Introducing Best Hosting Companies in Tehran and Iran

In this article we will introduce the best hosts of Iran and best hosting of Iran. Most hosting companies or hosting companies are located in Tehran and in the center of Iran. In this article, we will introduce the best hosts of Iran and compare the best hosting companies in Iran to use this article to choose the best hosting company in Iran to buy cheap and affordable. Choosing the best hosting provider in Iran and the web hosting service is one of the most important issues that the site administrator needs to have a thorough understanding of to choose the hosting to provide the conditions for progress and jump startup and site. But the question is , what good website is said and what features should be? This article is discussed in more detail below.

Tips for setting up a high-quality, high-quality site. Work divided into three parts: hardware, software, and content creation. The hardware sector includes choosing the top Iranian hosting service and choosing the right domain for the site.

Best hosts in Iran and comparing Iranian hosting companies

Host is in fact an electronic platform that stores the contents of your site and is accessible through the Internet. Also, to identify the site should be assigned a unique domain. Domain is part of the website’s billboard. Finally, after comparing Iranian hosts and purchasing domains and choosing the right hosts, you should connect the domain to the hosting provider in concert with the provider of the company. This process takes place through the name servers. Therefore, one of the most important shopping actions is the best of Iran’s hosts, so there is no problem in terms of security, speed and compatibility with the site code.

The homeland web hosting

Homeland Web Hosting Company is the official website of and is one of the active companies in this field. Company is located in Rasht city. The company’s prominent feature is the low cost of the initial services as well as the quality of the services in proportion to the cost of the payment.

Other service provided by the free ssl certificate is the company’s good support and quick ticketing.

Is hosted by admin

  • Cheap hosts
  • Good support
  • Free ssl certificate
  • Average quality is relative to price

I want the best cheap hosts

Host Fa

The host of the Fa from new companies, which has gained momentum over the past few years, relying on the quality and expertise of its customers and the confidence of its customers. The location of Tehran is.

Best WordPress Web Hosting for Iran

The host of the Fa is the only hosting company in Iran that has been able to provide the country with the most up-to-the-fastest and most up-to-date high-end, fully-equipped and powerful hardware infrastructure, in contrast to other hosting companies. All of its servers and equipment are owned by the company and do not use servers and rental equipment, which has made the most important organizations and stores of the country use the services of this company.

  • Top WordPress Hosting in Iran
  • Good support
  • Provides high volume hosts
  • Fair Pricing Policy
  • Use Milad Tower Data Center
  • Free ssl certificate
  • high security
  • Not having a very cheap amateur hosting

I want the best WordPress hosting company in Iran!

Iran server

IRAN SERVER is the official website of, a reputed company that is located in the city of Mashhad, is one of the oldest and most up to date hosting companies in Iran. Based on personal experience, they have great support and are the best options. Prices are in the mid-range upwards and more suitable for more professional sites.

Iran Web Hosting WordPress Iran Server / Linux Hosting Iran Server

  • Good quality web host
  • Cheap Domain Registration
  • Good support
  • The price is pretty high
  • Certificate of paid ssl

Net partition

Do not confuse the name of this company with other companies at the official website of! A good and reputable hosting company based in Tehran. The cost of services is moderate and good. Good support is provided, and with the help of hosting packages and volume and space, you can use the company to see if it is a good idea.

Free ssl hosts with butterfly Limitations:

  • Primary hosting does not include the addon domain
  • Daily limit of 2000 unique visits
  • Possibility to build only 1 database

Hosted with high quality web hosting


The official website of is one of the other Iranian companies with 13 years of experience and proper tariffs. I personally did not use the services of this company and did not have much information to insert. If you use the services of this company, please use your own experience.

Host is a high quality web host

Pars Server

Pars Corp., an official website, with an age of about 14 years old, is one of the oldest hosting companies, domains, servers, design and more.

Hosted by Pars Server

Hosted dl

The web hosting department at has started its activity since the year 1378 in a field of hosting the highly experienced sites and gaining the necessary skills and experience, and since 2013, in cooperation with the transfer company AsaTek Data With the provision of the necessary infrastructure, internal quality servers are also added to the Dial-Up Hosts. The most popular first-rate sites of the country, such as namnak, soft98, SarzaminDownload, FaceNama, Patoghu, RozBlog, irannaz, Downloadha, Nex1Music, PopMusic, YasDL, itbazar, androidha, hiDoctor … are our customers.

Advice and Disadvantages of Hosts DL:

  • Suitable for highly professional and highly professional sites
  • Not providing shared hosting services like other companies
  • Requires expertise in server management and server maintenance
  • Very good support


Pars Pack

ParsPack is the official website of the companies that are famous for the cloud hosting provider and is one of the first cloud providers in Iran. For more information, see the “Best Cloud Hosting” article on Cloud Hosting.

Hosts Iran

The web site is located at in the Tehran neighborhood of Abbas Abad.

Abtin Web

Abtin Web Company at the official website, located in the eastern part of Tehran and among the top 10 sites in the field of hosting in terms of the number of domains to the site

Look bright pars

Web password

Web-based company has started its activities in the field of information technology and web hosting services – site design and SEO in the official website, located in West Tehran.

Iran host

Iran host located at in Tehran, near Mirza Shirazi Metro. The old companies that have been active in this field since 1999 (1999).


Bertina is the official website of from well-established and reputable companies in the field of Internet and business as well as hosting. The company features a variety of services to users.

Domain Services, Google Ads, Hosting, Foreign Exchange Services, … is the service of this company.


PersianTools is at the official official site, which is famous for its old and active siblings.

Tips for Hosting Companies

You want to run a website. You know what your website is and what you want to publish. You need a good hosting to enter the internet world and succeed in this space. Hosted sites are your online host that gives you the space to put all the data you want on your website to put on their server. How to choose the right host?

Specifically, one can not say which company it should buy. But by logging into the web host’s web site, and with a few key points on each of these companies’ websites, you can choose the right kind of business, your goals for launching the website, and the amount of money it will cost. Leave it out.

On the front page of the hosting companies site, upon sending you, a message is sent to provide any guidance and assistance from the backup. An online conversation can be a sign of the company’s reputation as a provider of services, if it can well answer your questions and questions about hosting, technical questions, prices, server speed, and … quick responsiveness. You can try online chat and talk about your need for the web host by logging in to the website of the web hosting company.

Prices and tariffs for services are clearly and transparently on the Web site. Misleading and obscure prices indicate invalid hosting.

The types of hosts provided by the web hosting company on the site with an adequate description of the service provided are clearly announced so that everyone can choose the right option for buying hosts on their own and know what they will get if they purchase any type of hosts. Brought up

The website details the statistics of hosting companies in Iran.

The final recommendation is the selection of the hosts

At the top, only a few companies were introduced, as new and good companies have a lot to say. We recommend that you choose one of the companies to start with, depending on your budget and the size and space you need.

Best hosts in Iran and comparing Iranian hosting companies

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