Learn everything you need about Backlink

As a professional group with a variety of SEO tools We have been working on website optimization , in this article we are going to examine the conditions for creating a high quality link and creating great links and show how each one can affect the quality of a website.

This article is very important to us and we have tried to provide all of our information about various links, including a link bug, so you can also use it as a complete source.

But why backlinks? Backlinks are the foundation and foundation for search engine optimization. Without these tools, there is no doubt that you will have trouble getting ahead of your direct and indirect rivals in SERP. So you will need this tool to build the main building of your online empire.

For this reason, we plan to explain: What is a backlink?

The backlink is a link that opens from one page to another. These links may take different forms that include both text and graphic styles. They may also be located on the header or website of a website, the blog section of the banner, a banner part, an article, a guest post, a white article, or any other text or graphic on the site. It may even be possible to link back to a comment on a site.

Professional SEO professionals believe that the creation of such high-quality links can be an important part of the strategy of intelligent search engine optimization and will have a great impact on the special position of the website in SERP. It is also referred to as the most effective source for upgrading the site.

For this reason, all SEO experts are constantly sensitive about them, and they want their customers and audiences to invest in back-up links and hyperlinks.

Why Backlinks Are Important?

As mentioned in our previous article, in the world of digital marketing and search engine optimization, links to improve web site rankings are extremely important.

These links affect the popularity, amount of communication, and generalities of the site. When you create a link to the site owner, site, or other clients, you are more likely to get your rank in search engines like Google.

When a crawler search engine explores a web site, it tries to review all of your web addresses and has a lot of attention to the number and quality of backlinks. In the eyes of a search engine, backlinks indicate the importance and relevance of a particular site.

Even if you do not know what search engines are looking for, these are back links that are active as a backup and patron on our website and show the quality of our site. This is the best advantage of the link backs.

Regarding the importance of backlinks, we can point to the following:

Google is well aware of the extent to which a site is valid and to what extent it has been able to get reputable and quality links from other sites. The higher the number of these backlinks with higher quality and higher, the higher the rank of the site in the SERP, and this is nothing other than optimizing the website in the ideal conditions.

Different types of backlinks

Regardless of all the things you do on your website, or that you read on other websites, in our group, there are only two types of backlinks that play a very important role: dofollow links to New Falo ( nofollow)

Now I recommend that you carefully review these two codes. In fact, they differ from the word nofollow, which indicates that the source site can not use this link to gain credit and rank the site. So although we’ve linked the site to the site, this link can not be a quality link for them.

The biggest difference between dofollow and nofollow links is that the first thing affects site rankings, while the latter is only used as a useful traffic source.

In fact, the links to the flood are something we all look for. A backlit link is known as an inbound link that transfers strength from one page to another and directly affects the SERP rating. This type of link, on a specific topic, contains unique and unique information that tells Google how important and quality this site is.

On the other hand, a nofollow link does not really have much effect on creating a specific page. This link does not create any real value for the page in the search engines, and therefore most SEO experts consider them to be useless. But in any case, we should keep in mind that these links are also effective in driving traffic to the website.

But a bad news! Perhaps we have the ability to get all the information about Google’s algorithms (though it’s a matter of course!), And to optimize websites, as well as to create backlinks with respect to this information. It’s a big mistake to imagine that getting an inbound link on its own can improve the ranking of a site.

In fact, all the links in Google’s eye are not the same, and some of them not only do not help improve site rankings, but may also hurt the site. If you are going to get all your links from a website, Google will identify it as a spam site and put you in a black list. So, you need to be creative in creating backlinks and try to create the best possible situation for your website.

Dragging natural traffic from a variety of resources, such as social networks, GOV and EDU domains, and any other URL that wants to publish a product or an article, is something that should be done when they create a link.

What makes a good Backlink good?

You probably have already become familiar with the status of the back link and its impact on site rankings and you know how you can use them to boost your site in search engines. Like everything else in life, SEO is also important in SEO and website optimization. Each of the experts in this field tends to consider quality in different ways. Of course, it should be borne in mind that there are various factors involved in this issue, and this depends on the type of website and even the taste of it.

When discussing the evaluation of links and links, we should consider the following three important factors:

Although the opinions may vary, and the issue of digital marketing and professional SEO is a good one, a good link is made up of the following factors:

Quality source

To be a good backlink, you must be taken from one source. This resource needs to be known for search engines and considered as a reliable source.

