How to Remotely Control Your Computer From a Phone or Tablet

Your mom is having an issue with the PC at home yet notwithstanding providing for him directions for 60 minutes, he can’t settle the issue. One approach to verify he’s really emulating the steps you’re directing via telephone would be to utilize his telephone as a webcam to rapidly take a gander at the screen, however a surprisingly better choice would be to simply assume control over his PC from your telephone or tablet, and resolution things yourself over the Internet. How would you do that? That is the place we venture in. Perused on:

The principal thing that is required is a little premonition. Download and introduce TeamViewer on your folks’ PC now, and on your cell phone or tablet as well. TeamViewer is free for individual use on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, and you can discover the download joins for all these stages on the TeamViewer page.

Verify both the PC and the telephone are joined with the Internet.

Open TeamViewer on the PC.

Note down the ID and secret key that is shown in TeamViewer – or have somebody let it know to you on telephone.

Wake up TeamViewer on the cell phone or tablet.

Enter the ID and secret key you noted down prior in the cell phone/ tablet TeamViewer application.

Tap Remote Control.

Presently you’ll see the PC’s screen on your telephone or tablet. You can control it effectively now.

TeamViewer meets expectations over the Internet, and not exactly when the two machines are associated with the same system, so you can now investigate issues on your folks’ PC right from office, or in the event that you’ve introduced the project on your home desktop, you can get to your documents and send those messages you should have spared to your portable computer. You can tap on the screen to recreate a mouse-click, and on the off chance that you tap on a content passage field, a virtual console pops up so you can sort.

There can be a little defer in what you’re doing on the versatile and what’s going on the PC, depending halfway on the pace of both Internet associations, so its not the same as being there, yet in the event that you simply need to investigate something critically, or on the off chance that you have to get some essential work completed, TeamViewer can be a lifeline.

There are numerous more remote association applications that let you control your PC through your telephone or tablet, however we picked TeamViewer in light of the fact that it is greatly simple to use, as should be obvious from the steps above. TeamViewer is additionally free for individual utilization, so’s an included preference.