How to Increase Battery Life on Android?

This post will answer how to Increase Battery Life on Android and 5 Tips to extend Battery Life. Android is the most well liked mobile OS. With its sales growth dashing sort of a rocket, it’s seized the markets of Apple Iphones, Blackberry & Nokia. robot super powers users to try to to virtually something with vast assortment of apps. But, it becomes terribly tough to assist its battery from running out before you reach the charger at your home.This created Pine Tree State write a tutorial to extend Battery Life on robot. i’m scripting this tutorial from my personal expertise thus, you don’t got to worry concerning the results.

To increase battery life on robot, we’d like facilitate of few apps and a few little measures from US.Let’s 1st begin with the apps Apps that you wish to install:

Juice Defender:
Juice Defender is extremely sure and most counseled battery saver app for robot. It will what specifically it says which is, it saves your battery juice from drying out. There area unit various choices and settings that permits you to customise the battery saving terribly simply.

Advanced Task Killer:
This is a requirement have app for all robot users. we have a tendency to all love multi-tasking and therefore leave several apps running within the background, this app lest you produce an inventory of apps that have to be compelled to be killed sporadically and it permits you to envision and kill specific apps. it’s AN automobile kill feature that is extremely smart.

5 Tips to extend Battery Life :

These area unit the few straightforward things that you wish to require care of ANd your battery life are going to be for certain at an enhanced level.

  1. Turn WiFi off once not required
  2. Switch off bluetooth when use
  3. Reduce brightness; it’ll immediately increase battery juice
  4. Turn off Mobile information in the dead of night
  5. Uninstall unused apps that run in background
    So, this can be all you wish to extend battery life in robot. I follow these strategies to extend the battery life by concerning 100 percent These stat isn’t verified however, i’m telling it by calculation from my expertise. Hope you found one thing helpful for your robot.