As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of search engines is to find the best possible and relevant results for each keyword, and provide them with their own. They look for signs and signals in the text to find the best possible connection. It’s important to know that backlink is linked to the site site at many different levels and generally exists in terms of site structure, page specifics, content, and so on.

So just creating a backlink in a high-ranking site can not guarantee a higher ranking of our site in search engines, and link building is important. So although we may be able to link to one of the best websites in Iran for a fee, but when the search engines can not find a good link between our links and our site, there is even the possibility of getting a negative score.


This is the same as the old saying “Everyone melts, it’s shaking!” To get things that really matter, you usually have to struggle hard. This is also about creating a backlink, and usually sites that have high rankings are hard to link and getting a backtrace on their behalf is a great bonus for our site. So if you want to get big fish, you should raise your sleeves.

Traffic agent, specifically link strength

In the past few years, the sole purpose of a backlink was to direct traffic from one page to another. But luckily or unfortunately! This is now another aspect and search engines use it as a valuation factor for the pages of a site. Of course, there is still the point that links can move traffic between different sites, but their success rates, as well as their actual power, ultimately determine how much traffic is being rolled into a site and how it’s ranked. Affects the site.

Anchor text and communication

For those who are not familiar with this term in real and palpable terms, an anchor text is defined as a collection of clickable words in a link.

The primary purpose of this technique is to textually link a page to another page, while giving us or other users a preview of what’s on the source page and determine where to go. Will be referenced. Anchor text actually affects site rankings, and search engines use it as an indicator to learn more about a specific site or a specific page.

In fact, these tools provide all the information that a search engine needs to know how and how to examine it on one page, and it has been repeatedly proven to what extent it is important in the eyes of search engines. If you want to get something through the anchor text, you must follow the general principles of the text and the links that are associated with them. In fact, the importance of these backlinks increases when they are entirely relevant to the keywords and pages that are targeted, and the matching between the keywords and the words in the anchor text can be seen.

Back to the links in the text

One of the most important factors that search engines like Google are concerned with is the link to the nature of the links. Maybe ask why When a writer writes a particular article on his website and in some cases creates certain links, he gives the reader the feeling that an external link is needed at a given point for further information, and that’s why search engines Backlinks are important because they believe this link backs up as the most natural form of linking between different pages.

Natural links to suspicious links

This is the first step in declassifying the link: Understanding which of the links is appropriate and which one can be for a lethal site. If you have read the above carefully, you can pretty much use them to judge appropriately about the input and output links from your site and understand their significance. But when we talk about suspicious links we mean:

Even if the above factors are implemented normally, there is still a suspicious background and background about them and you need to pay a lot of attention to creating a backlink.

This is the fundamental difference between hacking a white hat and hacking a black hat. As stated in our previous website, the first strategy for linking and linking between different pages is the use of natural and legal methods. Not only Google, but users also prefer to use links that bring their time and effort to the right end.

Although it may be possible to use a variety of methods, such as hacking a hat, to increase our website or page in Google’s ranking, but do not doubt that these methods are temporary and will not take much time as a spam site or as a blacklist. You will be recognized. So if you want to make the best use of the backtrace and its factors, it’s best to first concentrate on site security and prevent content generated from inappropriate terms.

Note that there may even be many backlinks for removing your site. To avoid this problem, we suggest using the Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics tools, which you can use to check several specific items. If it turns out that one or more backlinks have been created for specific purposes, you should immediately stop them from working.

Affiliate Links and Information Links – How does Google interpret these bad boys?

For people not familiar with this concept, an affiliate link is a type of URL that carries the username or id for a particular link. These links are commonly used by advertisers and have the ability to transfer traffic through the site to the destination site. This strategy involves connecting certain points and features of a specific site that generates arbitrary traffic and transfers them to a site. Applications for using this link are still ongoing and there are many companies in this field.

Even if this technique is used as a way to improve the ranking of a site on the Internet, from the SEO perspective, affiliate links are still dangerous and may have implications. If you are one of the people who are interested in creating backlinks for affiliate links, you need to make sure that you increase the value added and the attractiveness of your content so users stay on your website.

This means that affiliate links are useful if they are transmitted to a quality source and that Google recognizes that the resource is useful to users.

The question is how can we escape the fine of this method? It’s not too hard! Adding an affiliate URL module in robot.txt as a disruption as well as using the New Falou tag. In fact, these actions tell Google that there is no need to crawl on the site and so easily escape the fine.

