How to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome

Desktop warnings are one of the best gimmicks of cutting edge programs. They show sneak peaks of email, football scores or even texts, letting you to take a snappy look at redesigns without leaving the work you’re doing. Be that as it may this can get a bit of overpowering, especially when it incorporates spam and ads. In the event that an excess of locales have started to send notices, or on the off chance that you have to close out all the clamor, you ought to incapacitate Google Chrome warnings. Doing as such is really straightforward:

Open the Google Chrome Settings page. You can either sort chrome://settings in the location bar and hit Enter or click the symbol at the upper right > Settings.

Span to the base and click Show advanced settings.

Under Privacy, click Content settings….

Span down to Notifications.

Select Do not permit any site to show desktop notices.

In the event that you need to permit a few sites to show notices, you can click Ask when a site needs to show desktop warnings. Presently locales will indicate notices just in the event that you allow them to.

Click Manage exceptions… to see the rundown of locales that you’ve allowed authorization for warnings. Click the X to the privilege of any of these URLs to prevent the site from sending notices.

This technique disposes of desktop notices from sites. Anyway an application or augmentation can even now send notices. To impair notices from individual Chrome applications or augmentations, take after these steps.

Windows 7 and 8

Tap Windows key + D or go to the desktop.

Left-click the Chrome Notifications symbol in the notices bar in the base right of the screen. In the event that it isn’t there, then click the up shaft symbol toward the begin of the notices bar. When you see the chime, left-click on it.

Click the apparatus symbol.

Uncheck applications or expansions that you don’t need warnings from.


In the framework menu bar, click the chime symbol.

Click the apparatus symbol.

Uncheck applications or expansions that you don’t need warnings from.

In the event that you need to impair all Chrome notices, there is a simple approach to do as such. In the event that you’re working and simply need an impermanent break, then you can rather right click on the chime formed Chrome warnings symbol, and click on Do not disturb. This turns off all warnings. You can likewise click on Do not irritate for one hour or Do not aggravate for one day in the event that you simply need a short break from warnings.

This next system will for all time stop all notices, including email and messages. On the off chance that you require those, then don’t do this. In case you’re sure that you have to dispose of all Chrome notices, then read on.

Windows 7 or 8

Tap Windows key + D or go to the desktop.

Click the up bolt symbol toward the begin of the notices bar in the base right of the screen.

Click Customise….

Span down to Google Chrome.

In the drop-down menu, select Hide symbol and notices.

Click OK.


Click Chrome from the top menu bar.

Click Hide notify Icon starting from the drop menu.

When you’ve done this, Chrome will never again have the capacity to send any warning or cautions whatsoever.