For as long as famous series phones Huawei P by providing imaging is the best experience in the world of phones, especially with the phone Huawei P20 Pro who presented the experience of the best shot in the world of mobile time of its release, and the superiority of heavily on phone competition from Samsung and Apple, and then I felt that it might be impossible to do Any company, including Huawei, can make a phone that can outperform the P20 Pro camera, but despite the fact that most companies have failed to do so already, Huawei is back to excel itself this year with the Huawei P30 Pro to fix the most important problems that have met the P20 Pro such as lack of Support for wireless charging and processor change to Kirin 980It is the latest version, which is characterized by super fast, and other improvements that we will talk about during the review, but were these improvements enough to put the phone Huawei P30 Pro on the throne of smartphones ?!


The first thing that caught my attention when I used the phone Huawei P30 Pro is the color of the back side, which I can not describe, it is significantly variable depending on the angle from which you see the phone, at times it looks completely white but when you carry the phone moderate you will find that it is two colors where it comes The top is in cyan and the bottom is purple but overall the company calls this color the name Breathing Crystal and by the way I would recommend anyone planning to buy this phone to buy this color although there are many distinctive color options for the phone as well, but away from the color the front of The phone is a bit similar ATV Huawei Mate 20 , where a full – screen TV comes with a Notch in the upper part of the screen for the camera and sensors, this is the Notch Very small, and in fact surprised by its design because I expected the company to follow what I did with the phone Nova 4 by replacing the Notch with the camera in the left part of the screen.

Thanks to its large screen and powerful Kirin 980 octa-core processor, it is the same processor as the Mate 20 Pro.In fact, I have never had any problems using the phone in my daily life, whether browsing various social apps like Facebook. Instagram and others and also when I watch some Legends of Tomorrow episodes on the phone or even when I use it to take notes on OneNote Or look at emails, in the end I was able to rely on the phone for all these things without worrying about slow phone or need to recharge because the phone comes with a battery size of 4200 mA, and I will not deny that the lack of screen resolution has helped to save battery power for as long as possible The phone also comes with 8GB of random memory and 256GB of internal space, more than enough space to download all the games and movies you desire.

Huawei P30 Pro offers an experience closer to the ideal for fans of Android system.Although not significant development in the interface EMUI, but the phone offers an imaging experience is unparalleled and difficult to compete, as the phone comes attractive design as usual in the series phones P Huawei, With a good gaming experience without problems with long battery life, I definitely recommend this phone to anyone looking for a new flagship phone that offers the perfect experience.