But another discussion of this section is the discussion of information links or info links. Still nobody is sure that adding an information link to a website would have a negative effect on its ranking. In fact, these links are known as bad boys loaded with javascript and should not be expected to have high value in terms of SEO and Site optimization .

It is not worth mentioning that they are effective in creating small views when used as links. In any case, it should be noted that information links may be annoying to visitors and should be used in a way that does not escape from the site and page.

Short URLs

Although not always the case, some institutions and companies use short URLs as backlinks. In fact, these URLs play the role of redirects 301 (Redirects 301) that implement link maps. While they may benefit from more direct links, these links are by no means worthless and can affect the ranking of the site.

Javascript and redirects for visitors and audiences

While Google has already confirmed that they are fully able to run javascript crawling on different pages, there is still a discussion of how to display and index the links found in redirects. Some quizzes and reviews have confirmed that these links, onchange, onclick, and other dynamic events are fooloo, but there are still some ambiguities about them. This is because of the complexity and ambiguity in using them.

What is anchor text?

As mentioned above, Anchor Text is a collection of clickable words or phrases that are responsible for making text-alignment between two web pages, while users have an intelligent and descriptive preview of what’s in the destination link. It will have a certain expectation of this link.

It’s like a gateway that most professional marketers and webmasters use to evaluate the value added of a particular page or content. The main purpose of using Anchor Text, with the exception of moving floating links and creating traffic to the destination website, is to create an image for visitors in a fictitious and conceptual way, known at what point and for what reason they are referenced.

Anchors are very important for general SEO purposes. Before updating the Penguin algorithm in 2012, these tools are used as the easiest way to interpret each site. Although there has been a lot of change in search engines since then, and the penguin has thwarted the ranking of malicious sites, the anchor text is still highly influencing site rankings, and engines use it as an indicator for quality quantification Use a specific page. In fact, the anchor is text that shares the necessary information and helps engines easily understand the status of a site and include it in the SERP ranking.

Types of Anchor Types

Depending on the purpose for which they are created, there are several types of anchor text that you need to know about:

What kind of backlinks should we avoid?

Those who are new to and, if they have been studying so far, probably have an idea in their minds to use different forms of backlinks to draw traffic to their website. But that’s not what Google is looking for, and the truth of all the links does not matter to Google the same way.

For a search engine, some of the backlinks are considered as a great quality index, and some as a typical tool and scam. When Google starts seeing your website in different ways, the penguin algorithm moves around your site and tries to follow the direction of your website. The more your site is connected to your site and uses natural factors to link to other websites, search engines give you more points to your website.

In the sections above, we mentioned the scam or black hat and the hack of white hats, but if you want to be successful in this competitive market, you have to drop all the ideas of gaming and scam from Google and look for practical solutions to bring natural traffic to the website. Be yourself Right now, we all know that it’s impossible to access all of Google’s algorithms and they will not let us know about their techniques at all. But the points that have been gained from the experience and years of working with these algorithms show that:

First and foremost, it’s important to look at the point that Google really does not look for back links at the bottom of the pages, the sidebars, or any side menu that is assigned to non-critical topics. In fact, Google prefers to make backlinks from the main pages and from important texts. Note that Google does not seek to send low-quality articles or consistently post high-volume articles, but rather prefers articles to be able to excite visitors and provide them with sufficient information.

What do you think about guest posts? Maybe posting on social networks or communities, or in the blog of others is a good way to introduce the website and create a link, but exaggeration in this work can not be a good idea, and even in some cases it is dangerous. Google uses red and red for some sites to remove links from this range as much as possible. Put your guest posts in normal and normal mode and do not have to send 10 or 20 posts a month. Sending frequent backlinks from a site not only does not have a positive impact, it may penalize your site.

The last thing you have to do is get a backtrack link . Perhaps the use of the normal link word in this article is too much, but the importance of the topic allows us to continue to emphasize the use of the normal link. Buying backlinks from different companies can be useful, but it has its own rules and principles to prevent your site from being penalized. Getting a few hundred links back in a short period of time is so dangerous that your site may be blacklisted. So let your links back to normal and standard.

How to create high quality links?

When making a link back to your website, you need to make sure you are looking for your high-level goals that take into account both the balance and the underlying principles. If you have a blog that writes about search engines or SEOs, make sure that linking to feeds or videos is not a good idea and will not be good for your site. These links, as mentioned earlier, may cause you to face up with Google’s bad face. So, you should try to always make relevant and useful links and keep your website safe as possible.

