How to create a site? Principles for building a professional website

In this tutorial, we plan to explain to you how to set up a site. And let’s introduce you to our loved ones, even the right and most practical extensions that most designers use to set up a site. Stay with us.

Select a platform

There is plenty of platform and content management system to launch your site and publish your content. Nowadays, the best and most popular are WordPress CMS. 29% of sites are built with WordPress. In the past, my colleagues have compared the content management systems and introduced the best. Take a look at it if you need it.

WordPress can easily customize your site and does not require much coding. Only if you want to add specific items to your WordPress site.

Choosing A WordPress Web Hosting

Once the platform is selected, it is time to prepare web hosting or hosting. All of you are familiar with the hosting section, and you know one hundred percent to start the site. First, it requires hosting and domain registration. I suggest hosting or hosting that is compatible with WordPress and professional templates, and it should be Linux.

It’s basically a space on servers whose operating systems are based on Linux or Windows. Home web hosting is your website on the Internet. Each website needs web hosting, and each web site needs different needs.

Web design and template

You must now select and install your own website template. At Home WordPress, we’ve provided many professional and free templates. Optionally select and install one of them. Choosing a template is one of the most important elements in building a site, since users are affected by the first thing that is appearing on the site . That’s why it’s important.


At this point, you need to install a proper backup plugin like BackupBuddy and protect your website against malware and Internet attacks. It is then automatically retrieved from your website every week. Auto Backup is your first defense against security threats.

This will increase your WordPress security and effectively block cyber attacks.


Then you have to improve the performance of your website. Increase the speed of your pages and increase the efficiency of your website. With the wp rocket professional extension, you can do this. Or you can use a MaxCDN content delivery network to speed up your website, reduce server load, and provide static content (images, CSS, javascript).

Get a professional rocket plugin

You can also use the free Classic Smilies plugin to turn off all Emoji features in WordPress, and to replace them with older versions of the previous version of WordPress, in order to increase your website’s performance.


To provide the best website to your users and be one of the most popular on the World Wide Web, you can use the following efronas.

Yoast SEO

With Yoast SEO you can Upgrade your web site with the title tag, XML Sitemaps, indexing rules and more, the most popular and most engaging SEO plugin.

Get professional SEO plugin


The OptinMonster plugin is the best management tool for WordPress. With this plugin you can add your visitors to the newsletter and get more subscribers.

A powerful plugin builder. With which you can add multi-step forms to your website.


MailChimp enables you to design, send and track beautiful email newsletters. Each site owner must create an email list.


MonsterInsights allows you to connect to Google Analytics for free. Google Analytics is a tool for surveying and analyzing user behavior on a website that can be used to increase website sales. It also shows you who your visitors came from and where they came from.

Make money

In this section, you should consider the revenue and profit of your website, you can use the following solutions.


After designing your site and introducing the business market, there are a number of changes to the frontend of the site. The more you pay attention to the style of your site, the more visitors you attract. For example, with the NavXT Breadcrumb add-on, you can display the page marker horizontally above the posts or the title of each page. With this, your visitors can easily see their current track on the site.

In addition, you can display WordPress Codes in your site content using the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin. Or, with the Compact Archives plugin, make your archiving pages more beautiful. This will compress the output of the monthly / yearly archive.

customer feedback

Then you need to be able to manage the site’s feedback well and be responsive to your customers. Also avoid sending jarring messages. For example, the Akismet plugin fights with Spam. And you can focus on writing quality content on your site instead of putting Spam views on it.

So, for how to build a site, just step up the steps you’ve been told.