Is Apple exposed to a real conspiracy?

When users notice something that is not good or unexpected in a product and starts complaining and shouting on social media, there is certainly a fire under the ashes, and ignore such complaints and if they seem unimportant to you, it can put you in the field of guns Looking for justification and excuses, this in itself a weak position is not required at all.

Appealing to the revolutionary iPhone X launched in September 2017, Apple refused to conclude the same year with an issue that sparked a huge controversy over the battery of the iPhone 6, 7 and SE, after users noticed a strange slowdown in their devices, and reduced Processors work in half.

Intense controversy and fog filled the horizons on social networking sites, and technical sites specialized, Apple accused that it reduced the capacity of the batteries of the above versions in favor of its revolutionary product recently launched from iPhone X, to pay users to pay to buy them to make profits, and Apple at this point probably right by a large proportion; This particular phone has held all or most of its hopes for profits that no one will be able to approach in the near future, and it seems to be the basic plan – perhaps – given the high price you put on it.

But instead of making that point from the beginning, before taking this step, Apple waited until anthrax became a block of flame, and then came out with a statement and considered by the Baath to throw ash in the eyes, and justification for justification without providing real evidence, and the future seems ambiguous to this issue and to Where will things come next?

Has conspiracy theory been proven this time?

It seems that the conspiracy theory that this experience is not limited to this matter, has begun to be believed every day passes on Apple, rumors came out strongly that this is done by Apple continuously with each old version after the release of a new version through updates that push Out for their operating system for these older version phones.

This time Apple seems to have fallen into the trap. Discovering this was close to the launch of its revolutionary phone iPhone X, and with the criticism and objections and the great attack that this phone found iPhone X – not technical of course – but for its high and imaginary price has become almost certain.

Adding to this conspiracy theory is the imagination that Apple did not take the initiative to announce what it intends to do in this matter, but took the position of the defender after the frequent attack on it, and to bring lawsuits and criticism against it, after subjected to the phones scrutiny and scrutiny of almost everyone, especially those who are looking for any reason to Kell attack on Apple is angry at its high price.

What people on social media have to say?

Every day, social networking sites are proving to be the undisputed voice of the users.

The speed of the spread of the voice of users is the most advantage of these sites, in a scenario imagined, of course, Apple could have coolly and before Samsung to ignore such voices and pay no attention to them, but they can also deny them, but for sites and blogs – famous of course – It is quite possible to lure her with some exclusive privileges and will completely ignore it and may even reach material temptation.

But with networking sites it has become too much to be ignored, and this is what Apple is aware of him early, perhaps, with a recent statement that may heal the glory of some users, but for others this may be a hair that will separate it from Apple and its products forever, and in the minds of Samsung That still hasn’t fully recovered from the burning of the Galaxy Note 7 .

We made sure it wasn’t a coincidence… what about the iPhone 6, 7 and SE user?

Well, dear reader, if you notice that your phone is slow, and buying a new battery is not an option, there are only three options :

The first option is to wait to send your device to Apple’s authorized dealers to replace the battery, with the assurance that this is under two basic conditions :

  • To ensure that Apple or its local agent that the defect in the battery from the company, meaning that the battery must be changed after making sure that the defect is software from Apple’s operating system, and not from any external influences.
  • Your phone should not have passed more than two years, which is still under warranty and only then the phone will be replaced free of charge, noting that your phone will have for at least a week to 9 days.

The second option: to pay an additional amount, and to absorb the anger of users Apple reported that it reduced the cost of changing the battery from $ 79 to $ 29, and the change is also under the custody of Apple’s authorized dealers, and certainly also lose your device depending on how long the agent will determine.

The third option is if you don’t want to lose your device for days that may be prolonged or diminished, you can go to a third party that has nothing to do with Apple, ie stores and engineers who have experience in Apple devices, and then the cost of change and the price of the battery itself will be among you direct negotiation, a quick solution shortens you a lot Of time and maybe some dollars.

But beware dear Apple user then you may lose the warranty permanently and will be outside the umbrella of Apple, and you will not be able to deal with Apple authorized dealers again in any problem that arises to you in the future, Apple does not tolerate at this point at all, and if you discover – certainly able to – Your phone has been repaired outside of its umbrella, you are officially out of warranty, and will not enjoy any future advantage regarding its phones or products in general.

How do I know if I need to replace the battery?

Apple said in a recent statement that it intends to launch a new update for iOS by the beginning of the new year, which will include allowing users to access data on the strength and capacity of batteries.

But before this update comes you can do some first checking to answer the above question:

On your iPhone, go to Settings, and then to Battery, you’ll see a message saying, “Your iPhone’s battery may need service.”

Settings >> Battery “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced”

This message means that you will likely need to change the battery.

For more information and additional details you can download the application for Apple phones battery life from the official Apple store, or this application for MacBook Battery coconut and connect the iPhone to the MacBook via a USB connection, and run the application and will provide you with a comprehensive reading of the battery status.

Want to replace the battery now?

According to Apple, if the battery retains less than 80% of its original capacity and is under warranty under AppleCare +, the company is ready to replace the battery without any fees you pay, but first, you have to check the warranty status of your phone before sending the phone.

If your phone is not currently under warranty, and you want to change the phone with the corresponding financial cost, it will take a few weeks because Apple currently has not opened the door to replace batteries for phones out of warranty yet.

If you do not want to wait, you can call Apple online or your local dealer and send your phone through the shipping agents to replace the battery for $ 79, in addition to the shipping cost of approximately $ 6.95, according to the company this usually takes three to five working days.

Another alternative is to go to any Apple store near you, where you can replace the battery on-site, perhaps more quickly, although this has already begun in the United States and some other European countries, the Arab region has not yet been confirmed about this.

If your iPhone is not covered by warranty, you can try replacing the battery yourself. has a manual to replace the batteries on different versions of the iPhone.Remember that replacing the iPhone battery outside of Apple’s umbrella may void your warranty forever.