If you are planning to create quality link backlinks, keep in mind the following:

Producing and writing fascinating and amazing articles

This is probably the best way to create a link to the site. If you write and publish great and decent posts on your blog, naturally, more people will be drawn to them. The purpose of putting these content is to create things that deserve the attention of the audience and the actual problems they solve.

Other than that, always keep in mind your best efforts to deliver content. If you are interested in doing your job, you should double your effort and write a fascinating and fascinating piece of paper. There are many blogs that have been able to create natural backlinks with their own content, most notably MOZ, Backlinko, HubSpot and Kissmetrics.

You should always be able to judge the content that is being published on various sites in your area of ​​activity. Your main mission must always be something more, better and more accurate than what is currently on the Internet. In order to do this, you need to look at different websites and posts, and do a thorough research on the keyword. Before you type a word in your CMS or Content Management System, it’s important to specify which field you want to write and where you are going to be.

The best strategy is to select a keyword for the first time and follow the word in your post. Try to find the best content and posts related to it in different searches and consider their process of movement. This way you can better see your competitors and compete with them well.

Build links through comments

One of the other ways to help you create a good link is to use the comments section on different websites. Of course, this method requires high sensitivity and accuracy, and you need to pay special attention to this factor. We have to admit that linking and linking between different sites will, to a large extent, translate into communication between them. So if you want to use such a process, you need to get in touch with different website managers and ask them to put your link in the comments section with different tricks. Note that there are no specific scams in this section or specific tricks, look for various solutions for building trust and look at the great blogs in the comments section of your link or website and ask them to link You will be inserted there.

Use guest post

Guest Guest is an excellent solution for obtaining high quality link backlinks that helps to extend communication and traffic to your website. It’s one of the amazing ways that many people use this method in their applications.

Perhaps you do not have a good idea of ​​the guest post, and we’re going to introduce this in the next section, but the general definition of the guest’s post is that you post an article or post on different weblogs and websites, and in This post creates a link bug that helps you validate your site.

The important thing about using this technique is that the blog or website that agrees with this topic and their traffic is much more than your website traffic. Even if the difference in the number of visitors is close, the issue of posting the guest post can not be of any importance and it is best to assign the article to your website. A high quality post in an excellent resource will help you to improve all domain options and put them in the SERP for your favorite keywords and increase the traffic of your site.

To create a valuable guest post, you must first select the appropriate goals and examine them from the following four aspects:

Then, when you find your goal, you need to create an advertising strategy that the blog manager or site to agree with and post your post as a guest post on your website. In this process, although they fully provide the game, they expect to be in accordance with their principles and rules, and should consider the status of their site.

Now that you have enough space and the website editors have shown you a green light, you should consider the following in preparing your guest’s post:

How to use broken links

This is a lovely strategy, and usually some websites use it. In this case, you will contact various website managers and notify them that a specific link has been broken on their sites. At the same time as this report, you are offering an alternate link and you should expect to replace the link. This method can probably bring the link statistics to your website.

Create a link by using infographics

Many people use infographics as an easy and understandable way for their content, and since 2012 it has become more intense. Infographics can be considered as a gimmick, which gives you a unique and engaging story in the form of images, while you also have a back-up link. To use this weapon, you need to have a designer next to you to prepare the content to suit your goal. The better the graphics and quality of your design, the more likely it will be to attract more natural traffic.

See what your competition is like

Yes! You know right! One of the best ways to drive traffic to the website, as well as maintaining the quality of backlinks, is to have a closer look at what your direct and indirect competitors are doing. This method gives you the best possible strategy to build a backlink and you can adapt to them.

But how can we do that? OK! You must analyze your competitors and consider your goals with these analyzes. You can select a few of your top competitors and check the status of the link back in their site. Repeat your best links and try to advertise your website in different ways.

Create internal links

Perhaps this is one of the options that should be at the top of the list. Internal links are a very good way to run a blog, and if implemented correctly, they can provide superb linking capabilities. If a website has a decent structure, it allows users to navigate within the site and increase their satisfaction.

Link reset

This is a very simple task. All you have to do is to find people who have already given you links and ask them to rebuild their link. This means that, in addition to planning to get a new link backlink, you must target your old links and try to reinstate these links again.

In this article, we worked hard to provide you with complete information about the link and how to apply it. We also introduced various ways to use backlinks and familiarity with the types of back links in this article.

We hope this item can meet your needs in this area and if you need more detailed information, please contact us at Monmons to get advice from our technical experts.