reconnect with unfollowed people and manage temporary hiding settings.

You can access the latest news preferences from the options menu at the top right of your page, click on the Settings option and finally choose News Feed Preferences.

Format the latest news on Facebook as you like

When you like and comment on the posts of a page, Facebook will automatically show you the posts of this page in the front of the latest news section, as well as similar posts.

So, feed your Facebook with what you like, like the posts of the pages and friends you want to see their posts first and go further by leaving a comment or post to that post, this will, of course, help you organize your latest news section as you like.

Publishing Notifications

Finally, you can take a step further, by activating notifications for the pages you want to view. Facebook will send you a notification as soon as you publish any content from the page you have notified, so you will have it immediately when you click on the notification without any hassle.

To activate these notifications, enter the page you want to receive their publications as soon as they are published.

With these methods, you can now browse more intelligently. You can save a lot of your time by deciding what you want to watch, as well as get rid of the clutter that you do not want to see in the latest news on Facebook by setting your viewing priorities, thus increasing the efficiency of your browsing on the most social networking sites Fame in the world.