Improve Alexa rank in 30 days or less

What is Alexa Rank? What does Alexa Ranking use? What factors are analyzed by Alexa? How to register our site in Alexa? What is the effect of epic and qualitative content on Alexa’s rank? Does the link bounce affect Alexa Rank? Can I know about traffic performance and ranking of competitor sites? How do I know the keywords of rival sites? In short, these are questions that come to the minds of webmasters and site owners and are intended to be discussed at this site in an intuitive way. In this article we read:


Numbers do not lie. When discussing the overall popularity and overall value of a site, Alexey has a good and stable rating. Why? Alexa Rank is one of the most commonly used sizes used by business partners, investors and advertisers to measure and analyze the status of their website. They use this rating to measure the health of a site and the process of progress or decline of the site. The lower the Alexa rank, the better. That’s why many web site owners and webmasters are looking to improve Alex’s website ranking and endlessly strive for this.

In this article, several key points for promoting the Alexa ranking of the site are discussed. First, it discusses the factors that Alexa uses for ranking. Then there is a tangible strategy for raising Alex’s rank in the shortest possible time (about 30 days or less).

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is briefly introduced to ensure that the content is properly understood.

Alexa Rank is a rating system provided by the Alexa website (a branch of Amazon), which analyzes site performance and reports to the public on various sites. “

Alexa’s support center outlined the issue and described how Alexa Ranking or Alexa Ranking ranked Alex Alexa Ranking: 
“Traffic Estimates and Alexa Ranking are based on the behavior of the search and site visits of those who are stored in the Alexa World Data Panel and an example of the entire Internet users The world. Alexa’s traffic rating is based on traffic data sent to the Alexa data panel by the user’s search engine over the past 3 months. “

In the image below Alexa’s website, Google’s longest-running site is ranked first in the world:

The following is also displayed on the Quick Sprout website’s Alexa Rank:

As you can see, Alex’s ranking is not Google Alexa, but it’s steady and progressive, given the fact that lower-ranked websites are about 30 million.

Alexa analyzes what factors?

Before designing the game, it is better to know what Alexa looks at to determine the rank of a website.

Thankfully, Alex does not hide in this and discloses the method of calculating his data. According to the contents and Alexa’s blog , Alexa daily, estimates the average visitors and hits the pages of all sites over the past three months. The site that has the highest number of visitor combinations and page views over the past three months will rank first.

Rated sites are around 30 million. If no one in our measurement panel has visited a site within the past 3 months, no total ranking will be announced for that site. They also provide several charts that are as follows:

Obviously, Google receives more traffic than any other Internet site. Google receives more visitors daily and visits more pages and therefore stands at the summit of Alexa Mountain. Alex also points to the fact that the closer to the tip of the chart, the higher the rating is made, and the data provided is more accurate.

While the top ranking of the site with an alexa of 24.5 million is much easier and can be upgraded to a short period of 20 million, but going from rank 50 to rank 40 is much harder and may take a year.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the Alexa rank depends on two key factors:

Taking these two key factors into account, the steps that have to be taken to improve the Alexa Rank and quickly reach Alexa Rank are described below. By implementing these strategies, you can improve your Alexa Rank within 30 days or less.

Register your website at Alexa

If you do not have a problem for a small investment, it’s a good idea to register your site in Alexa and give a special evaluation of your site. In this case, Alexa gives you an Alexa Certified Code to insert on your site and thereby measure your site activity directly. This practice has many advantages, including:

The various prices of Alexa’s services (Alexa Plans) are as follows:

In the Insight plan, you will receive a free monthly SEO report and will receive a full two-week review of your site on a “progressive” plan. Remember these two when you select the Alexa Plan. The following is a screenshot of Alexa support below:

If you use Alexa’s non-exclusive plan, you can have a good analysis of your site and surpass competitors. You can have a clearer picture of the health and popularity of your site and provide tools that enable site rankings to be promoted.

Generate epic content

Epic epic content may seem a little off the line, but when you split the case into detail, the quality content and what the audience is looking for is the best technique to improve Alex’s rank and overall site performance. Having original and original content is one of the key to enhancing Alexa Ranking and Domain and Site Governance.

Creating quality links

Two of the key factors that Google considers when ranking websites is Trust and Authority. In fact Domain Trust / Domains is responsible for 23.87% of the Google ranking algorithm. The following is a Google ranking component in the image below

One of the quickest ways to increase site trust / domination is to get quality inbound links or backlinks. You know the agenda. Backlinks should be reputable and relevant sites. But believe it is easier to say than to do it. I hope to post some more in the Featured blogs resolved this issue. Of course this is not the case, and it must be a lot of trouble. But at the end of this way, there is also a useful and qualitative content. However, the rule is 90 to 10. 90% of the quality and original content that ends up with a 10% backlink.

And when it comes to linking, there’s a technique that’s all the best, and it’s guest-posting. Post blog posts and postings and link it to your site. If you can post a few good posts on the websites, then your Alexa Ranking will definitely improve over the course of a month.

Keyword analysis of rivals

The main question is: why do you want to increase the Alexa Ranking of your website? Or better say your Alexa Rank? Certainly, we want to have a better ranking of competing and competing sites. It is true? Of course, we want to be better off competitors. But how?

One of the best techniques for achieving Alexa Ranking and SEO in general is the analysis of key terms for competitors. You need to know which keywords are better for them, how much backlinks, and so on.

If we know which keywords have the most traffic to rival sites, we can optimize your site for those keywords and keywords , and SEO to upgrade your site. This is killing two sparrows with a stone. Not only does Alex’s rating improve, the overall SEO rating also improves.

Competitive keywords keyword analysis technique

I recommend using Google’s Keyword Planner. Many tools are available, but this is one of the most universal. In addition, Google has more in depth data than the Internet. So act as follows.

Open your dashboard. Search the keyword with a phrase, website or category.

Under the “Your homepage” option, enter the competitor’s website address. Below is a sample.

Click on the “Get Ideas” button at the bottom of the page and a list of rival keywords will appear.

One of the good features of this programmer is that you can instantaneously see the monthly search volume and search volume of each keyword on the competitor’s site. By creating better content with the same keywords, you can compete with your competitors and improve your SEO and Alexa Ranking. But in order to increase your Alexa Ranking in less than a month, it’s a good idea to first use keywords with low competition.


Alexa Rank is in many ways connected with the health and progress of our site or our online business. This is one of the things that the site’s main stakeholders and stakeholders usually look at and check out the site’s performance and decide, based on that ranking, to collaborate with your site. Therefore, achieving a significant Alexa Rank (below 100,000) should be the first priority of any webmaster or website owner.

In this article Alexa Ranking Alexa’s History and Alexa’s History were first reviewed, and then Alexa Ranking Techniques were presented in less than a month, including the registration of the website in Alexa, the production of qualitative and original content, the creation of quality links from reputable sites, and Popular, keyword analysis of competitors.